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anonymous /gist:3830914
Created Oct 4, 2012

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#include <stdio.h>
int main ()
int Geneseorecord = 0;
int Opponentrecord = 0;
int Ties=0;
int GS, OS; //GS= Geneseo's score
int i,n; //n = the number of games in the season
printf(" Enter the number of games in the season: \n");
scanf("%d", &n);
printf("enter the score for game %d with geneseo's first \n", i+1);
scanf("%d %d", &GS, &OS);
if (GS>OS)
Geneseorecord=Geneseorecord+1; //this add 1 to the Geneseo record
if (GS<OS)
if (GS=OS)
printf("number of Wins for Geneseo:%d\n",Geneseorecord);
printf("number of Loses for Geneseo:%d\n",Opponentrecord);
printf("number of Ties for Geneseo:%d\n",Ties);
if (Opponentrecord=0)
printf("Congratulations Geneseo has not lost a game this season");
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