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anonymous /freeze.gcode
Created May 9, 2011

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After this g-codes my reprap freezes with teacup firmware.
G21 ;metric is good!
G90 ;absolute positioning
G92 X0 Y0 Z0 (You are now at 0,0,0)
G1 F2000
G1 X38.9 Y40.73 Z0.85 F180.0
G1 X37.81 Y39.98 Z0.85 F1920.0
G1 X36.94 Y39.91 Z0.85 F1920.0
G1 X36.09 Y40.12 Z0.85 F1920.0
G1 X23.01 Y50.13 Z0.85 F1920.0
G1 X22.41 Y50.59 Z0.85 F1080.0
G1 X22.14 Y50.3 Z0.85 F540.0
G1 X21.87 Y50.0 Z0.85 F900.0
G1 X21.6 Y49.69 Z0.85 F1080.0
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