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Created Jan 22, 2013
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def closeBracket(openbracket):
if openbracket == '{':
return '}'
elif openbracket == '(':
return ')'
elif openbracket == '[':
return ']'
if __name__ == "__main__":
testcase = ('{{[{{{{}}{{}}}[]}[][{}][({[(({{[][()()]}}{[{{{}}}]}))][()]{[[{((()))({}(())[][])}][]()]}{()[()]}]})][]]}{{}[]}}')
teststack = []
position = 0
for c in testcase:
if c == '{' or c == '(' or c == '[':
#push the open character on the stack
if c == '}' or c == ')' or c == ']':
#check first to see if the stack is empty and
#if it is report the position
if not teststack:
print "Failed at position %d" % position
#it's not empty, so pop the last appended character off
f = teststack.pop()
#if this character is the respective close character
#of the character that got popped off, we're good
if closeBracket(f) == c:
print "All good at position %d" % position
#if the popped character isn't the respective close
#character, then fail and report position
elif closeBracket(f) != c:
print "Failed at position %d" % position
position = position + 1
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