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"fab fa-zhihu": " Zhihu brands",
"fab fa-youtube-square": " YouTube Square brands",
"fab fa-youtube": " YouTube brands",
"fab fa-yoast": " Yoast brands",
"fas fa-yin-yang": " Yin Yang solid",
"far fa-yin-yang": " Yin Yang regular",
"fal fa-yin-yang": " Yin Yang light",
"fab fa-yin-yang": " Yin Yang duotone",
"fas fa-yen-sign": " Yen Sign solid",
"far fa-yen-sign": " Yen Sign regular",
"fal fa-yen-sign": " Yen Sign light",
"fab fa-yen-sign": " Yen Sign duotone",
"fab fa-yelp": " Yelp brands",
"fab fa-yarn": " Yarn brands",
"fab fa-yandex-international": " Yandex International brands",
"fab fa-yandex": " Yandex brands",
"fab fa-yammer": " Yammer brands",
"fab fa-yahoo": " Yahoo Logo brands",
"fab fa-y-combinator": " Y Combinator brands",
"fab fa-xing-square": " Xing Square brands",
"fab fa-xing": " Xing brands",
"fab fa-xbox": " Xbox brands",
"fas fa-x-ray": " X-Ray solid",
"far fa-x-ray": " X-Ray regular",
"fal fa-x-ray": " X-Ray light",
"fab fa-x-ray": " X-Ray duotone",
"fas fa-wrench": " Wrench solid",
"far fa-wrench": " Wrench regular",
"fal fa-wrench": " Wrench light",
"fab fa-wrench": " Wrench duotone",
"fas fa-wreath": " Wreath solid",
"far fa-wreath": " Wreath regular",
"fal fa-wreath": " Wreath light",
"fab fa-wreath": " Wreath duotone",
"fab fa-wpressr": " wpressr brands",
"fab fa-wpforms": " WPForms brands",
"fab fa-wpexplorer": " WPExplorer brands",
"fab fa-wpbeginner": " WPBeginner brands",
"fab fa-wordpress-simple": " Wordpress Simple brands",
"fab fa-wordpress": " WordPress Logo brands",
"fas fa-won-sign": " Won Sign solid",
"far fa-won-sign": " Won Sign regular",
"fal fa-won-sign": " Won Sign light",
"fab fa-won-sign": " Won Sign duotone",
"fab fa-wolf-pack-battalion": " Wolf Pack Battalion brands",
"fab fa-wizards-of-the-coast": " Wizards of the Coast brands",
"fab fa-wix": " Wix brands",
"fas fa-wine-glass-alt": " Alternate Wine Glas solid",
"far fa-wine-glass-alt": " Alternate Wine Glas regular",
"fal fa-wine-glass-alt": " Alternate Wine Glas light",
"fab fa-wine-glass-alt": " Alternate Wine Glas duotone",
"fas fa-wine-glass": " Wine Glass solid",
"far fa-wine-glass": " Wine Glass regular",
"fal fa-wine-glass": " Wine Glass light",
"fab fa-wine-glass": " Wine Glass duotone",
"fas fa-wine-bottle": " Wine Bottle solid",
"far fa-wine-bottle": " Wine Bottle regular",
"fal fa-wine-bottle": " Wine Bottle light",
"fab fa-wine-bottle": " Wine Bottle duotone",
"fas fa-windsock": " Windsock solid",
"far fa-windsock": " Windsock regular",
"fal fa-windsock": " Windsock light",
"fab fa-windsock": " Windsock duotone",
"fab fa-windows": " Windows brands",
"fas fa-window-restore": " Window Restore solid",
"far fa-window-restore": " Window Restore regular",
"fal fa-window-restore": " Window Restore light",
"fab fa-window-restore": " Window Restore duotone",
"fas fa-window-minimize": " Window Minimize solid",
"far fa-window-minimize": " Window Minimize regular",
"fal fa-window-minimize": " Window Minimize light",
"fab fa-window-minimize": " Window Minimize duotone",
"fas fa-window-maximize": " Window Maximize solid",
"far fa-window-maximize": " Window Maximize regular",
"fal fa-window-maximize": " Window Maximize light",
"fab fa-window-maximize": " Window Maximize duotone",
"fas fa-window-close": " Window Close solid",
"far fa-window-close": " Window Close regular",
"fal fa-window-close": " Window Close light",
"fab fa-window-close": " Window Close duotone",
"fas fa-window-alt": " Alternate Window solid",
"far fa-window-alt": " Alternate Window regular",
"fal fa-window-alt": " Alternate Window light",
"fab fa-window-alt": " Alternate Window duotone",
"fas fa-window": " Window solid",
"far fa-window": " Window regular",
"fal fa-window": " Window light",
"fab fa-window": " Window duotone",
"fas fa-wind-warning": " Wind Warning solid",
"far fa-wind-warning": " Wind Warning regular",
"fal fa-wind-warning": " Wind Warning light",
"fab fa-wind-warning": " Wind Warning duotone",
"fas fa-wind-turbine": " Wind Turbine solid",
"far fa-wind-turbine": " Wind Turbine regular",
"fal fa-wind-turbine": " Wind Turbine light",
"fab fa-wind-turbine": " Wind Turbine duotone",
"fas fa-wind": " Wind solid",
"far fa-wind": " Wind regular",
"fal fa-wind": " Wind light",
"fab fa-wind": " Wind duotone",
"fab fa-wikipedia-w": " Wikipedia W brands",
"fas fa-wifi-slash": " Wifi Slash solid",
"far fa-wifi-slash": " Wifi Slash regular",
"fal fa-wifi-slash": " Wifi Slash light",
"fab fa-wifi-slash": " Wifi Slash duotone",
"fas fa-wifi-2": " Wifi 2 solid",
"far fa-wifi-2": " Wifi 2 regular",
"fal fa-wifi-2": " Wifi 2 light",
"fab fa-wifi-2": " Wifi 2 duotone",
"fas fa-wifi-1": " Wifi 1 solid",
"far fa-wifi-1": " Wifi 1 regular",
"fal fa-wifi-1": " Wifi 1 light",
"fab fa-wifi-1": " Wifi 1 duotone",
"fas fa-wifi": " WiFi solid",
"far fa-wifi": " WiFi regular",
"fal fa-wifi": " WiFi light",
"fab fa-wifi": " WiFi duotone",
"fab fa-whmcs": " WHMCS brands",
"fas fa-whistle": " Whistle solid",
"far fa-whistle": " Whistle regular",
"fal fa-whistle": " Whistle light",
"fab fa-whistle": " Whistle duotone",
"fas fa-wheelchair": " Wheelchair solid",
"far fa-wheelchair": " Wheelchair regular",
"fal fa-wheelchair": " Wheelchair light",
"fab fa-wheelchair": " Wheelchair duotone",
"fas fa-wheat": " Wheat solid",
"far fa-wheat": " Wheat regular",
"fal fa-wheat": " Wheat light",
"fab fa-wheat": " Wheat duotone",
"fab fa-whatsapp-square": " What's App Square brands",
"fab fa-whatsapp": " What's App brands",
"fas fa-whale": " Whale solid",
"far fa-whale": " Whale regular",
"fal fa-whale": " Whale light",
"fab fa-whale": " Whale duotone",
"fab fa-weixin": " Weixin (WeChat) brands",
"fas fa-weight-hanging": " Hanging Weight solid",
