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Created Jul 15, 2011

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(defn worldmap-add
[worldmap x y]
(let [ykey (keyword (str y))
xkey (keyword (str x))]
(if (= y (count worldmap))
;;add the new x coord
(assoc worldmap ykey (assoc (ykey worldmap) xkey {})))))
(defn generate-map
;;default remapping to inner function call
([xmax ymax] (recur xmax ymax xmax ymax {}))
;;default inner function call
([xmax ymax xcur ycur worldmap]
(if (and (zero? ycur) (zero? xcur)) worldmap)
(if (zero? xcur)
(recur xmax ymax xmax (dec ycur) (worldmap-add worldmap xcur ycur))
(recur xmax ymax (dec xcur) ycur (worldmap-add worldmap xcur ycur)))))
(defn map-maker
[] (generate-map 10 10))
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