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anonymous /gist:1167349
Created Aug 24, 2011

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CREATE TABLE associatedlicences
primarylicence INTEGER,
associatedlicence INTEGER
CREATE TABLE clientname
clientid INTEGER,
name Text,
legal_order INTEGER,
address1 Text,
address2 Text,
address3 Text);
emissionid INTEGER,
emission Text);
CREATE TABLE emissionlimit
emissionlimitid INTEGER,
spectrumid INTEGER,
emissionlimittypeid INTEGER,
limitfrequency Double,
limitvalue Double,
limitgraphpoint Text);
CREATE TABLE geographicreference
locationid INTEGER,
georeferencetypeid INTEGER,
georeferencetype Text,
easting Double,
northing Double,
mapnumber Text,
original Text,
referenceorder INTEGER
CREATE TABLE issuingoffice
officeid INTEGER,
officecode Text,
officename Text);
licenceid INTEGER,
managementrightid INTEGER,
clientid INTEGER,
licencetypeid INTEGER,
licencetype Text,
licencecode Text,
licencecategory Text,
licencestatusid INTEGER,
officeid INTEGER,
licencenumber INTEGER,
commencementdate TEXT,
registrationdate TEXT,
expiry_date TEXT,
callsign Text,
renewalfee Double,
shipname Text);
CREATE TABLE licenceconditions
licenceid INTEGER,
licenceconditions TEXT);
CREATE TABLE licencetype
licencetypeid INTEGER,
licencetypeidentifier Text,
workingdescription Text);
locationid INTEGER,
locationtypeid INTEGER,
locationname Text,
locationheight INTEGER,
nominalmap Text,
nominalref Text,
longeast INTEGER,
longnorth INTEGER,
districtid INTEGER
CREATE TABLE managementright
managementrightid INTEGER,
clientid INTEGER,
mrcommencementdate TEXT,
mrregistrationdate TEXT,
mrexpirydate TEXT,
mrconditions TEXT);
CREATE TABLE mapdistrict
mapdistrictid INTEGER,
map Text,
district Text);
CREATE TABLE radiationpattern
licenceid INTEGER,
patterntypeid INTEGER,
bearingfrom Double,
bearingto Double,
bearingvalue Double
CREATE TABLE receiveconfiguration
receiveconfigurationid INTEGER,
licenceid INTEGER,
locationid INTEGER,
rxantennamake Text,
rxantennatype Text,
rxantennaheight INTEGER,
rxazimuth Double,
rxequipment Text,
mpis Double,
mpisunit Text,
wantedsignal Double,
wantedunit Text);
spectrumid INTEGER,
spectrumstatusid INTEGER,
spectrumstatus Text,
spectrumlabel Text,
spectrumlow Double,
spectrumhigh Double,
licenceid INTEGER,
managementrightid INTEGER,
emissionid INTEGER,
frequency Double,
power Double,
polarisation Text,
polarisationcode Text,
serviceid INTEGER,
spectrumtypeid INTEGER,
spectrumtype Text,
startdate TEXT,
enddate TEXT,
registereddate TEXT,
spectrumremarks Text);
CREATE TABLE transmitconfiguration
transmitconfigurationid INTEGER,
licenceid INTEGER,
locationid INTEGER,
txantennamake Text,
txantennatype Text,
txantennaheight INTEGER,
txazimuth Double,
txequipment Text);
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