"far fa-weight-hanging": " Hanging Weight regular",
"fal fa-weight-hanging": " Hanging Weight light",
"fab fa-weight-hanging": " Hanging Weight duotone",
"fas fa-weight": " Weight solid",
"far fa-weight": " Weight regular",
"fal fa-weight": " Weight light",
"fab fa-weight": " Weight duotone",
"fab fa-weibo": " Weibo brands",
"fab fa-weebly": " Weebly brands",
"fas fa-webcam-slash": " Webcam Slash solid",
"far fa-webcam-slash": " Webcam Slash regular",
"fal fa-webcam-slash": " Webcam Slash light",
"fab fa-webcam-slash": " Webcam Slash duotone",
"fas fa-webcam": " Webcam solid",
"far fa-webcam": " Webcam regular",
"fal fa-webcam": " Webcam light",
"fab fa-webcam": " Webcam duotone",
"fab fa-waze": " Waze brands",
"fas fa-waveform-path": " Waveform Path solid",
"far fa-waveform-path": " Waveform Path regular",
"fal fa-waveform-path": " Waveform Path light",
"fab fa-waveform-path": " Waveform Path duotone",
"fas fa-waveform": " Waveform solid",
"far fa-waveform": " Waveform regular",
"fal fa-waveform": " Waveform light",
"fab fa-waveform": " Waveform duotone",
"fas fa-wave-triangle": " Triangle Wave solid",
"far fa-wave-triangle": " Triangle Wave regular",
"fal fa-wave-triangle": " Triangle Wave light",
"fab fa-wave-triangle": " Triangle Wave duotone",
"fal fa-wave-square": " Square Wave light",
"far fa-wave-square": " Square Wave regular",
"fas fa-wave-square": " Square Wave solid",
"fab fa-wave-square": " Square Wave duotone",
"fas fa-wave-sine": " Sine Wave solid",
"far fa-wave-sine": " Sine Wave regular",
"fal fa-wave-sine": " Sine Wave light",
"fab fa-wave-sine": " Sine Wave duotone",
"fas fa-water-rise": " Rising Water Level solid",
"far fa-water-rise": " Rising Water Level regular",
"fal fa-water-rise": " Rising Water Level light",
"fab fa-water-rise": " Rising Water Level duotone",
"fas fa-water-lower": " Lower Water Level solid",
"far fa-water-lower": " Lower Water Level regular",
"fal fa-water-lower": " Lower Water Level light",
"fab fa-water-lower": " Lower Water Level duotone",
"fas fa-water": " Water solid",
"far fa-water": " Water regular",
"fal fa-water": " Water light",
"fab fa-water": " Water duotone",
"fas fa-watch-fitness": " Watch Fitness solid",
"far fa-watch-fitness": " Watch Fitness regular",
"fal fa-watch-fitness": " Watch Fitness light",
"fab fa-watch-fitness": " Watch Fitness duotone",
"fas fa-watch-calculator": " Calculator Watch solid",
"far fa-watch-calculator": " Calculator Watch regular",
"fal fa-watch-calculator": " Calculator Watch light",
"fab fa-watch-calculator": " Calculator Watch duotone",
"fas fa-watch": " Watch solid",
"far fa-watch": " Watch regular",
"fal fa-watch": " Watch light",
"fab fa-watch": " Watch duotone",
"fas fa-washer": " Washer solid",
"far fa-washer": " Washer regular",
"fal fa-washer": " Washer light",
"fab fa-washer": " Washer duotone",
"fas fa-warehouse-alt": " Alternate Warehouse solid",
"far fa-warehouse-alt": " Alternate Warehouse regular",
"fal fa-warehouse-alt": " Alternate Warehouse light",
"fab fa-warehouse-alt": " Alternate Warehouse duotone",
"fas fa-warehouse": " Warehouse solid",
"far fa-warehouse": " Warehouse regular",
"fal fa-warehouse": " Warehouse light",
"fab fa-warehouse": " Warehouse duotone",
"fas fa-wand-magic": " Wand Magic solid",
"far fa-wand-magic": " Wand Magic regular",
"fal fa-wand-magic": " Wand Magic light",
"fab fa-wand-magic": " Wand Magic duotone",
"fas fa-wand": " Wand solid",
"far fa-wand": " Wand regular",
"fal fa-wand": " Wand light",
"fab fa-wand": " Wand duotone",
"fas fa-wallet": " Wallet solid",
"far fa-wallet": " Wallet regular",
"fal fa-wallet": " Wallet light",
"fab fa-wallet": " Wallet duotone",
"fas fa-walking": " Walking solid",
"far fa-walking": " Walking regular",
"fal fa-walking": " Walking light",
"fab fa-walking": " Walking duotone",
"fas fa-walkie-talkie": " Walkie Talkie solid",
"far fa-walkie-talkie": " Walkie Talkie regular",
"fal fa-walkie-talkie": " Walkie Talkie light",
"fab fa-walkie-talkie": " Walkie Talkie duotone",
"fas fa-walker": " Walker solid",
"far fa-walker": " Walker regular",
"fal fa-walker": " Walker light",
"fab fa-walker": " Walker duotone",
"fal fa-wagon-covered": " Covered Wagon light",
"far fa-wagon-covered": " Covered Wagon regular",
"fas fa-wagon-covered": " Covered Wagon solid",
"fab fa-wagon-covered": " Covered Wagon duotone",
"fab fa-vuejs": " Vue.js brands",
"fas fa-vr-cardboard": " Cardboard VR solid",
"far fa-vr-cardboard": " Cardboard VR regular",
"fal fa-vr-cardboard": " Cardboard VR light",
"fab fa-vr-cardboard": " Cardboard VR duotone",
"fas fa-vote-yea": " Vote Yea solid",
"far fa-vote-yea": " Vote Yea regular",
"fal fa-vote-yea": " Vote Yea light",
"fab fa-vote-yea": " Vote Yea duotone",
"fas fa-vote-nay": " Vote Nay solid",
"far fa-vote-nay": " Vote Nay regular",
"fal fa-vote-nay": " Vote Nay light",
"fab fa-vote-nay": " Vote Nay duotone",
"fas fa-volume-up": " Volume Up solid",
"far fa-volume-up": " Volume Up regular",
"fal fa-volume-up": " Volume Up light",
"fab fa-volume-up": " Volume Up duotone",
"fas fa-volume-slash": " Volume Slash solid",
"far fa-volume-slash": " Volume Slash regular",
"fal fa-volume-slash": " Volume Slash light",
"fab fa-volume-slash": " Volume Slash duotone",
"fas fa-volume-off": " Volume Off solid",
"far fa-volume-off": " Volume Off regular",
"fal fa-volume-off": " Volume Off light",
"fab fa-volume-off": " Volume Off duotone",
"fas fa-volume-mute": " Volume Mute solid",
"far fa-volume-mute": " Volume Mute regular",
"fal fa-volume-mute": " Volume Mute light",
"fab fa-volume-mute": " Volume Mute duotone",
"fas fa-volume-down": " Volume Down solid",
"far fa-volume-down": " Volume Down regular",
