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package main
import (
func TestMain(m *testing.M) {
status := godog.RunWithOptions("godogs", func(s *godog.Suite) {
}, godog.Options{
Format: "progress",
Paths: []string{"features"},
Randomize: time.Now().UTC().UnixNano(), // randomize scenario execution order
if st := m.Run(); st > status {
status = st
func thereAreGodogs(available int) error {
Godogs = available
return nil
func iEat(num int) error {
if Godogs < num {
return fmt.Errorf("you cannot eat %d godogs, there are %d available", num, Godogs)
Godogs -= num
return nil
func thereShouldBeRemaining(remaining int) error {
if Godogs != remaining {
return fmt.Errorf("expected %d godogs to be remaining, but there is %d", remaining, Godogs)
return nil
func FeatureContext(s *godog.Suite) {
s.Step(`^there are (\d+) godogs$`, thereAreGodogs)
s.Step(`^I eat (\d+)$`, iEat)
s.Step(`^there should be (\d+) remaining$`, thereShouldBeRemaining)
s.BeforeScenario(func(interface{}) {
Godogs = 0 // clean the state before every scenario
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