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anonymous /gist:2781949
Created May 24, 2012

// <Name>UI layer shouldn't use directly DB types</Name>
warnif count > 0
// UI layer is made of types in namespaces using a UI framework
let uiTypes = Application.Namespaces.UsingAny(
Assemblies.WithNameIn("PresentationFramework", "System.Windows",
"System.Windows.Forms", "System.Web")
// You can easily customize this line to define what are DB types.
let dbTypes = ThirdParty.Assemblies.WithNameIn("System.Data", "EntityFramework",
// Ideally even DataSet and associated, usage should be forbidden from UI layer:
.Except(Types.WithNameIn("DataSet", "DataTable", "DataRow"))
from uiType in uiTypes.UsingAny(dbTypes)
let dbTypesUsed = dbTypes.Intersect(uiType.TypesUsed)
select new { uiType, dbTypesUsed }
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