"fal fa-volume-down": " Volume Down light",
"fab fa-volume-down": " Volume Down duotone",
"fas fa-volume": " Volume solid",
"far fa-volume": " Volume regular",
"fal fa-volume": " Volume light",
"fab fa-volume": " Volume duotone",
"fas fa-volleyball-ball": " Volleyball Ball solid",
"far fa-volleyball-ball": " Volleyball Ball regular",
"fal fa-volleyball-ball": " Volleyball Ball light",
"fab fa-volleyball-ball": " Volleyball Ball duotone",
"fas fa-volcano": " Volcano solid",
"far fa-volcano": " Volcano regular",
"fal fa-volcano": " Volcano light",
"fab fa-volcano": " Volcano duotone",
"fas fa-voicemail": " Voicemail solid",
"far fa-voicemail": " Voicemail regular",
"fal fa-voicemail": " Voicemail light",
"fab fa-voicemail": " Voicemail duotone",
"fab fa-vnv": " VNV brands",
"fab fa-vk": " VK brands",
"fas fa-violin": " Violin solid",
"far fa-violin": " Violin regular",
"fal fa-violin": " Violin light",
"fab fa-violin": " Violin duotone",
"fab fa-vine": " Vine brands",
"fab fa-vimeo-v": " Vimeo brands",
"fab fa-vimeo-square": " Vimeo Square brands",
"fab fa-vimeo": " Vimeo brands",
"fas fa-vihara": " Vihara solid",
"far fa-vihara": " Vihara regular",
"fal fa-vihara": " Vihara light",
"fab fa-vihara": " Vihara duotone",
"fas fa-video-slash": " Video Slash solid",
"far fa-video-slash": " Video Slash regular",
"fal fa-video-slash": " Video Slash light",
"fab fa-video-slash": " Video Slash duotone",
"fas fa-video-plus": " Video Plus solid",
"far fa-video-plus": " Video Plus regular",
"fal fa-video-plus": " Video Plus light",
"fab fa-video-plus": " Video Plus duotone",
"fas fa-video": " Video solid",
"far fa-video": " Video regular",
"fal fa-video": " Video light",
"fab fa-video": " Video duotone",
"fab fa-viber": " Viber brands",
"fas fa-vials": " Vials solid",
"far fa-vials": " Vials regular",
"fal fa-vials": " Vials light",
"fab fa-vials": " Vials duotone",
"fas fa-vial": " Vial solid",
"far fa-vial": " Vial regular",
"fal fa-vial": " Vial light",
"fab fa-vial": " Vial duotone",
"fab fa-viadeo-square": " Video Square brands",
"fab fa-viadeo": " Video brands",
"fab fa-viacoin": " Viacoin brands",
"fas fa-vhs": " VHS solid",
"far fa-vhs": " VHS regular",
"fal fa-vhs": " VHS light",
"fab fa-vhs": " VHS duotone",
"fas fa-venus-mars": " Venus Mars solid",
"far fa-venus-mars": " Venus Mars regular",
"fal fa-venus-mars": " Venus Mars light",
"fab fa-venus-mars": " Venus Mars duotone",
"fas fa-venus-double": " Venus Double solid",
"far fa-venus-double": " Venus Double regular",
"fal fa-venus-double": " Venus Double light",
"fab fa-venus-double": " Venus Double duotone",
"fas fa-venus": " Venus solid",
"far fa-venus": " Venus regular",
"fal fa-venus": " Venus light",
"fab fa-venus": " Venus duotone",
"fas fa-vector-square": " Vector Square solid",
"far fa-vector-square": " Vector Square regular",
"fal fa-vector-square": " Vector Square light",
"fab fa-vector-square": " Vector Square duotone",
"fas fa-value-absolute": " Value Absolute solid",
"far fa-value-absolute": " Value Absolute regular",
"fal fa-value-absolute": " Value Absolute light",
"fab fa-value-absolute": " Value Absolute duotone",
"fab fa-vaadin": " Vaadin brands",
"fas fa-utensils-alt": " Alternate Utensils solid",
"far fa-utensils-alt": " Alternate Utensils regular",
"fal fa-utensils-alt": " Alternate Utensils light",
"fab fa-utensils-alt": " Alternate Utensils duotone",
"fas fa-utensils": " Utensils solid",
"far fa-utensils": " Utensils regular",
"fal fa-utensils": " Utensils light",
"fab fa-utensils": " Utensils duotone",
"fas fa-utensil-spoon": " Utensil Spoon solid",
"far fa-utensil-spoon": " Utensil Spoon regular",
"fal fa-utensil-spoon": " Utensil Spoon light",
"fab fa-utensil-spoon": " Utensil Spoon duotone",
"fas fa-utensil-knife": " Utensil Knife solid",
"far fa-utensil-knife": " Utensil Knife regular",
"fal fa-utensil-knife": " Utensil Knife light",
"fab fa-utensil-knife": " Utensil Knife duotone",
"fas fa-utensil-fork": " Utensil Fork solid",
"far fa-utensil-fork": " Utensil Fork regular",
"fal fa-utensil-fork": " Utensil Fork light",
"fab fa-utensil-fork": " Utensil Fork duotone",
"fab fa-ussunnah": " us-Sunnah Foundation brands",
"fab fa-usps": " United States Postal Service brands",
"fas fa-users-medical": " Users with Medical Symbol solid",
"far fa-users-medical": " Users with Medical Symbol regular",
"fal fa-users-medical": " Users with Medical Symbol light",
"fab fa-users-medical": " Users with Medical Symbol duotone",
"fas fa-users-crown": " Users Crown solid",
"far fa-users-crown": " Users Crown regular",
"fal fa-users-crown": " Users Crown light",
"fab fa-users-crown": " Users Crown duotone",
"fas fa-users-cog": " Users Cog solid",
"far fa-users-cog": " Users Cog regular",
"fal fa-users-cog": " Users Cog light",
"fab fa-users-cog": " Users Cog duotone",
"fas fa-users-class": " Users Class solid",
"far fa-users-class": " Users Class regular",
"fal fa-users-class": " Users Class light",
"fab fa-users-class": " Users Class duotone",
"fas fa-users": " Users solid",
"far fa-users": " Users regular",
"fal fa-users": " Users light",
"fab fa-users": " Users duotone",
"fas fa-user-times": " Remove User solid",
"far fa-user-times": " Remove User regular",
"fal fa-user-times": " Remove User light",
"fab fa-user-times": " Remove User duotone",
"fas fa-user-tie": " User Tie solid",
"far fa-user-tie": " User Tie regular",
"fal fa-user-tie": " User Tie light",
"fab fa-user-tie": " User Tie duotone",
"fas fa-user-tag": " User Tag solid",
"far fa-user-tag": " User Tag regular",
"fal fa-user-tag": " User Tag light",
"fab fa-user-tag": " User Tag duotone",
"fas fa-user-slash": " User Slash solid",
"far fa-user-slash": " User Slash regular",
"fal fa-user-slash": " User Slash light",
