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$ mplayer -vc help
MPlayer SVN-r35421-4.7.2 (C) 2000-2012 MPlayer Team
199 audio & 415 video codecs
Available video codecs:
vc: vfm: status: info: [lib/dll]
ffanm ffmpeg working FFmpeg Deluxe Paint Animation [anm]
ffansi ffmpeg working FFmpeg ASCII/ANSI art [ansi]
ffbinkvideo ffmpeg working FFmpeg Bink Video [binkvideo]
ffcdgraphics ffmpeg working FFmpeg CD-Graphics [cdgraphics]
ffeacmv ffmpeg working FFmpeg EA CMV [eacmv]
ffeamad ffmpeg working FFmpeg EA MAD [eamad]
ffmvi1 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Motion Pixels [motionpixels]
ffmdec ffmpeg working FFmpeg Sony PlayStation MDEC (Motion DECoder) [mdec]
ffmmvideo ffmpeg working FFmpeg American Laser Games MM Video [mmvideo]
ffsanm ffmpeg working FFmpeg LucasArts SMUSH video [sanm]
ffpafvideo ffmpeg working FFmpeg Packed Animation File [paf_video]
ffsiff ffmpeg working FFmpeg Beam Software SIFF [vb]
ffmimic ffmpeg working FFmpeg Mimic video [mimic]
ffkmvc ffmpeg working FFmpeg Karl Morton Video Codec [kmvc]
ffzmbv ffmpeg working FFmpeg Zip Motion-Block Video [zmbv]
ffcdxl ffmpeg working FFmpeg CDXL [cdxl]
geov vfw problems GeoCodec [GeoCodec.dll]
geoh264 vfw working GeoCodec h264 [GX264.dll]
imm4 vfw working infinity cctv codec [VCMIMM4.dll]
marchmpeg4 vfwex untested March Networks MPEG4 [mnmpeg4.dll]
amv2 vfw working lossless video codec [amv2codec.dll]
lzocodec vfw working lzo lossless [lzocodec.dll]
direccionalvfw vfw working direccional lossless codec [direccional.dll]
mhuffyuv vfw working mhuffyuv lossless codec [mhuffyuv.dll]
zmbv vfw working Zip Motion-Block Video [zmbv.dll]
yuv8 vfwex working YUV422 = Cb0 Y0 Cr0 Y1 Cb1 Y2 Cr1 Y3 (U Y V Y U Y V Y) [kdvyuv8.dll]
ffr210 ffmpeg working FFmpeg R210 - 10-bit RGB [r210]
ffy41p ffmpeg working FFmpeg Y41P - packed 4:1:1 [y41p]
ffv410 ffmpeg working FFmpeg v410 - packed 4:4:4 10-bit [v410]
ffr10k ffmpeg working FFmpeg R10k - 10-bit RGB [r10k]
ffavrp ffmpeg working FFmpeg Avid 1:1 10-bit RGB Packer [avrp]
ffv308 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Quicktime v308 packed 4:4:4 [v308]
ffv408 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Quicktime v408 packed 4:4:4:4 [v408]
ffayuv ffmpeg working FFmpeg Microsoft ayuv packed 4:4:4:4 [ayuv]
ffy216 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Pinnacle Targa CineWave YUV16 [targa_y216]
ffyuv4 ffmpeg working FFmpeg libquicktime yuv4 packed 4:2:0 [yuv4]
blackmagic vfw working Blackmagic 10-bit [BMDCodecLib.dll]
qtsheer qtvideo problems QuickTime sheervideo [SheerVideo Pro.qtx]
ffmpeg1 ffmpeg working FFmpeg MPEG-1 [mpeg1video]
ffmpeg2 ffmpeg working FFmpeg MPEG-2 [mpeg2video]
ffmpeg12 ffmpeg working FFmpeg MPEG-1/2 [mpegvideo]
mpeg12 libmpeg2 working MPEG-1 or 2 (libmpeg2)
ffmpeg12mc ffmpeg problems FFmpeg MPEG-1/2 (XvMC) - deprecated, just use ffmpeg12 [mpegvideo_xvmc]
