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anonymous /SurajDhakankar.rb Secret
Created Jan 4, 2010

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#Author : Suraj Dhakankar-(India) Dated 4th Jan '10
#Class Maze solves any m X n maze for given source and destination
class Maze
def initialize m
@maze=m; @range=(0...m.length)
@adjacent=[-1,1,-m.index($/)-1,m.index($/)+1] #offset [LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN]
def steps
blocks=[@maze.index('A'), nil] #Start from source block in the first step
blocks.each do |b|
return 0 if b==nil && blocks.last==nil #Destination block not reachable
if b==nil then blocks<<nil; next end #Keep track of no. of steps
@adjacent.each do |a| #For all adjacent blocks to the current
#Process the adjacent block in next step if it is valid free space not processed earlier
blocks<<b+a if @range.include?(b+a) && ' '==@maze[b+a,1] && !blocks.index(b+a)
#Return no. of steps if we hit destination block in any of the valid adjacent block
return blocks.length-blocks.nitems if @range.include?(b+a) && 'B'==@maze[b+a,1]
def solvable?
return 0!=steps
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