"fab fa-user-slash": " User Slash duotone",
"fas fa-user-shield": " User Shield solid",
"far fa-user-shield": " User Shield regular",
"fal fa-user-shield": " User Shield light",
"fab fa-user-shield": " User Shield duotone",
"fas fa-user-secret": " User Secret solid",
"far fa-user-secret": " User Secret regular",
"fal fa-user-secret": " User Secret light",
"fab fa-user-secret": " User Secret duotone",
"fas fa-user-plus": " User Plus solid",
"far fa-user-plus": " User Plus regular",
"fal fa-user-plus": " User Plus light",
"fab fa-user-plus": " User Plus duotone",
"fas fa-user-nurse": " Nurse solid",
"far fa-user-nurse": " Nurse regular",
"fal fa-user-nurse": " Nurse light",
"fab fa-user-nurse": " Nurse duotone",
"fas fa-user-ninja": " User Ninja solid",
"far fa-user-ninja": " User Ninja regular",
"fal fa-user-ninja": " User Ninja light",
"fab fa-user-ninja": " User Ninja duotone",
"fas fa-user-music": " User Music solid",
"far fa-user-music": " User Music regular",
"fal fa-user-music": " User Music light",
"fab fa-user-music": " User Music duotone",
"fas fa-user-minus": " User Minus solid",
"far fa-user-minus": " User Minus regular",
"fal fa-user-minus": " User Minus light",
"fab fa-user-minus": " User Minus duotone",
"fas fa-user-md-chat": " Chat with Doctor solid",
"far fa-user-md-chat": " Chat with Doctor regular",
"fal fa-user-md-chat": " Chat with Doctor light",
"fab fa-user-md-chat": " Chat with Doctor duotone",
"fas fa-user-md": " Doctor solid",
"far fa-user-md": " Doctor regular",
"fal fa-user-md": " Doctor light",
"fab fa-user-md": " Doctor duotone",
"fas fa-user-lock": " User Lock solid",
"far fa-user-lock": " User Lock regular",
"fal fa-user-lock": " User Lock light",
"fab fa-user-lock": " User Lock duotone",
"fas fa-user-injured": " User Injured solid",
"far fa-user-injured": " User Injured regular",
"fal fa-user-injured": " User Injured light",
"fab fa-user-injured": " User Injured duotone",
"fas fa-user-headset": " User Headset solid",
"far fa-user-headset": " User Headset regular",
"fal fa-user-headset": " User Headset light",
"fab fa-user-headset": " User Headset duotone",
"fas fa-user-hard-hat": " Construction Worker solid",
"far fa-user-hard-hat": " Construction Worker regular",
"fal fa-user-hard-hat": " Construction Worker light",
"fab fa-user-hard-hat": " Construction Worker duotone",
"fas fa-user-graduate": " User Graduate solid",
"far fa-user-graduate": " User Graduate regular",
"fal fa-user-graduate": " User Graduate light",
"fab fa-user-graduate": " User Graduate duotone",
"fas fa-user-friends": " User Friends solid",
"far fa-user-friends": " User Friends regular",
"fal fa-user-friends": " User Friends light",
"fab fa-user-friends": " User Friends duotone",
"fas fa-user-edit": " User Edit solid",
"far fa-user-edit": " User Edit regular",
"fal fa-user-edit": " User Edit light",
"fab fa-user-edit": " User Edit duotone",
"fas fa-user-crown": " User Crown solid",
"far fa-user-crown": " User Crown regular",
"fal fa-user-crown": " User Crown light",
"fab fa-user-crown": " User Crown duotone",
"fal fa-user-cowboy": " User Cowboy light",
"far fa-user-cowboy": " User Cowboy regular",
"fas fa-user-cowboy": " User Cowboy solid",
"fab fa-user-cowboy": " User Cowboy duotone",
"fas fa-user-cog": " User Cog solid",
"far fa-user-cog": " User Cog regular",
"fal fa-user-cog": " User Cog light",
"fab fa-user-cog": " User Cog duotone",
"fas fa-user-clock": " User Clock solid",
"far fa-user-clock": " User Clock regular",
"fal fa-user-clock": " User Clock light",
"fab fa-user-clock": " User Clock duotone",
"fas fa-user-circle": " User Circle solid",
"far fa-user-circle": " User Circle regular",
"fal fa-user-circle": " User Circle light",
"fab fa-user-circle": " User Circle duotone",
"fas fa-user-check": " User Check solid",
"far fa-user-check": " User Check regular",
"fal fa-user-check": " User Check light",
"fab fa-user-check": " User Check duotone",
"fas fa-user-chart": " User Chart solid",
"far fa-user-chart": " User Chart regular",
"fal fa-user-chart": " User Chart light",
"fab fa-user-chart": " User Chart duotone",
"fas fa-user-astronaut": " User Astronaut solid",
"far fa-user-astronaut": " User Astronaut regular",
"fal fa-user-astronaut": " User Astronaut light",
"fab fa-user-astronaut": " User Astronaut duotone",
"fas fa-user-alt-slash": " Alternate User Slash solid",
"far fa-user-alt-slash": " Alternate User Slash regular",
"fal fa-user-alt-slash": " Alternate User Slash light",
"fab fa-user-alt-slash": " Alternate User Slash duotone",
"fas fa-user-alt": " Alternate User solid",
"far fa-user-alt": " Alternate User regular",
"fal fa-user-alt": " Alternate User light",
"fab fa-user-alt": " Alternate User duotone",
"fas fa-user": " User solid",
"far fa-user": " User regular",
"fal fa-user": " User light",
"fab fa-user": " User duotone",
"fas fa-usd-square": " US Dollar Square solid",
"far fa-usd-square": " US Dollar Square regular",
"fal fa-usd-square": " US Dollar Square light",
"fab fa-usd-square": " US Dollar Square duotone",
"fas fa-usd-circle": " US Dollar Circle solid",
"far fa-usd-circle": " US Dollar Circle regular",
"fal fa-usd-circle": " US Dollar Circle light",
"fab fa-usd-circle": " US Dollar Circle duotone",
"fas fa-usb-drive": " USB Drive solid",
"far fa-usb-drive": " USB Drive regular",
"fal fa-usb-drive": " USB Drive light",
"fab fa-usb-drive": " USB Drive duotone",
"fab fa-usb": " USB brands",
"fab fa-ups": " UPS brands",
"fas fa-upload": " Upload solid",
"far fa-upload": " Upload regular",
"fal fa-upload": " Upload light",
"fab fa-upload": " Upload duotone",
"fab fa-untappd": " Untappd brands",
"fas fa-unlock-alt": " Alternate Unlock solid",
"far fa-unlock-alt": " Alternate Unlock regular",