ffmpeg12vdpau ffmpeg working FFmpeg MPEG-1/2 (VDPAU) [mpegvideo_vdpau]
ffmpeg2crystalhd ffmpeg working FFmpeg MPEG-2 (CrystalHD) [mpeg2_crystalhd]
mpegpes mpegpes working MPEG-PES output (.mpg or DXR3/IVTV/DVB/V4L2 card)
ffnuv ffmpeg working NuppelVideo [nuv]
ffbmp ffmpeg working FFmpeg BMP [bmp]
ffdpx ffmpeg working FFmpeg DPX [dpx]
ffgif ffmpeg working FFmpeg GIF [gif]
fftiff ffmpeg working FFmpeg TIFF [tiff]
ffpcx ffmpeg working FFmpeg PCX [pcx]
ffpng ffmpeg working FFmpeg PNG [png]
mpng mpng working PNG image [libpng]
ffptx ffmpeg working FFmpeg V.Flash PTX [ptx]
fftga ffmpeg untested FFmpeg TGA [targa]
mtga mtga working TGA image
ffsgi ffmpeg working FFmpeg SGI image [sgi]
sgi sgi working SGI image
ffsunras ffmpeg working FFmpeg SUN Rasterfile [sunrast]
ffyop ffmpeg working FFmpeg Psygnosis YOP [yop]
ffindeo3 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Intel Indeo 3.1/3.2 [indeo3]
fffli ffmpeg working Autodesk FLI/FLC Animation [flic]
ffaasc ffmpeg working Autodesk RLE [aasc]
ffloco ffmpeg working LOCO video [loco]
ffqtrle ffmpeg working QuickTime Animation (RLE) [qtrle]
ffrpza ffmpeg working QuickTime Apple Video [rpza]
ffsmc ffmpeg working Apple Graphics (SMC) codec [smc]
ff8bps ffmpeg working Planar RGB (Photoshop) [8bps]
ffcyuv ffmpeg working Creative YUV (libavcodec) [cyuv]
ffaura ffmpeg working Auravision Aura (libavcodec) [aura]
ffaura2 ffmpeg working Auravision Aura 2 (libavcodec) [aura2]
ffmsrle ffmpeg working Microsoft RLE [msrle]
ffroqvideo ffmpeg working Id RoQ File Video [roqvideo]
lzo lzo working LZO compressed [liblzo]
theora theora working Theora (free, reworked VP3) [libtheora]
nogatech vfw working nogatech []
ylc vfw working YUY2 Lossless Codec [ylc.vcm]
smartsight vfw working Verint Video Manager [SN4Codec.dll]
msuscls vfw working MSU Screen Capture Lossless Codec [SCLS.DLL]
wincam vfw working wincam screen capture codec [wcmv.dll]
cram vfw problems Microsoft Video 1 [msvidc32.dll]
ffcvid ffmpeg working FFmpeg Cinepak Video [cinepak]
cvidvfw vfw working Cinepak Video [iccvid.dll]
huffyuv vfw problems HuffYUV [huffyuv.dll]
ffvideo1 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Microsoft Video 1 [msvideo1]
ffmszh ffmpeg working FFmpeg AVImszh [mszh]
ffzlib ffmpeg working FFmpeg AVIzlib [zlib]
cvidxa xanim problems XAnim's Radius Cinepak Video [vid_cvid.xa]
ffhuffyuv ffmpeg working FFmpeg HuffYUV [huffyuv]
ffv1 ffmpeg working FFV1 (lossless codec) [ffv1]
ffsnow ffmpeg working FFSNOW (Michael's wavelet codec) [snow]
ffasv1 ffmpeg working FFmpeg ASUS V1 [asv1]
ffasv2 ffmpeg working FFmpeg ASUS V2 [asv2]
ffvcr1 ffmpeg working FFmpeg ATI VCR1 [vcr1]
ffcljr ffmpeg working FFmpeg Cirrus Logic AccuPak (CLJR) [cljr]
ffsvq1 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Sorenson Video v1 (SVQ1) [svq1]
ff4xm ffmpeg working FFmpeg 4XM video [4xm]
