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Compiling script v0.0.1 (file:///home/simon/servo/components/script)
time: 0.212; rss: 107MB parsing
time: 0.000; rss: 107MB recursion limit
time: 0.000; rss: 107MB crate injection
time: 0.000; rss: 109MB plugin loading
time: 0.000; rss: 109MB plugin registration
time: 2.681; rss: 797MB expansion
time: 0.000; rss: 797MB maybe building test harness
time: 0.017; rss: 797MB maybe creating a macro crate
time: 0.000; rss: 797MB checking for inline asm in case the target doesn't support it
time: 0.206; rss: 797MB early lint checks
time: 0.021; rss: 797MB AST validation
time: 1.087; rss: 1007MB name resolution
time: 0.042; rss: 1007MB complete gated feature checking
time: 0.259; rss: 1238MB lowering ast -> hir
time: 0.043; rss: 1156MB indexing hir
time: 0.018; rss: 1156MB attribute checking
time: 0.011; rss: 960MB language item collection
time: 0.058; rss: 967MB lifetime resolution
time: 0.000; rss: 967MB looking for entry point
time: 0.002; rss: 967MB looking for plugin registrar
time: 0.168; rss: 1053MB region resolution
time: 0.027; rss: 1053MB loop checking
time: 0.026; rss: 1054MB static item recursion checking
time: 2.314; rss: 1102MB compute_incremental_hashes_map
incremental: session directory: 2506 files hard-linked
incremental: session directory: 0 files copied
time: 2.014; rss: 1153MB load_dep_graph
time: 0.051; rss: 1190MB stability index
time: 0.127; rss: 1214MB stability checking
time: 0.204; rss: 1288MB type collecting
time: 0.111; rss: 1292MB variance inference
time: 0.077; rss: 1330MB impl wf inference
time: 0.276; rss: 1359MB coherence checking
time: 0.310; rss: 1364MB wf checking
time: 1.182; rss: 1596MB item-types checking
time: 7.397; rss: 1942MB item-bodies checking
time: 0.000; rss: 1942MB drop-impl checking
time: 0.556; rss: 2052MB const checking
time: 0.574; rss: 2253MB privacy checking
time: 0.107; rss: 2257MB intrinsic checking
time: 0.041; rss: 2257MB effect checking
time: 0.171; rss: 2264MB match checking
time: 0.082; rss: 2266MB liveness checking
time: 0.420; rss: 2270MB rvalue checking
time: 0.916; rss: 3012MB MIR dump
time: 0.136; rss: 3017MB SimplifyCfg
time: 0.218; rss: 3017MB QualifyAndPromoteConstants
time: 0.311; rss: 3017MB TypeckMir
time: 0.014; rss: 3017MB SimplifyBranches
time: 0.066; rss: 3017MB SimplifyCfg
time: 0.745; rss: 3017MB MIR cleanup and validation
time: 1.067; rss: 3023MB borrow checking
time: 0.019; rss: 3023MB reachability checking
time: 0.115; rss: 3025MB death checking
time: 0.000; rss: 3025MB unused lib feature checking
warning: this feature has been stable since 1.14.0. Attribute no longer needed
--> /home/simon/servo/components/script/
10 | #![feature(more_struct_aliases)]
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
= note: #[warn(stable_features)] on by default
time: 1.198; rss: 3026MB lint checking
time: 0.000; rss: 3026MB resolving dependency formats
time: 0.014; rss: 3026MB NoLandingPads
time: 0.065; rss: 3026MB SimplifyCfg
time: 0.167; rss: 3050MB EraseRegions
time: 0.030; rss: 3050MB AddCallGuards
time: 0.486; rss: 3054MB ElaborateDrops
time: 0.013; rss: 3054MB NoLandingPads
time: 0.141; rss: 3054MB SimplifyCfg
time: 0.083; rss: 3054MB InstCombine
time: 0.033; rss: 3054MB Deaggregator
time: 0.015; rss: 3054MB CopyPropagation
time: 0.109; rss: 3054MB SimplifyLocals
time: 0.031; rss: 3056MB AddCallGuards
time: 0.012; rss: 3056MB PreTrans
time: 1.199; rss: 3056MB MIR optimisations
time: 0.259; rss: 3153MB write metadata
time: 3.025; rss: 3217MB translation item collection
time: 1.215; rss: 3260MB codegen unit partitioning
time: 0.529; rss: 3274MB internalize symbols
time: 7.088; rss: 3274MB translation
time: 0.000; rss: 3274MB assert dep graph
incremental: 3051471 nodes in dep-graph
incremental: 17995659 edges in dep-graph
incremental: 197153 edges in serialized dep-graph
incremental: 105004 hashes in serialized dep-graph
time: 8.728; rss: 3140MB serialize dep graph
incremental: re-using 1252 out of 1252 modules
time: 0.002; rss: 1625MB codegen passes [3]
time: 0.203; rss: 1626MB LLVM passes
time: 0.001; rss: 1626MB serialize work products
time: 8.303; rss: 1662MB linking
Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 52.24 secs
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