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Created Apr 11, 2013

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2013.04.12, Version 0.10.4 (Stable)
Changes since version 0.10.3:
* Now working on v0.10.4 (Bert Belder)
* include: update uv_backend_fd() documentation (Ben Noordhuis)
* unix: include uv.h in src/version.c (Ben Noordhuis)
* unix: don't write more than IOV_MAX iovecs (Fedor Indutny)
* mingw-w64: don't call _set_invalid_parameter_handler (Nils Maier)
* build: gyp disable thin archives (Timothy J. Fontaine)
* sunos: re-export entire library when static (Timothy J. Fontaine)
* unix: dtrace probes for tick-start and tick-stop (Timothy J. Fontaine)
* windows: fix memory leak in fs__sendfile (Shannen Saez)
* windows: remove double initialization in uv_tty_init (Shannen Saez)
* build: fix dtrace-enabled out of tree build (Ben Noordhuis)
* gitigore: ignore auto-generated uv-dtrace.h header (Ben Noordhuis)
* build: squelch -Wdollar-in-identifier-extension warnings (Ben Noordhuis)
* windows, unix: remove dead code (Brian White)
* inet: snprintf returns int, not size_t (Brian White)
* win: refactor uv_cpu_info (Bert Belder)
* build: add support for Visual Studio 2012 (Nicholas Vavilov)
* cygwin: remove unused variable (Brian White)
* build: -Wno-dollar-in-identifier-extension is clang only (Ben Noordhuis)
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