ffvixl ffmpeg working Miro/Pinnacle VideoXL codec [xl]
ffqtdrw ffmpeg working FFmpeg QuickDraw [qdraw]
ffindeo2 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Indeo 2 [indeo2]
ffflv ffmpeg working FFmpeg Flash video [flv]
fffsv ffmpeg working FFmpeg Flash Screen video [flashsv]
fffsv2 ffmpeg untested FFmpeg Flash Screen 2 video [flashsv2]
ffdivx ffmpeg working FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MSMPEG-4 v3) [msmpeg4]
ffdivxcrystalhd ffmpeg problems FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MSMPEG-4 v3) (CrystalHD) [msmpeg4_crystalhd]
ffmp42 ffmpeg working FFmpeg MSMPEG-4 v2 [msmpeg4v2]
ffmp41 ffmpeg working FFmpeg MSMPEG-4 v1 [msmpeg4v1]
ffwmv1 ffmpeg working FFmpeg WMV1/WMV7 [wmv1]
ffwmv2 ffmpeg working FFmpeg WMV2/WMV8 [wmv2]
ffwmv3 ffmpeg problems FFmpeg WMV3/WMV9 [wmv3]
ffwvp2 ffmpeg working FFmpeg WVP2 [vc1image]
ffwmvp ffmpeg working FFmpeg WVC1 [wmv3image]
ffwmv3vdpau ffmpeg problems FFmpeg WMV3/WMV9 (VDPAU) [wmv3_vdpau]
ffwmv3crystalhd ffmpeg problems FFmpeg WMV3/WMV9 (CrystalHD) [wmv3_crystalhd]
ffvc1 ffmpeg problems FFmpeg WVC1 [vc1]
ffvc1vdpau ffmpeg problems FFmpeg WVC1 (VDPAU) [vc1_vdpau]
ffvc1crystalhd ffmpeg problems FFmpeg WVC1 (CrystalHD) [vc1_crystalhd]
ffmss1 ffmpeg working FFmpeg MS Screen 1 [mss1]
ffmss2 ffmpeg working FFmpeg MS Screen 2 [mss2]
ffmsascreen ffmpeg working FFmpeg MS ATC Screen 1 [msa1]
ffh264 ffmpeg working FFmpeg H.264 [h264]
ffh264vdpau ffmpeg working FFmpeg H.264 (VDPAU) [h264_vdpau]
ffh264crystalhd ffmpeg working FFmpeg H.264 (CrystalHD) [h264_crystalhd]
ffh264vda ffmpeg working FFmpeg H.264 (VDA) [h264_vda]
coreavcwindows dshow working CoreAVC H.264 for x86 []
ffsvq3 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Sorenson Video v3 (SVQ3) [svq3]
ffodivx ffmpeg working FFmpeg MPEG-4 [mpeg4]
ffodivxvdpau ffmpeg working FFmpeg MPEG-4,DIVX-4/5 (VDPAU) [mpeg4_vdpau]
ffodivxcrystalhd ffmpeg working FFmpeg MPEG-4,DIVX-4/5 (CrystalHD) [mpeg4_crystalhd]
ffwv1f ffmpeg working WV1F MPEG-4 [mpeg4]
ffdirac ffmpeg working FFmpeg Dirac [dirac]
fflibschroedinger ffmpeg working Dirac (through FFmpeg libschroedinger) [libschroedinger]
fflibdirac ffmpeg working Dirac (through FFmpeg libdirac) [libdirac]
xvid xvid working Xvid (MPEG-4) [libxvidcore.a]
divx4vfw vfw problems DivX4Windows-VFW [divx.dll]
divxds dshow working DivX ;-) (MSMPEG-4 v3) []
divx vfw working DivX ;-) (MSMPEG-4 v3) [divxc32.dll]
mpeg4ds dshow working Microsoft MPEG-4 v1/v2 []
mpeg4 vfw working Microsoft MPEG-4 v1/v2 [mpg4c32.dll]
wmv9dmo dmo working Windows Media Video 9 DMO [wmv9dmod.dll]
wmvdmo dmo working Windows Media Video DMO [wmvdmod.dll]
wmv8 dshow working Windows Media Video 8 []
wmv7 dshow working Windows Media Video 7 []
wmvadmo dmo working Windows Media Video Adv DMO [wmvadvd.dll]
wmvvc1dmo dmo working Windows Media Video (VC-1) Advanced Profile [wvc1dmod.dll]
