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Created Sep 24, 2011
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Tax calculator
public class TaxRate
public TaxRate(decimal vat, decimal limit)
Vat = vat;
Limit = limit;
public decimal Vat { get; private set; }
public decimal Limit { get; private set; }
public class TaxCalculator
private static IList<TaxRate> taxRates;
static TaxCalculator()
taxRates = new List<TaxRate>()
new TaxRate(10,0),
new TaxRate(14,5070),
new TaxRate(23,8660),
new TaxRate(30,14070),
new TaxRate(33,21240),
new TaxRate(45,40230)
public Decimal GetTaxAmount(decimal income)
decimal taxToPay = 0;
decimal upperLimit;
TaxRate currentRate;
if (income<=0)
return taxToPay;
upperLimit = income;
for (int i=(taxRates.Count-1); i>-1; i--)
currentRate = taxRates[i];
if (income < currentRate.Limit)
taxToPay += CalculatePercentage(upperLimit - currentRate.Limit, currentRate.Vat);
upperLimit = currentRate.Limit;
return taxToPay;
private decimal CalculatePercentage(decimal number, decimal percentage)
return (number*percentage)/100;
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