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Created Apr 14, 2016
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V for Vectory?
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
hands = ("I did not create/modify any part.",
"I created/modified some part.",
"I created most, or modified the original beyond recognition.",
"I claim sole authorship.")
eyes = ("I read none. Made no attempt to.",
"I read some part; and/or skimmed some or all.",
"I read most of it.",
"I read all.")
brain = ("I do not understand any.",
"I understand some, and/or poorly.",
"I understand.",
"I understand absolutely.")
heart = ("I distrust absolutely.",
"I distrust.",
"I trust.",
"I trust absolutely.")
arg = sys.argv[1]
vec = int(arg, 16)
print("Hands:", hands[vec >> 6])
print("Eyes:", eyes[(vec >> 4) & 0b11])
print("Brain:", brain[(vec >> 2) & 0b11])
print("Heart:", heart[vec & 0b11])
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