wmsdmod dmo working Windows Media Screen Codec 2 [wmsdmod.dll]
wms10dmod dmo working Windows Media Screen Codec 2 from WMP10 [wms10dmod.dll]
msascreen dmo working MS ATC screen decoder 1 [scdec.dll]
ffeescreen ffmpeg working FFmpeg Expression Encoder Screen Capture Codec [mts2]
eescreen dmo working expression encoder [Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.EEScreen.Codec.dll]
gotomeeting dmo working GoToMeeting codec [G2M.dll]
ubmp4 vfw problems UB Video MPEG-4 [ubvmp4d.dll]
geomp4 vfw working GeoVision Advanced MPEG-4 [GXAMP4.dll]
zrmjpeg zrmjpeg problems Zoran MJPEG passthrough
ffmjpeg ffmpeg working FFmpeg MJPEG [mjpeg]
ffmjpegb ffmpeg working FFmpeg MJPEG-B [mjpegb]
ijpg ijpg working Independent JPEG Group's codec [libjpeg]
m3jpeg vfw working Morgan Motion JPEG Codec [m3jpeg32.dll]
mjpeg vfw working MainConcept Motion JPEG [mcmjpg32.dll]
avid vfw working AVID Motion JPEG [AvidAVICodec.dll]
LEAD vfw working LEAD (M)JPEG [LCodcCMP.dll]
acdsee vfw working ACDSee mjpeg [ACDV.dll]
imagepower vfw problems ImagePower MJPEG2000 [jp2avi.dll]
fflibopenjpeg ffmpeg working OpenJPEG MJPEG2000 [libopenjpeg]
ffj2k ffmpeg working FFmpeg JPEG 2000 [j2k]
m3jpeg2k vfw working Morgan MJPEG2000 [m3jp2k32.dll]
m3jpegds dshow crashing Morgan MJPEG []
pegasusm vfw crashing Pegasus Motion JPEG [pvmjpg21.dll]
pegasusl vfw crashing Pegasus lossless JPEG [pvljpg20.dll]
pegasusmwv vfw crashing Pegasus Motion Wavelet 2000 [pvwv220.dll]
fffrwu ffmpeg working FFmpeg Forward Uncompressed Video Codec [frwu]
frwuvfw vfw working Forward Uncompressed Video Codec [FRWU.dll]
frwdvfw vfw working Forward JPEG Video Codec [FRWD.dll]
frwtvfw vfw working Forward JPEG+Alpha Video [FRWT.dll]
vivo vfw working Vivo H.263 [ivvideo.dll]
u263 dshow working UB Video H.263/H.263+/H.263++ []
i263 vfw working I263 [i263_32.drv]
ffi263 ffmpeg working FFmpeg I263 [h263i]
ffh263 ffmpeg working FFmpeg H.263+ [h263]
ffzygo ffmpeg untested FFmpeg ZyGo [h263]
h263xa xanim crashing XAnim's CCITT H.263 [vid_h263.xa]
ffh261 ffmpeg working CCITT H.261 [h261]
qt261 qtvideo working QuickTime H.261 video [QuickTime.qts]
h261xa xanim problems XAnim's CCITT H.261 [vid_h261.xa]
m261 vfw untested M261 [msh261.drv]
indeo5ds dshow working Intel Indeo 5 [ir50_32.dll]
indeo5 vfwex working Intel Indeo 5 [ir50_32.dll]
indeo4 vfw working Intel Indeo 4.1 [ir41_32.dll]
indeo3 vfwex working Intel Indeo 3.1/3.2 [ir32_32.dll]
indeo5xa xanim working XAnim's Intel Indeo 5 [vid_iv50.xa]
indeo4xa xanim working XAnim's Intel Indeo 4.1 [vid_iv41.xa]
indeo3xa xanim working XAnim's Intel Indeo 3.1/3.2 [vid_iv32.xa]
ffindeo4 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Indeo 4 [indeo4]
ffindeo5 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Indeo 5 [indeo5]
ffdv ffmpeg working FFmpeg DV [dvvideo]
qdv dshow working Sony Digital Video (DV) [qdv.dll]
libdv libdv working Raw DV (libdv) []