"fal fa-unlock-alt": " Alternate Unlock light",
"fab fa-unlock-alt": " Alternate Unlock duotone",
"fas fa-unlock": " unlock solid",
"far fa-unlock": " unlock regular",
"fal fa-unlock": " unlock light",
"fab fa-unlock": " unlock duotone",
"fas fa-unlink": " unlink solid",
"far fa-unlink": " unlink regular",
"fal fa-unlink": " unlink light",
"fab fa-unlink": " unlink duotone",
"fas fa-university": " University solid",
"far fa-university": " University regular",
"fal fa-university": " University light",
"fab fa-university": " University duotone",
"fas fa-universal-access": " Universal Access solid",
"far fa-universal-access": " Universal Access regular",
"fal fa-universal-access": " Universal Access light",
"fab fa-universal-access": " Universal Access duotone",
"fab fa-uniregistry": " Uniregistry brands",
"fas fa-union": " Union solid",
"far fa-union": " Union regular",
"fal fa-union": " Union light",
"fab fa-union": " Union duotone",
"fas fa-unicorn": " Unicorn solid",
"far fa-unicorn": " Unicorn regular",
"fal fa-unicorn": " Unicorn light",
"fab fa-unicorn": " Unicorn duotone",
"fas fa-undo-alt": " Alternate Undo solid",
"far fa-undo-alt": " Alternate Undo regular",
"fal fa-undo-alt": " Alternate Undo light",
"fab fa-undo-alt": " Alternate Undo duotone",
"fas fa-undo": " Undo solid",
"far fa-undo": " Undo regular",
"fal fa-undo": " Undo light",
"fab fa-undo": " Undo duotone",
"fas fa-underline": " Underline solid",
"far fa-underline": " Underline regular",
"fal fa-underline": " Underline light",
"fab fa-underline": " Underline duotone",
"fas fa-umbrella-beach": " Umbrella Beach solid",
"far fa-umbrella-beach": " Umbrella Beach regular",
"fal fa-umbrella-beach": " Umbrella Beach light",
"fab fa-umbrella-beach": " Umbrella Beach duotone",
"fas fa-umbrella": " Umbrella solid",
"far fa-umbrella": " Umbrella regular",
"fal fa-umbrella": " Umbrella light",
"fab fa-umbrella": " Umbrella duotone",
"fab fa-umbraco": " Umbraco brands",
"fab fa-uikit": " UIkit brands",
"fab fa-ubuntu": " Ubuntu brands",
"fab fa-uber": " Uber brands",
"fab fa-typo3": " Typo3 brands",
"fas fa-typewriter": " Typewriter solid",
"far fa-typewriter": " Typewriter regular",
"fal fa-typewriter": " Typewriter light",
"fab fa-typewriter": " Typewriter duotone",
"fab fa-twitter-square": " Twitter Square brands",
"fab fa-twitter": " Twitter brands",
"fab fa-twitch": " Twitch brands",
"fas fa-tv-retro": " Retro Televison solid",
"far fa-tv-retro": " Retro Televison regular",
"fal fa-tv-retro": " Retro Televison light",
"fab fa-tv-retro": " Retro Televison duotone",
"fas fa-tv-music": " TV Music solid",
"far fa-tv-music": " TV Music regular",
"fal fa-tv-music": " TV Music light",
"fab fa-tv-music": " TV Music duotone",
"fas fa-tv-alt": " Alternate Television solid",
"far fa-tv-alt": " Alternate Television regular",
"fal fa-tv-alt": " Alternate Television light",
"fab fa-tv-alt": " Alternate Television duotone",
"fas fa-tv": " Television solid",
"far fa-tv": " Television regular",
"fal fa-tv": " Television light",
"fab fa-tv": " Television duotone",
"fas fa-turtle": " Turtle solid",
"far fa-turtle": " Turtle regular",
"fal fa-turtle": " Turtle light",
"fab fa-turtle": " Turtle duotone",
"fas fa-turntable": " Turntable solid",
"far fa-turntable": " Turntable regular",
"fal fa-turntable": " Turntable light",
"fab fa-turntable": " Turntable duotone",
"fas fa-turkey": " Turkey solid",
"far fa-turkey": " Turkey regular",
"fal fa-turkey": " Turkey light",
"fab fa-turkey": " Turkey duotone",
"fab fa-tumblr-square": " Tumblr Square brands",
"fab fa-tumblr": " Tumblr brands",
"fas fa-tty": " TTY solid",
"far fa-tty": " TTY regular",
"fal fa-tty": " TTY light",
"fab fa-tty": " TTY duotone",
"fas fa-tshirt": " T-Shirt solid",
"far fa-tshirt": " T-Shirt regular",
"fal fa-tshirt": " T-Shirt light",
"fab fa-tshirt": " T-Shirt duotone",
"fas fa-trumpet": " Trumpet solid",
"far fa-trumpet": " Trumpet regular",
"fal fa-trumpet": " Trumpet light",
"fab fa-trumpet": " Trumpet duotone",
"fas fa-truck-ramp": " Truck Ramp solid",
"far fa-truck-ramp": " Truck Ramp regular",
"fal fa-truck-ramp": " Truck Ramp light",
"fab fa-truck-ramp": " Truck Ramp duotone",
"fas fa-truck-plow": " Truck Plow solid",
"far fa-truck-plow": " Truck Plow regular",
"fal fa-truck-plow": " Truck Plow light",
"fab fa-truck-plow": " Truck Plow duotone",
"fas fa-truck-pickup": " Truck Side solid",
"far fa-truck-pickup": " Truck Side regular",
"fal fa-truck-pickup": " Truck Side light",
"fab fa-truck-pickup": " Truck Side duotone",
"fas fa-truck-moving": " Truck Moving solid",
"far fa-truck-moving": " Truck Moving regular",
"fal fa-truck-moving": " Truck Moving light",
"fab fa-truck-moving": " Truck Moving duotone",
"fas fa-truck-monster": " Truck Monster solid",
"far fa-truck-monster": " Truck Monster regular",
"fal fa-truck-monster": " Truck Monster light",
"fab fa-truck-monster": " Truck Monster duotone",
"fas fa-truck-loading": " Truck Loading solid",
"far fa-truck-loading": " Truck Loading regular",
"fal fa-truck-loading": " Truck Loading light",
"fab fa-truck-loading": " Truck Loading duotone",
"fas fa-truck-couch": " Truck Couch solid",
"far fa-truck-couch": " Truck Couch regular",
"fal fa-truck-couch": " Truck Couch light",
"fab fa-truck-couch": " Truck Couch duotone",
"fas fa-truck-container": " Truck Container solid",
"far fa-truck-container": " Truck Container regular",
"fal fa-truck-container": " Truck Container light",
"fab fa-truck-container": " Truck Container duotone",
"fas fa-truck": " truck solid",
"far fa-truck": " truck regular",
"fal fa-truck": " truck light",
"fab fa-truck": " truck duotone",
"fas fa-trophy-alt": " Alternate Trophy solid",
