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Ogre::Archive * archiveLibrary = Ogre::ArchiveManager::getSingletonPtr()->load("../../../libs/ogre-2.1/install/share/OGRE/Media/Hlms/Common/GLSL", "FileSystem", true );
Ogre::ArchiveVec library;
library.push_back( archiveLibrary );
Ogre::Archive * archivePbs = Ogre::ArchiveManager::getSingletonPtr()->load("../../../libs/ogre-2.1/install/share/OGRE/Media/Hlms/Pbs/GLSL", "FileSystem", true );
Ogre::HlmsPbs * hlmsPbs = OGRE_NEW Ogre::HlmsPbs( archivePbs, &library );
mOgreRoot.getHlmsManager()->registerHlms( hlmsPbs );
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