mcdv vfw working MainConcept DV Codec [mcdvd_32.dll]
3ivXxa xanim working XAnim's 3ivx Delta 3.5 plugin [vid_3ivX.xa]
3ivX dshow working 3ivx Delta 4.5 []
rv3040 realvid problems Linux RealPlayer 10 RV30/40 []
rv3040win realvid working Win32 RealPlayer 10 RV30/40 [drvc.dll]
rv40 realvid problems Linux RealPlayer 9 RV40 []
rv40win realvid working Win32 RealPlayer 9 RV40 [drv43260.dll]
rv40mac realvid working Mac OS X RealPlayer 9 RV40 [drvc.bundle/Contents/MacOS/drvc]
rv30 realvid problems Linux RealPlayer 8 RV30 []
rv30win realvid working Win32 RealPlayer 8 RV30 [drv33260.dll]
rv30mac realvid working Mac OS X RealPlayer 9 RV30 [drvc.bundle/Contents/MacOS/drvc]
ffrv20 ffmpeg working FFmpeg RV20 [rv20]
ffrv30 ffmpeg problems FFmpeg RV30 [rv30]
ffrv40 ffmpeg working FFmpeg RV40 [rv40]
rv20 realvid problems Linux RealPlayer 8 RV20 []
rv20winrp10 realvid working Win32 RealPlayer 10 RV20 [drv2.dll]
rv20win realvid working Win32 RealPlayer 8 RV20 [drv23260.dll]
rv20mac realvid working Mac OS X RealPlayer 9 RV20 [drv2.bundle/Contents/MacOS/drv2]
ffrv10 ffmpeg working FFmpeg RV10 [rv10]
alpary dshow working Alparysoft lossless codec dshow [aslcodec_dshow.dll]
alpary2 vfw working Alparysoft lossless codec vfw [aslcodec_vfw.dll]
LEADMW20 dshow working Lead CMW wavelet 2.0 [LCODCCMW2E.dll]
cineformhd dshow working CineForm HD []
fflagarith ffmpeg problems Lagarith Lossless Video Codec [lagarith]
lagarith vfw working Lagarith Lossless Video Codec [lagarith.dll]
ffutvideo ffmpeg working FFmpeg Ut Video [utvideo]
utvideovfw vfw working UTVideo Codec [utv_vcm.dll]
utvideodmo dmo problems UTVideo Codec [utv_dmo.dll]
ffvble ffmpeg working FFmpeg VBLE lossless codec [vble]
ffzerocodec ffmpeg working FFmpeg ZeroCodec lossless [zerocodec]
psiv vfw working Infinite Video PSI_V [psiv.dll]
midivid1 vfw working midivid1 [MLZCodec.dll]
midivid2 vfw working midivid2 [MVCodec.dll]
midivid3 vfw working midivid3 [MV3.dll]
moyea vfw working Moyea Flash to Video Converter []
nsvideo vfw working Power VideoWorks video [nsvideo.dll]
smv2vfw vfw working DideoNET SMV2 [smv2vfw.dll]
cfhdvfw vfw working CineForm HD [cinevfw.dll]
canopushq vfw working Canopus HQ Codec [CUVCcodc.dll]
canopusll vfw working Canopus Lossless Codec [CLLCcodc.dll]
ffvp3 ffmpeg untested FFmpeg VP3 [vp3]
fftheora ffmpeg untested FFmpeg Theora [theora]
vp3 vfwex working On2 Open Source VP3 Codec [vp31vfw.dll]
vp4 vfwex working On2 VP4 Personal Codec [vp4vfw.dll]
ffvp5 ffmpeg working FFmpeg VP5 [vp5]
vp5 vfwex working On2 VP5 Personal Codec [vp5vfw.dll]
ffvp6 ffmpeg working FFmpeg VP6 [vp6]
ffvp6a ffmpeg untested FFmpeg VP6A [vp6a]
ffvp6f ffmpeg working FFmpeg VP6 Flash [vp6f]
vp6 vfwex working On2 VP6 Personal Codec [vp6vfw.dll]
vp6f vfwex working On2 VP6F Personal Codec [vp6vfw.dll]
vp7 vfwex working On2 VP7 Personal Codec [vp7vfw.dll]
