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Created Feb 25, 2017

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OVERVIEW: Sanitizer Coverage Processing Tool (sancov)
This tool can extract various coverage-related information from:
coverage-instrumented binary files, raw .sancov files and their symbolized .symcov version.
Depending on chosen action the tool expects different input files:
-print-coverage-pcs - coverage-instrumented binary files
-print-coverage - .sancov files
<other actions> - .sancov files & corresponding binary files, .symcov files
USAGE: sancov [options] <action> <binary files...> <.sancov files...> <.symcov files...>
General options:
-aarch64-neon-syntax - Choose style of NEON code to emit from AArch64 backend:
=generic - Emit generic NEON assembly
=apple - Emit Apple-style NEON assembly
-amdgpu-dump-rtmd - Dump AMDGPU runtime metadata
-blacklist=<string> - Blacklist file (sanitizer blacklist format).
-color - use colored syntax highlighting (default=autodetect)
-demangle - Print demangled function name.
-filter-print-funcs=<function names> - Only print IR for functions whose name match this for all print-[before|after][-all] options
-gpsize=<uint> - Global Pointer Addressing Size. The default size is 8.
-mno-compound - Disable looking for compound instructions for Hexagon
-mno-fixup - Disable fixing up resolved relocations for Hexagon
-mno-pairing - Disable looking for duplex instructions for Hexagon
Action (required)
-print - Print coverage addresses
-print-coverage-pcs - Print coverage instrumentation points addresses.
-covered-functions - Print all covered funcions.
-not-covered-functions - Print all not covered funcions.
-print-coverage-stats - Print coverage statistics.
-html-report - REMOVED. Use -symbolize &
-symbolize - Produces a symbolized JSON report from binary report.
-merge - Merges reports.
-print-after-all - Print IR after each pass
-print-before-all - Print IR before each pass
-reverse-iterate -
-rng-seed=<seed> - Seed for the random number generator
-skip-dead-files - Do not list dead source files in reports.
-stats - Enable statistics output from program (available with Asserts)
-stats-json - Display statistics as json data
-strip_path_prefix=<string> - Strip this prefix from file paths in reports.
-time-passes - Time each pass, printing elapsed time for each on exit
-verify-debug-info -
-verify-dom-info - Verify dominator info (time consuming)
-x86-asm-syntax - Choose style of code to emit from X86 backend:
=att - Emit AT&T-style assembly
=intel - Emit Intel-style assembly
Generic Options:
-help - Display available options (-help-hidden for more)
-help-list - Display list of available options (-help-list-hidden for more)
-version - Display the version of this program
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