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anonymous /gist:83f582c74d45174e0538 Secret
Created Oct 26, 2012

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Zend File Transfer Adapter
$adapter = new Http();
$tmpPath = 'data/tmp/';
$filename = $adapter->getFileName(null, false);
->addValidator('Size', false, '10MB')
->addValidator('Count', false, 1, 1)
->addFilter('Rename', $tmpPath . uniqid());
if (!$adapter->receive()) {
return $this->error($adapter->getMessages());
$fileinfo = $adapter->getFileInfo();
$mimeType = $fileinfo['upfile']['type'];
$data = file_get_contents($fileinfo['upfile']['tmp_name']);
return $this->createAttachment(array(
'attachment' => array(
'filename' => $filename,
'mimetype' => $mimeType,
'data' => $data,
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