"far fa-trophy-alt": " Alternate Trophy regular",
"fal fa-trophy-alt": " Alternate Trophy light",
"fab fa-trophy-alt": " Alternate Trophy duotone",
"fas fa-trophy": " trophy solid",
"far fa-trophy": " trophy regular",
"fal fa-trophy": " trophy light",
"fab fa-trophy": " trophy duotone",
"fab fa-tripadvisor": " TripAdvisor brands",
"fas fa-triangle-music": " Musical Triangle solid",
"far fa-triangle-music": " Musical Triangle regular",
"fal fa-triangle-music": " Musical Triangle light",
"fab fa-triangle-music": " Musical Triangle duotone",
"fas fa-triangle": " Triangle solid",
"far fa-triangle": " Triangle regular",
"fal fa-triangle": " Triangle light",
"fab fa-triangle": " Triangle duotone",
"fab fa-trello": " Trello brands",
"fas fa-trees": " Trees solid",
"far fa-trees": " Trees regular",
"fal fa-trees": " Trees light",
"fab fa-trees": " Trees duotone",
"fas fa-tree-palm": " Palm Tree solid",
"far fa-tree-palm": " Palm Tree regular",
"fal fa-tree-palm": " Palm Tree light",
"fab fa-tree-palm": " Palm Tree duotone",
"fas fa-tree-large": " Tree Large solid",
"far fa-tree-large": " Tree Large regular",
"fal fa-tree-large": " Tree Large light",
"fab fa-tree-large": " Tree Large duotone",
"fas fa-tree-decorated": " Tree Decorated solid",
"far fa-tree-decorated": " Tree Decorated regular",
"fal fa-tree-decorated": " Tree Decorated light",
"fab fa-tree-decorated": " Tree Decorated duotone",
"fas fa-tree-christmas": " Christmas Tree solid",
"far fa-tree-christmas": " Christmas Tree regular",
"fal fa-tree-christmas": " Christmas Tree light",
"fab fa-tree-christmas": " Christmas Tree duotone",
"fas fa-tree-alt": " Alternate Tree solid",
"far fa-tree-alt": " Alternate Tree regular",
"fal fa-tree-alt": " Alternate Tree light",
"fab fa-tree-alt": " Alternate Tree duotone",
"fas fa-tree": " Tree solid",
"far fa-tree": " Tree regular",
"fal fa-tree": " Tree light",
"fab fa-tree": " Tree duotone",
"fas fa-treasure-chest": " Treasure Chest solid",
"far fa-treasure-chest": " Treasure Chest regular",
"fal fa-treasure-chest": " Treasure Chest light",
"fab fa-treasure-chest": " Treasure Chest duotone",
"fas fa-trash-undo-alt": " Alternate Trash Undo solid",
"far fa-trash-undo-alt": " Alternate Trash Undo regular",
"fal fa-trash-undo-alt": " Alternate Trash Undo light",
"fab fa-trash-undo-alt": " Alternate Trash Undo duotone",
"fas fa-trash-undo": " Trash Undo solid",
"far fa-trash-undo": " Trash Undo regular",
"fal fa-trash-undo": " Trash Undo light",
"fab fa-trash-undo": " Trash Undo duotone",
"fas fa-trash-restore-alt": " Alternative Trash Restore solid",
"far fa-trash-restore-alt": " Alternative Trash Restore regular",
"fal fa-trash-restore-alt": " Alternative Trash Restore light",
"fab fa-trash-restore-alt": " Alternative Trash Restore duotone",
"fas fa-trash-restore": " Trash Restore solid",
"far fa-trash-restore": " Trash Restore regular",
"fal fa-trash-restore": " Trash Restore light",
"fab fa-trash-restore": " Trash Restore duotone",
"fas fa-trash-alt": " Alternate Trash solid",
"far fa-trash-alt": " Alternate Trash regular",
"fal fa-trash-alt": " Alternate Trash light",
"fab fa-trash-alt": " Alternate Trash duotone",
"fas fa-trash": " Trash solid",
"far fa-trash": " Trash regular",
"fal fa-trash": " Trash light",
"fab fa-trash": " Trash duotone",
"fas fa-transgender-alt": " Alternate Transgender solid",
"far fa-transgender-alt": " Alternate Transgender regular",
"fal fa-transgender-alt": " Alternate Transgender light",
"fab fa-transgender-alt": " Alternate Transgender duotone",
"fas fa-transgender": " Transgender solid",
"far fa-transgender": " Transgender regular",
"fal fa-transgender": " Transgender light",
"fab fa-transgender": " Transgender duotone",
"fas fa-tram": " Tram solid",
"far fa-tram": " Tram regular",
"fal fa-tram": " Tram light",
"fab fa-tram": " Tram duotone",
"fas fa-train": " Train solid",
"far fa-train": " Train regular",
"fal fa-train": " Train light",
"fab fa-train": " Train duotone",
"fas fa-traffic-light-stop": " Traffic Light-stop solid",
"far fa-traffic-light-stop": " Traffic Light-stop regular",
"fal fa-traffic-light-stop": " Traffic Light-stop light",
"fab fa-traffic-light-stop": " Traffic Light-stop duotone",
"fas fa-traffic-light-slow": " Traffic Light-slow solid",
"far fa-traffic-light-slow": " Traffic Light-slow regular",
"fal fa-traffic-light-slow": " Traffic Light-slow light",
"fab fa-traffic-light-slow": " Traffic Light-slow duotone",
"fas fa-traffic-light-go": " Traffic Light-go solid",
"far fa-traffic-light-go": " Traffic Light-go regular",
"fal fa-traffic-light-go": " Traffic Light-go light",
"fab fa-traffic-light-go": " Traffic Light-go duotone",
"fas fa-traffic-light": " Traffic Light solid",
"far fa-traffic-light": " Traffic Light regular",
"fal fa-traffic-light": " Traffic Light light",
"fab fa-traffic-light": " Traffic Light duotone",
"fas fa-traffic-cone": " Traffic Cone solid",
"far fa-traffic-cone": " Traffic Cone regular",
"fal fa-traffic-cone": " Traffic Cone light",
"fab fa-traffic-cone": " Traffic Cone duotone",
"fas fa-trademark": " Trademark solid",
"far fa-trademark": " Trademark regular",
"fal fa-trademark": " Trademark light",
"fab fa-trademark": " Trademark duotone",
"fab fa-trade-federation": " Trade Federation brands",
"fas fa-tractor": " Tractor solid",
"far fa-tractor": " Tractor regular",
"fal fa-tractor": " Tractor light",
"fab fa-tractor": " Tractor duotone",
"fas fa-tornado": " Tornado solid",
"far fa-tornado": " Tornado regular",
"fal fa-tornado": " Tornado light",
"fab fa-tornado": " Tornado duotone",
"fas fa-torii-gate": " Torii Gate solid",
"far fa-torii-gate": " Torii Gate regular",
"fal fa-torii-gate": " Torii Gate light",
"fab fa-torii-gate": " Torii Gate duotone",
