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Created Jan 21, 2016
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#!/usr/bin/env python
from import run_cmd
## Reusing tmux highlight groups for now
highlight_groups = {
'O': 'window:current',
'o': 'window',
'F': 'window:current',
'f': 'window',
'U': 'bell_status',
'u': 'bell_status'
def workspaces(pl):
## Couldn't figure out how to take advantage of --subscribe
status = run_cmd(pl, ['bspc', 'control', '--get-status'])
state = []
for desktop in status.rstrip().split(':')[1:-1]:
contents = desktop[1:]
if desktop[0] == 'O':
contents += '*'
elif desktop[0] == 'o':
contents += '-'
'contents': contents,
'highlight_groups': [highlight_groups[desktop[0]]],
'draw_inner_divider': True
return state
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