ffvp8 ffmpeg working FFmpeg VP8 [vp8]
fflibvpx ffmpeg working FFmpeg wrapper for libvpx/VP8 [libvpx]
mwv1 vfw working Motion Wavelets [icmw_32.dll]
wavcvfw vfw working centre for wavelets, approximation and information processing [WavCWAIP.dll]
asv2 vfw working ASUS V2 [asusasv2.dll]
asv1 vfw working ASUS V1 [asusasvd.dll]
ffultimotion ffmpeg working FFmpeg IBM Ultimotion [ultimotion]
ultimotion vfw working IBM Ultimotion [ultimo.dll]
mss1 dshow working Windows Screen Video []
ucod vfw working UCOD-ClearVideo [clrviddd.dll]
vcr2 vfw working ATI VCR-2 [ativcr2.dll]
slifvfw vfw working SoftLab-NSK Forward MPEG2 I-frames [slif.dll]
blox vfw working Jan Jezabeks BLOX MPEG Codec [blox.dll]
cjpg vfw working Creative Labs Video Blaster Webcam [CtWbJpg.DLL]
kensington vfw working kensington webcam []
xjpg vfw working xiricam Veo PC Camera [camfc.dll]
ffduck ffmpeg working Duck Truemotion1 [truemotion1]
fftm20 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Duck/On2 TrueMotion 2.0 [truemotion2]
tm20 dshow working TrueMotion 2.0 []
tm2xvfw vfw working TrueMotion 2.0 [tm2X.dll]
tr20 vfw working TrueMotion RT [tr2032.dll]
sif1vfw vfw working sif1 alpha4 [Sif1_vfw.dll]
sif1ds dshow problems sif1 alpha4 []
ffamv ffmpeg working Modified MJPEG, used in AMV files [amv]
ffmxpeg ffmpeg working FFmpeg MxPEG [mxpeg]
ffsp5x ffmpeg working SP5x codec - used by Aiptek MegaCam [sp5x]
sp6x vfw problems SP6x codec [sp6x_32.dll]
sp5x vfw working SP5x codec - used by Aiptek MegaCam [sp5x_32.dll]
sp4x vfw working SP4x codec - used by Aiptek MegaCam [SP4X_32.DLL]
bt411 vfwex working Brooktree 411 codec [btvvc32.drv]
bwmpeg vfwex working Broadway MPEG Capture Codec [bw10.dll]
csmscreen vfw working csmscreen AVI lossless video codec [csmx.dll]
matchware vfw working matchware screen capture codec [mwsc.dll]
zdsoft vfwex working zdsoft screen recorder [scrvid.dll]
webtrain vfw working WebTrain Communication lossless screen recorder [wtvc.dll]
ffkega ffmpeg working FFmpeg Kega Video [kgv1]
kegavideo vfw working Kega Video [KGV1-VFW.dll]
xfire vfw working xfire video [xfcodec.dll]
vfapi vfwex untested VFAPI rgb transcode codec [VFCodec.dll]
eyecon vfw working nokia eti camcorder eyecon [nub2.dll]
smsvvfw vfw working WorldConnect Wavelet Video [wv32vfw.dll]
adv601 vfw working Analog Devices Wavelet Codec [ADV601.dll]
advwavelet vfw working [wavelet.dll]
loronixwavlet vfw untested loronix wavelet [wavlor.dll]
foxmotion vfw working fox motion video [fmcodec.dll]
tridvfw vfw working tridvfw [TRICDC32.DRV]
vdtzvfw vfw working Telegeny VDTZ [VTZ32.DLL]
vivd2 vfw working SoftMedia ViVD V2 codec VfW [ViVD2.dll]
winx vfwex working Winnov Videum winx codec [wnvwinx.dll]
ffwnv1 ffmpeg working FFmpeg wnv1 codec [wnv1]
wnv1 vfwex working Winnov Videum wnv1 codec [wnvplay1.dll]
vdom vfw working VDOWave codec [vdowave.drv]
vdowave3 vfw working VDOWave 3 advanced codec [vdo32_30.drv]
