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def av(b, ic, ia, m=2, sc=0, sa=0):
return (b + 50 * ic + 100 * ia) * (1 + m * (ic + ia) / (sc + sa))
sculpts = dict(
anasa=dict(m=0.5, sc=2, sa=2, b=2000),
ayr=dict(b=325, sc=3),
orta=dict(sc=3, sa=1, b=650),
piv=dict(sc=2, sa=1, b=375),
sah=dict(sc=2, sa=1, b=300),
valana=dict(sc=2, sa=1, b=325),
vaya=dict(sc=2, sa=1, b=400),
endo_per_amber = {
key: (av(ic=val['sc'], ia=val['sa'], **val) - av(ic=val['sc'], ia=0, **val)) / val['sa']
for key, val in sculpts.items()
if val.get('sa')}
sorted(endo_per_amber.items(), key=lambda val: val[1])
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