"fas fa-torah": " Torah solid",
"far fa-torah": " Torah regular",
"fal fa-torah": " Torah light",
"fab fa-torah": " Torah duotone",
"fas fa-toothbrush": " Toothbrush solid",
"far fa-toothbrush": " Toothbrush regular",
"fal fa-toothbrush": " Toothbrush light",
"fab fa-toothbrush": " Toothbrush duotone",
"fas fa-tooth": " Tooth solid",
"far fa-tooth": " Tooth regular",
"fal fa-tooth": " Tooth light",
"fab fa-tooth": " Tooth duotone",
"fas fa-tools": " Tools solid",
"far fa-tools": " Tools regular",
"fal fa-tools": " Tools light",
"fab fa-tools": " Tools duotone",
"fas fa-toolbox": " Toolbox solid",
"far fa-toolbox": " Toolbox regular",
"fal fa-toolbox": " Toolbox light",
"fab fa-toolbox": " Toolbox duotone",
"fas fa-tombstone-alt": " Alternate Tombstone solid",
"far fa-tombstone-alt": " Alternate Tombstone regular",
"fal fa-tombstone-alt": " Alternate Tombstone light",
"fab fa-tombstone-alt": " Alternate Tombstone duotone",
"fas fa-tombstone": " Tombstone solid",
"far fa-tombstone": " Tombstone regular",
"fal fa-tombstone": " Tombstone light",
"fab fa-tombstone": " Tombstone duotone",
"fas fa-toilet-paper-alt": " Alternate Toilet Paper solid",
"far fa-toilet-paper-alt": " Alternate Toilet Paper regular",
"fal fa-toilet-paper-alt": " Alternate Toilet Paper light",
"fab fa-toilet-paper-alt": " Alternate Toilet Paper duotone",
"fas fa-toilet-paper": " Toilet Paper solid",
"far fa-toilet-paper": " Toilet Paper regular",
"fal fa-toilet-paper": " Toilet Paper light",
"fab fa-toilet-paper": " Toilet Paper duotone",
"fas fa-toilet": " Toilet solid",
"far fa-toilet": " Toilet regular",
"fal fa-toilet": " Toilet light",
"fab fa-toilet": " Toilet duotone",
"fas fa-toggle-on": " Toggle On solid",
"far fa-toggle-on": " Toggle On regular",
"fal fa-toggle-on": " Toggle On light",
"fab fa-toggle-on": " Toggle On duotone",
"fas fa-toggle-off": " Toggle Off solid",
"far fa-toggle-off": " Toggle Off regular",
"fal fa-toggle-off": " Toggle Off light",
"fab fa-toggle-off": " Toggle Off duotone",
"fas fa-tired": " Tired Face solid",
"far fa-tired": " Tired Face regular",
"fal fa-tired": " Tired Face light",
"fab fa-tired": " Tired Face duotone",
"fas fa-tire-rugged": " Tire Rugged solid",
"far fa-tire-rugged": " Tire Rugged regular",
"fal fa-tire-rugged": " Tire Rugged light",
"fab fa-tire-rugged": " Tire Rugged duotone",
"fas fa-tire-pressure-warning": " Tire Pressure-warning solid",
"far fa-tire-pressure-warning": " Tire Pressure-warning regular",
"fal fa-tire-pressure-warning": " Tire Pressure-warning light",
"fab fa-tire-pressure-warning": " Tire Pressure-warning duotone",
"fas fa-tire-flat": " Tire Flat solid",
"far fa-tire-flat": " Tire Flat regular",
"fal fa-tire-flat": " Tire Flat light",
"fab fa-tire-flat": " Tire Flat duotone",
"fas fa-tire": " Tire solid",
"far fa-tire": " Tire regular",
"fal fa-tire": " Tire light",
"fab fa-tire": " Tire duotone",
"fas fa-tint-slash": " Tint Slash solid",
"far fa-tint-slash": " Tint Slash regular",
"fal fa-tint-slash": " Tint Slash light",
"fab fa-tint-slash": " Tint Slash duotone",
"fas fa-tint": " tint solid",
"far fa-tint": " tint regular",
"fal fa-tint": " tint light",
"fab fa-tint": " tint duotone",
"fas fa-times-square": " Times Square solid",
"far fa-times-square": " Times Square regular",
"fal fa-times-square": " Times Square light",
"fab fa-times-square": " Times Square duotone",
"fas fa-times-octagon": " Times Octagon solid",
"far fa-times-octagon": " Times Octagon regular",
"fal fa-times-octagon": " Times Octagon light",
"fab fa-times-octagon": " Times Octagon duotone",
"fas fa-times-hexagon": " Times Hexagon solid",
"far fa-times-hexagon": " Times Hexagon regular",
"fal fa-times-hexagon": " Times Hexagon light",
"fab fa-times-hexagon": " Times Hexagon duotone",
"fas fa-times-circle": " Times Circle solid",
"far fa-times-circle": " Times Circle regular",
"fal fa-times-circle": " Times Circle light",
"fab fa-times-circle": " Times Circle duotone",
"fas fa-times": " Times solid",
"far fa-times": " Times regular",
"fal fa-times": " Times light",
"fab fa-times": " Times duotone",
"fas fa-tilde": " Tilde solid",
"far fa-tilde": " Tilde regular",
"fal fa-tilde": " Tilde light",
"fab fa-tilde": " Tilde duotone",
"fas fa-ticket-alt": " Alternate Ticket solid",
"far fa-ticket-alt": " Alternate Ticket regular",
"fal fa-ticket-alt": " Alternate Ticket light",
"fab fa-ticket-alt": " Alternate Ticket duotone",
"fas fa-ticket": " Ticket solid",
"far fa-ticket": " Ticket regular",
"fal fa-ticket": " Ticket light",
"fab fa-ticket": " Ticket duotone",
"fas fa-thunderstorm-sun": " Thunderstorm with Sun solid",
"far fa-thunderstorm-sun": " Thunderstorm with Sun regular",
"fal fa-thunderstorm-sun": " Thunderstorm with Sun light",
"fab fa-thunderstorm-sun": " Thunderstorm with Sun duotone",
"fas fa-thunderstorm-moon": " Thunderstorm with Moon solid",
"far fa-thunderstorm-moon": " Thunderstorm with Moon regular",
"fal fa-thunderstorm-moon": " Thunderstorm with Moon light",
"fab fa-thunderstorm-moon": " Thunderstorm with Moon duotone",
"fas fa-thunderstorm": " Thunderstorm solid",
"far fa-thunderstorm": " Thunderstorm regular",
"fal fa-thunderstorm": " Thunderstorm light",
"fab fa-thunderstorm": " Thunderstorm duotone",
"fas fa-thumbtack": " Thumbtack solid",
"far fa-thumbtack": " Thumbtack regular",
"fal fa-thumbtack": " Thumbtack light",
"fab fa-thumbtack": " Thumbtack duotone",
"fas fa-thumbs-up": " thumbs-up solid",
"far fa-thumbs-up": " thumbs-up regular",
"fal fa-thumbs-up": " thumbs-up light",
"fab fa-thumbs-up": " thumbs-up duotone",
"fas fa-thumbs-down": " thumbs-down solid",
"far fa-thumbs-down": " thumbs-down regular",
"fal fa-thumbs-down": " thumbs-down light",
"fab fa-thumbs-down": " thumbs-down duotone",
