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anonymous /gist:9bfb05dcecac3ecb7491 secret
Created Sep 14, 2012

##Scatter plot for both groups
gap.plot(jitter(rep(0,length(GRO.Controls)),amount = 0.3), gap = c(50,100), xlim=range(-0.5,2), ylim=range(0,max.GRO+0.5),
GRO.Controls, xlab = "", ylab = "Concentrations (pg/ml)", main = "GRO(P=0.0010)")
points(jitter(rep(1,length(GRO.Breast)),amount = 0.3), GRO.Breast, col = "blue")
##Places y-axis (#2) on the left side
##Adds x- variable (groups) labels
mtext("Controls", side = 1, at= 0.0, cex=0.5)
mtext("Breast Cancer", side = 1, at= 1.0, cex=0.5)
##Adds median lines for each group
segments(-0.25, median(GRO.Controls), 0.25, median(GRO.Controls), lwd = 2.0)
segments(0.7, median(GRO.Breast), 1.2, median(GRO.Breast), lwd = 2.0)
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