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Created September 2, 2015 11:31
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[15:59:00] Set by blp on August 21, 2015 at 3:49:30 PM EDT
[15:59:00] Mode is +cnt
[15:59:14] <marcelo-amaral> hi
[16:01:21] <marcelo-amaral> I saw here: that OVS does not support yet modifying the type or code in ICMP. Is it still true?
[16:02:06] <shettyg1> marcelo-amaral: True.
[16:02:56] <marcelo-amaral> Is there any way to turn around this limitation?
[16:03:41] <marcelo-amaral> I want to create of rules for ICMP reply
[16:03:54] <shettyg1> Quick counter question. You want OVS to ICMP reply to you?
[16:04:36] <shettyg1> I suppose this is for L3 router interface?
[16:05:49] <marcelo-amaral> Yes, when we create a virtual router in openstack, the default gateway does not respond ping
[16:06:30] <marcelo-amaral> So, it is required to create a specific rule to deal with it
[16:11:28] <marcelo-amaral> shettygl: do you have any idea how I could create icmp reply? If it is possible
[16:24:03] <marcelo-amaral> blp: hi
[16:24:21] <blp> marcelo-amaral: hi
[16:25:54] <marcelo-amaral> blp: I am trying to create a icmp reply rule, but I saw that OVS does not support yet modifying the type or code in ICMP. Do you now, if there is a way to do it, or if ovs will support it?
[16:30:12] <blp> marcelo-amaral: It would not be hard to add, so we'd probably accept a patch to do it.
[16:30:29] <blp> It would require some care in use, since a lot of ICMP types don't have compatible payloads.
[16:46:16] <marcelo-amaral> blp: thank you, I will try to take a look in the code.
[16:49:28] <marcelo-amaral> blp: could you please point in the code, where is it?
[16:49:50] <blp> marcelo-amaral: Where is what?
[16:50:33] <marcelo-amaral> blp: the logic that block modifying the type or code in ICMP
[16:50:46] <jiuweigui> Hi. Are there any good book about openvswitch or sdns that you'd recommend?
[16:51:35] <blp> marcelo-amaral: meta-flow.h, change access from read-only to read/write for those fields
[16:52:03] <marcelo-amaral> blp: perfect! thank you very much
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