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Created Dec 17, 2012

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minimum PonyDebugger setup
#import <PonyDebugger/PDDebugger.h>
PDDebugger *debugger = (PDDebugger *) [NSClassFromString(@"PDDebugger") defaultInstance];
[debugger connectToURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"ws://localhost:9000/device"]];
[debugger enableNetworkTrafficDebugging];
[debugger forwardAllNetworkTraffic];
[debugger enableViewHierarchyDebugging];
[debugger setDisplayedViewAttributeKeyPaths:@[@"frame", @"hidden", @"alpha", @"opaque"]];
[debugger enableCoreDataDebugging];
[debugger addManagedObjectContext:[NSManagedObjectContext MR_defaultContext] withName:@"MOC"];
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