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Created Jun 7, 2016

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FROM centos:centos7
RUN yum update && yum install -y curl
RUN curl --silent --location | bash -
RUN yum install -y nginx git nodejs
RUN useradd -ms /bin/bash admin && \
mkdir /var/services/ && \
groupadd services && \
chown :services /var/services/ && \
chmod 775 /var/services/ && \
usermod -a -G services admin
ADD "" /entropy.txt
RUN git clone /var/services/dictionary-editor
WORKDIR /var/services/dictionary-editor
RUN git fetch && git checkout feature/microservice && git pull
RUN npm install bower pm2 -g && npm install && npm install jsonwebtoken mongodb@1.4.40 mongoskin@1.4.13
RUN chmod -R 777 /var/services/
USER admin
RUN bower install
CMD ["node", "app.js"]
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