lsv vfw working Vianet Lsvx Video [lsvxdec.dll]
ffvmnc ffmpeg working FFmpeg VMware video [vmnc]
vmnc vfw working VMware video [vmnc.dll]
ffsmkvid ffmpeg working FFmpeg Smacker Video [smackvid]
ffcavs ffmpeg working Chinese AVS Video [cavs]
qtdnxhd qtvideo working QuickTime Avid DNxHD [AvidAVdnCodec.qtx]
ffdnxhd ffmpeg working FFmpeg DNxHD [dnxhd]
ffavui ffmpeg working FFmpeg Avid Meridien [avui]
qtm100 qtvideo working Media-100 iFinish Transcoder [M100WinTranscoder.qtx]
qt3ivx qtvideo working win32/quicktime 3IV1 (3ivx) [3ivx Delta 3.5.qtx]
qtactl qtvideo working Win32/QuickTime Streambox ACT-L2 [ACTLComponent.qtx]
qtavui qtvideo working Win32/QuickTime Avid Meridien Uncompressed [AvidQTAVUICodec.qtx]
qth263 qtvideo crashing Win32/QuickTime H.263 [QuickTime.qts]
qtrlerpza qtvideo crashing Win32/Quicktime RLE/RPZA [QuickTime.qts]
qtvp3 qtvideo crashing Win32/QuickTime VP3 [On2_VP3.qtx]
qtzygo qtvideo problems win32/quicktime ZyGo [ZyGoVideo.qtx]
qtbhiv qtvideo untested Win32/QuickTime BeHereiVideo [BeHereiVideo.qtx]
qtcvid qtvideo working Win32/QuickTime Cinepak [QuickTime.qts]
qtindeo qtvideo crashing Win32/QuickTime Indeo [QuickTime.qts]
qtmjpeg qtvideo crashing Win32/QuickTime MJPEG [QuickTime.qts]
qtmpeg4 qtvideo crashing Win32/QuickTime MPEG-4 [QuickTime.qts]
qtsvq3 qtvideo working Win32/QuickTime SVQ3 [QuickTimeEssentials.qtx]
qtsvq1 qtvideo problems Win32/QuickTime SVQ1 [QuickTime.qts]
ffv210 ffmpeg untested FFmpeg V210 - 10-bit [v210]
qtcine qtvideo working cinewave uncompressed 10-bit codec [CineWave.qtx]
qtaic qtvideo untested QuickTime AIC video decoder [QuickTime.qts]
qtprores qtvideo working Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) decoder [AppleProResDecoder.qtx]
ffprores ffmpeg working FFmpeg Apple ProRes [prores]
ffproreslgpl ffmpeg working Libav ProRes [prores_lgpl]
vsslight vfw working VSS Codec Light [vsslight.dll]
vssh264 dshow working VSS H.264 New [vsshdsd.dll]
vssh264old vfw working VSS H.264 Old [vssh264.dll]
vsswlt vfw working VSS Wavelet Video Codec [vsswlt.dll]
zlib vfw working AVIzlib [avizlib.dll]
mszh vfw working AVImszh [avimszh.dll]
alaris vfwex working Alaris VideoGramPiX [vgpix32d.dll]
vcr1 vfw crashing ATI VCR-1 [ativcr1.dll]
pim1 vfw crashing Pinnacle Hardware MPEG-1 [pclepim1.dll]
qpeg vfw working Q-Team's QPEG ( [qpeg32.dll]
ffqpeg ffmpeg working FFmpeg Q-team QPEG [qpeg]
rricm vfw crashing rricm [rricm.dll]
ffcamtasia ffmpeg working FFmpeg TechSmith Camtasia Screen Codec [camtasia]
fftscc2 ffmpeg working FFmpeg TechSmith Camtasia Screen Codec 2 [tscc2]
camtasia vfw working TechSmith Camtasia Screen Codec [tsccvid.dll]
camtasia2 vfw working TechSmith Camtasia Screen Codec 2 [tsc2_codec32.dll]
ffcamstudio ffmpeg working CamStudio Screen Codec [camstudio]
fraps vfw working FRAPS: Realtime Video Capture [frapsvid.dll]
