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anonymous /a.rb
Created Sep 17, 2016

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[05:29:05] <senpai> I think it's time for a new join message
[06:10:55] <Two_Dogs> senpai: change it
[06:11:08] <Two_Dogs> its not locked
[06:11:14] <senpai> I don't know how
[06:11:15] <senpai> lol
[06:12:06] <Two_Dogs> so that is a registered complain then, aye, registered the registration number for future ref senpai

two-dogs commented Sep 18, 2016

[09:30:03] jello
[10:05:02] hello
[10:05:16] you are here
[10:05:22] you are there
[10:05:30] You are everywhere!!
[10:05:51] I am only in 3 channels
[10:06:12] You only troll crypto?
[10:07:53] waits
[10:09:25] I don't troll.
[10:09:28] He's a dick.
[10:09:39] I don't respect him. He doesn't respect fucking anyone.
[10:10:03] Everyone is a dick, except those who are pussies
[10:15:16] <-- Dmitry (ukr@SpotChat-13k.mcl.86.109.IP) has left this server (Quit: I'll be back ).
[10:29:59] <The_Schmidt> aww he left ... was going to ask about hermaphrodites

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