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Created Apr 20, 2016

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Basic Check Out

  1. Patron scans their barcode. image::media/self_check_check_out_1.png[self check]

  2. Optional Patron enters their account password. image::media/self_check_check_out_2.png[self check]

  3. Patron scans the barcodes for their items OR Patron places items, one at a time, on the RFID pad. image::media/self_check_check_out_3.png[self check]

  4. Items will be listed below with a check out confirmation message. image::media/self_check_check_out_4.png[self check]

  5. If a check out fails a message will advise patrons to see staff. image::media/self_check_error_1.png[self check]

  6. Patron clicks Receipt to print a checkout receipt and logout. OR Patron clicks Logout to logout with no receipt. image::media/self_check_check_out_5.png[self check]


If the patron forgets to logout the system will automatically log out after the time period specified in the library setting Patron Login Timeout (in seconds). An inactivity pop-up will appear to warn patrons 20 seconds before logging out.

self check

View Items Out

  1. Patrons are able to view the items they currently have checked out by clicking <guibutton> View Items Out image::media/self_check_view_items_out_1.png[self check]

  2. The items currently checked out will display with their due dates. Using the Print List button patrons can print out a receipt listing all of the items they currently have checked out. image::media/self_check_view_items_out_2.png[self check]

View Holds

Patrons are able to view their current holds by clicking View Holds image::media/self_check_view_holds_1.png[self check]

Items currently on hold display. Patrons can also see which, if any, items are ready for pickup. Using the Print List button patrons can print out a receipt listing all of the items they currently have on hold. image::media/self_check_view_holds_2.png[self check]

View Fines

Patrons are able to view the fines they currently owe by clicking View Details image::media/self_check_view_fines_1.png[self check]

Current fines owed by the patron display. image::media/self_check_view_fines_2.png[self check]

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