fffraps ffmpeg working FFmpeg Fraps [fraps]
ffxtor ffmpeg working FFmpeg Dxtory [dxtory]
ffjv ffmpeg working FFmpeg Bitmap Brothers JV [jv]
fftiertexseq ffmpeg working FFmpeg Tiertex SEQ [tiertexseqvideo]
ffvmd ffmpeg working FFmpeg Sierra VMD video [vmdvideo]
ffdxa ffmpeg working FFmpeg Feeble Files DXA video [dxa]
ffdsicinvideo ffmpeg working FFmpeg Delphine CIN video [dsicinvideo]
ffthp ffmpeg working FFmpeg THP video [thp]
ffbfi ffmpeg working FFmpeg BFI Video [bfi]
ffbethsoftvid ffmpeg problems FFmpeg Bethesda Software VID [bethsoftvid]
ffrl2 ffmpeg working FFmpeg RL2 [rl2]
fftxd ffmpeg working FFmpeg Renderware TeXture Dictionary [txd]
fftmv ffmpeg working FFmpeg 8088flex TMV [tmv]
xan vfw working XAN Video [xanlib.dll]
ffwc4 ffmpeg working FFmpeg XAN wc4 [xan_wc4]
ffwc3 ffmpeg problems FFmpeg XAN wc3 [xan_wc3]
ffidcin ffmpeg problems FFmpeg Id CIN video [idcinvideo]
ffinterplay ffmpeg problems FFmpeg Interplay Video [interplayvideo]
ffvqa ffmpeg problems FFmpeg VQA Video [vqavideo]
ffbmvvideo ffmpeg working FFmpeg Discoworld II BMV Video [bmv_video]
ffc93 ffmpeg problems FFmpeg C93 Video [c93]
ffdfa ffmpeg working FFmpeg Chronomaster DFA [dfa]
ffeatgv ffmpeg working FFmpeg Electronic Arts TGV [eatgv]
ffescape124 ffmpeg problems FFmpeg Escape 124 [escape124]
ffescape130 ffmpeg working FFmpeg Escape 130 [escape130]
rawrgb32 raw working RAW RGB32
rawrgb24 raw working RAW RGB24
rawrgb16 raw working RAW RGB16
rawbgr32flip raw working RAW BGR32
rawbgr32 raw working RAW BGR32
rawbgr24flip raw working RAW BGR24
rawbgr24 raw working RAW BGR24
rawbgr16flip raw working RAW BGR15
rawbgr16 raw working RAW BGR15
rawbgr15flip raw working RAW BGR15
rawbgr15 raw working RAW BGR15
rawbgr8flip raw working RAW BGR8
rawbgr8 raw working RAW BGR8
rawbgr1 raw working RAW BGR1
rawyuy2 raw working RAW YUY2
rawyuv2 raw working RAW YUV2
rawuyvy raw working RAW UYVY
raw444P raw working RAW 444P
raw422P raw working RAW 422P
rawyv12 raw working RAW YV12
rawnv21 raw working RAW NV21
rawnv12 raw working RAW NV12
rawhm12 hmblck working RAW HM12
rawi420 raw working RAW I420
rawyvu9 raw working RAW YVU9
rawy800 raw working RAW Y8/Y800
ffrawno16 ffmpeg working FFmpeg NO16 rawvideo [rawvideo]
ffrawnv12 ffmpeg problems RAW NV12 [rawvideo]
ffrawyuy2 ffmpeg working RAW YUY2 [rawvideo]
ffrawyuv2 ffmpeg working RAW YUV2 [rawvideo]
ffrawuyvy ffmpeg working RAW UYVY [rawvideo]
ffraw444P ffmpeg working RAW 444P [rawvideo]
ffraw422P ffmpeg working RAW 422P [rawvideo]
ffrawyv12 ffmpeg working RAW YV12 [rawvideo]
ffrawi420 ffmpeg working RAW I420 [rawvideo]
ffrawyvu9 ffmpeg working RAW YVU9 [rawvideo]
ffrawy41b ffmpeg working RAW Y41B [rawvideo]
ffrawy800 ffmpeg working RAW Y8/Y800 [rawvideo]
null null working NULL codec (no decoding!)
black black working black codec (no decoding just output black frames!)
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