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Created June 23, 2016 11:17
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the description for this gist
object MacroImplementation {
def apply(c: scala.reflect.macros.whitebox.Context)(treeToTransform: c.Tree): c.Tree = {
import c.universe._
val resultName = "_result_"
val lineNum = treeToTransform.pos.line
c.Expr {
ValDef(Modifiers(), TermName(resultName), TypeTree(), Apply(treeToTransform, List())),
Apply(Ident(TermName("println")), List(Literal(Constant("Going to return")))),
Apply(Ident(TermName("println")), List(Ident(TermName(resultName)))),
Apply(Ident(TermName("println")), List(Literal(Constant("at line")))),
Apply(Ident(TermName("println")), List(Literal(Constant(lineNum))))
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