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Created August 23, 2015 14:35
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joshVR snapshot
<!-- VR Airplane by David Bryant ( -->
<!-- Airplane = all parts grouped together -->
<group rotateX="0.23" rotateY="0.00" rotateZ="0.0" translateX="0.0" translateY="0.0" translateZ="0.0">
<!-- Fuselage -->
<sphere translateY="1.0" scaleX="5.0" scaleZ="0.7" scaleY="0.7"/>
<!-- Tail assembly -->
<group translateX="2.6" translateY="1.0">
<sphere translateY="0.2" scaleX="1.0" scaleY="1.5" scaleZ="0.2"/>
<sphere scaleX="1.0" scaleY="0.2" scaleZ="2.5"/>
<!-- Wing -->
<group translateY="1.0">
<sphere scaleX="1.5" scaleY="0.25" scaleZ="5.0"/>
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