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Created Jan 23, 2011

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Multithreaded find files
(ns find
(import '( File)
'(java.lang Boolean)
'(java.util.regex Pattern)
'(java.util.regex Matcher))
(defn print-list [lst]
"Prints the list of items."
(loop [l lst]
(if (or (nil? l) (empty? l))
(println (str (first l) " "))
(recur (next l)))))
(println ""))
(defn join [col1 col2]
"Joins two collections."
(if (or (nil? col2) (empty? col2))
(if (or (nil? col1) (empty? col1))
(join (conj col1 (first col2)) (next col2)))))
(defn concat-dirs [base dir]
"Creates a string from the base dir and the specified dir
taking into account the slash-separator."
(if (or (nil? base) (nil? dir))
(if (.endsWith base File/separator)
(str base dir)
(str base File/separator dir))))
(defn matcher [pattern]
"Returns a matcher function for comparing
the file name with the pattern."
(let [p (Pattern/compile pattern)]
(fn [fname]
(let [m (.matcher p fname)]
(.matches m)))))
(defn find-files [matcher-func directory]
"Searches in the current dir for other dirs and matching files.
The matched files collects into a vector.
Searches recursively in the other dirs."
(if (or (nil? directory) (nil? matcher-func))
(let [current (File. directory)
cur-list (seq (.list current))
dirs (filter #(and (not (= % ".")) (not (= % "..")))
(filter #(.isDirectory (File. (concat-dirs directory %))) cur-list))
files (filter #(.isFile (File. (concat-dirs directory %))) cur-list)
found (future (vec (map #(concat-dirs directory %)
(filter #(matcher-func %) files))))]
(loop [d dirs
f []]
(if (or (nil? d) (empty? d))
(join f @found)
(recur (next d)
(join f (find-files matcher-func
(concat-dirs directory (first d))))))))))
(defn -main [& args]
"Parses the command line and starts searching."
(let [filename (first args)
directory (second args)]
(println (str "Searching in " directory " for " filename))
(let [found-files (find-files (matcher filename) directory)]
(print-list found-files)))
(println "Finished."))
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