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Created Jul 27, 2017
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(expand load eval)
(set! %load-path
(cons "/gnu/store/xjv05kaa67glf1i639b3bhkib746f9ag-module-import" %load-path))
(set! %load-compiled-path
(cons "/gnu/store/ya080134pjnk4jiw8j9g244rgrn8pfy9-module-import-compiled" %load-compiled-path)))
(shepherd service)
(oop goops)
(guix build utils)
(guix build syscalls))
(make <service> #:docstring
(quote "Run rsync daemon.") #:provides
(rsync)) #:requires
()) #:respawn?
(quote #t) #:start
(string-append "/gnu/store/nfx98xdajm6fvnxhq8z3nmrzkb4421dl-rsync-3.1.2" "/bin/rsync")
"--daemon" "--config" "/gnu/store/azda58i64pcask8s9nvz19ly4msgz05y-rsync.conf")
#:pid-file "/var/run/"
(< 1024 873)
(list #:user "rsyncd"))) #:stop
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