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anonymous /gist:c8584113522757a4e0d8 Secret
Created Jul 10, 2012

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15:01:55,742 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- Hibernate:
15:01:55,742 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- select
15:01:55,743 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.CONTROL_RULE_ID as CONTROL1_6_,
15:01:55,743 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.COLUMN_NM as COLUMN2_6_,
15:01:55,744 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.CONTROL_RULE_TYPE_ID as CONTROL6_6_,
15:01:55,744 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.JOB_NM as JOB3_6_,
15:01:55,784 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.LIBRARY_NM as LIBRARY4_6_,
15:01:55,785 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.TABLE_NM as TABLE5_6_
15:01:55,785 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- from
15:01:55,786 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- CONTROL_RULE controlrul0_
15:01:55,961 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- Hibernate:
15:01:55,961 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- select
15:01:55,961 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.CONTROL_RULE_TYPE_ID as CONTROL1_8_0_,
15:01:55,962 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.CONTROL_RULE_TYPE_DESC as CONTROL2_8_0_,
15:01:55,963 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.CONTROL_RULE_TYPE_NM as CONTROL3_8_0_
15:01:55,963 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- from
15:01:55,964 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- CONTROL_RULE_TYPE controlrul0_
15:01:55,965 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- where
15:01:55,965 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.CONTROL_RULE_TYPE_ID=?
15:01:55,989 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- Hibernate:
15:01:55,989 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- select
15:01:55,990 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.CONTROL_RULE_ID as CONTROL1_6_1_,
15:01:55,990 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.controlRuleAttribs_ATTRIBUTE_SEQ_NUM as controlR2_1_,
15:01:55,991 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.controlRuleAttribs_CONTROL_RULE_ATTRIB_TYPE_ID as controlR3_1_,
15:01:55,992 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.controlRuleAttribs_CONTROL_RULE_ID as controlR4_1_,
15:01:55,995 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul1_.ATTRIBUTE_SEQ_NUM as ATTRIBUTE1_17_0_,
15:01:55,995 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul1_.CONTROL_RULE_ATTRIB_TYPE_ID as CONTROL2_17_0_,
15:01:55,996 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul1_.CONTROL_RULE_ID as CONTROL3_17_0_,
15:01:55,997 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul1_.ATTRIBUTE_VALUE as ATTRIBUTE4_17_0_
15:01:55,997 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- from
15:01:55,998 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- CONTROL_RULE_ATTRIB controlrul0_
15:01:55,999 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- inner join
15:01:55,999 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- KAMIL.CONTROL_RULE_ATTRIB controlrul1_
15:01:56,000 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- on controlrul0_.controlRuleAttribs_ATTRIBUTE_SEQ_NUM=controlrul1_.ATTRIBUTE_SEQ_NUM
15:01:56,001 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- and controlrul0_.controlRuleAttribs_CONTROL_RULE_ATTRIB_TYPE_ID=controlrul1_.CONTROL_RULE_ATTRIB_TYPE_ID
15:01:56,002 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- and controlrul0_.controlRuleAttribs_CONTROL_RULE_ID=controlrul1_.CONTROL_RULE_ID
15:01:56,003 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- where
15:01:56,003 INFO [stdout] (ajp-- controlrul0_.CONTROL_RULE_ID=?
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