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@antani /ddls
Created Jan 12, 2011

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DDL Statements
CREATE TABLE "calendars" ("id" INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT NOT NULL, "user_id" integer, "event" varchar(255), "where" varchar(255), "created_at" datetime, "updated_at" datetime, "when" datetime, "whendate" date, "important" boolean DEFAULT 'f', "latitude" float, "longitude" float, "done" boolean DEFAULT 'f', "sync" boolean DEFAULT 'f', "twitter_shared" boolean DEFAULT 'f', "facebook_shared" boolean DEFAULT 'f', "foursquare_shared" boolean DEFAULT 'f', "remind_before" integer DEFAULT 10, "remind_before_what" varchar DEFAULT 'Minutes');
INSERT INTO calendars VALUES(760,30,'test event','EGL Business Park Domlur Bangalore','2011-01-08 17:46:17.756840','2011-01-12 11:04:09.702325','2011-01-10 15:56:17.000000','2011-01-10','f',12.9566921,77.6407258,'f','f','t','f','t',5,'Minutes');
INSERT INTO calendars VALUES(762,30,'Next important event','Leela Palace Bangalore','2011-01-09 07:50:53.917524','2011-01-12 11:04:27.700482','2011-01-09 07:50:53.000000','2011-01-09','t',12.9998071,77.5695311,'f','f','t','f','t',5,'Minutes');
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