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Created Dec 27, 2012

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Snippets from Ubuntu header files relevant to


From Ubuntu 12.10 (more or less), excerpts from header files that meantion OPEN_MAX.


    # ifdef __GNU__
    #  define PATH_MAX 4096
    #  define MAXPATHLEN 4096
    #  define OPEN_MAX 256 /* We define a reasonable limit.  */
    # endif



    /* The kernel header pollutes the namespace with the NR_OPEN symbol
       and defines LINK_MAX although filesystems have different maxima.  A
       similar thing is true for OPEN_MAX: the limit can be changed at
       runtime and therefore the macro must not be defined.  Remove this
       after including the header if necessary.  */
    #ifndef NR_OPEN
    # define __undef_NR_OPEN
    #ifndef LINK_MAX
    # define __undef_LINK_MAX
    #ifndef OPEN_MAX
    # define __undef_OPEN_MAX
    #ifndef ARG_MAX
    # define __undef_ARG_MAX



    /* We do not provide fixed values for

       ARG_MAX      Maximum length of argument to the `exec' function
                    including environment data.

       ATEXIT_MAX   Maximum number of functions that may be registered
                    with `atexit'.

       CHILD_MAX    Maximum number of simultaneous processes per real
                    user ID.

       OPEN_MAX     Maximum number of files that one process can have open
                    at anyone time.

       PAGE_SIZE    Size of bytes of a page.

       PASS_MAX     Maximum number of significant bytes in a password.

       We only provide a fixed limit for

       IOV_MAX      Maximum number of `iovec' structures that one process has
                    available for use with `readv' or writev'.

       if this is indeed fixed by the underlying system.
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