"fab fa-think-peaks": " Think Peaks brands",
"fas fa-theta": " Theta solid",
"far fa-theta": " Theta regular",
"fal fa-theta": " Theta light",
"fab fa-theta": " Theta duotone",
"fas fa-thermometer-three-quarters": " Thermometer 3\/4 Full solid",
"far fa-thermometer-three-quarters": " Thermometer 3\/4 Full regular",
"fal fa-thermometer-three-quarters": " Thermometer 3\/4 Full light",
"fab fa-thermometer-three-quarters": " Thermometer 3\/4 Full duotone",
"fas fa-thermometer-quarter": " Thermometer 1\/4 Full solid",
"far fa-thermometer-quarter": " Thermometer 1\/4 Full regular",
"fal fa-thermometer-quarter": " Thermometer 1\/4 Full light",
"fab fa-thermometer-quarter": " Thermometer 1\/4 Full duotone",
"fas fa-thermometer-half": " Thermometer 1\/2 Full solid",
"far fa-thermometer-half": " Thermometer 1\/2 Full regular",
"fal fa-thermometer-half": " Thermometer 1\/2 Full light",
"fab fa-thermometer-half": " Thermometer 1\/2 Full duotone",
"fas fa-thermometer-full": " Thermometer Full solid",
"far fa-thermometer-full": " Thermometer Full regular",
"fal fa-thermometer-full": " Thermometer Full light",
"fab fa-thermometer-full": " Thermometer Full duotone",
"fas fa-thermometer-empty": " Thermometer Empty solid",
"far fa-thermometer-empty": " Thermometer Empty regular",
"fal fa-thermometer-empty": " Thermometer Empty light",
"fab fa-thermometer-empty": " Thermometer Empty duotone",
"fas fa-thermometer": " Thermometer solid",
"far fa-thermometer": " Thermometer regular",
"fal fa-thermometer": " Thermometer light",
"fab fa-thermometer": " Thermometer duotone",
"fab fa-themeisle": " ThemeIsle brands",
"fab fa-themeco": " Themeco brands",
"fas fa-theater-masks": " Theater Masks solid",
"far fa-theater-masks": " Theater Masks regular",
"fal fa-theater-masks": " Theater Masks light",
"fab fa-theater-masks": " Theater Masks duotone",
"fab fa-the-red-yeti": " The Red Yeti brands",
"fas fa-th-list": " th-list solid",
"far fa-th-list": " th-list regular",
"fal fa-th-list": " th-list light",
"fab fa-th-list": " th-list duotone",
"fas fa-th-large": " th-large solid",
"far fa-th-large": " th-large regular",
"fal fa-th-large": " th-large light",
"fab fa-th-large": " th-large duotone",
"fas fa-th": " th solid",
"far fa-th": " th regular",
"fal fa-th": " th light",
"fab fa-th": " th duotone",
"fas fa-text-width": " Text Width solid",
"far fa-text-width": " Text Width regular",
"fal fa-text-width": " Text Width light",
"fab fa-text-width": " Text Width duotone",
"fas fa-text-size": " Text Size solid",
"far fa-text-size": " Text Size regular",
"fal fa-text-size": " Text Size light",
"fab fa-text-size": " Text Size duotone",
"fas fa-text-height": " text-height solid",
"far fa-text-height": " text-height regular",
"fal fa-text-height": " text-height light",
"fab fa-text-height": " text-height duotone",
"fas fa-text": " Text solid",
"far fa-text": " Text regular",
"fal fa-text": " Text light",
"fab fa-text": " Text duotone",
"fas fa-terminal": " Terminal solid",
"far fa-terminal": " Terminal regular",
"fal fa-terminal": " Terminal light",
"fab fa-terminal": " Terminal duotone",
"fas fa-tennis-ball": " Tennis Ball solid",
"far fa-tennis-ball": " Tennis Ball regular",
"fal fa-tennis-ball": " Tennis Ball light",
"fab fa-tennis-ball": " Tennis Ball duotone",
"fas fa-tenge": " Tenge solid",
"far fa-tenge": " Tenge regular",
"fal fa-tenge": " Tenge light",
"fab fa-tenge": " Tenge duotone",
"fab fa-tencent-weibo": " Tencent Weibo brands",
"fas fa-temperature-low": " Low Temperature solid",
"far fa-temperature-low": " Low Temperature regular",
"fal fa-temperature-low": " Low Temperature light",
"fab fa-temperature-low": " Low Temperature duotone",
"fas fa-temperature-hot": " Temperature Hot solid",
"far fa-temperature-hot": " Temperature Hot regular",
"fal fa-temperature-hot": " Temperature Hot light",
"fab fa-temperature-hot": " Temperature Hot duotone",
"fas fa-temperature-high": " High Temperature solid",
"far fa-temperature-high": " High Temperature regular",
"fal fa-temperature-high": " High Temperature light",
"fab fa-temperature-high": " High Temperature duotone",
"fas fa-temperature-frigid": " Temperature Frigid solid",
"far fa-temperature-frigid": " Temperature Frigid regular",
"fal fa-temperature-frigid": " Temperature Frigid light",
"fab fa-temperature-frigid": " Temperature Frigid duotone",
"fab fa-telegram-plane": " Telegram Plane brands",
"fab fa-telegram": " Telegram brands",
"fas fa-teeth-open": " Teeth Open solid",
"far fa-teeth-open": " Teeth Open regular",
"fal fa-teeth-open": " Teeth Open light",
"fab fa-teeth-open": " Teeth Open duotone",
"fas fa-teeth": " Teeth solid",
"far fa-teeth": " Teeth regular",
"fal fa-teeth": " Teeth light",
"fab fa-teeth": " Teeth duotone",
"fab fa-teamspeak": " TeamSpeak brands",
"fas fa-taxi": " Taxi solid",
"far fa-taxi": " Taxi regular",
"fal fa-taxi": " Taxi light",
"fab fa-taxi": " Taxi duotone",
"fas fa-tasks-alt": " Alternate Tasks solid",
"far fa-tasks-alt": " Alternate Tasks regular",
"fal fa-tasks-alt": " Alternate Tasks light",
"fab fa-tasks-alt": " Alternate Tasks duotone",
"fas fa-tasks": " Tasks solid",
"far fa-tasks": " Tasks regular",
"fal fa-tasks": " Tasks light",
"fab fa-tasks": " Tasks duotone",
"fas fa-tape": " Tape solid",
"far fa-tape": " Tape regular",
"fal fa-tape": " Tape light",
"fab fa-tape": " Tape duotone",
"fas fa-tanakh": " Tanakh solid",
"far fa-tanakh": " Tanakh regular",
"fal fa-tanakh": " Tanakh light",
"fab fa-tanakh": " Tanakh duotone",
"fas fa-tally": " Tally solid",
"far fa-tally": " Tally regular",
"fal fa-tally": " Tally light",
"fab fa-tally": " Tally duotone",
"fas fa-tags": " tags solid",
"far fa-tags": " tags regular",
"fal fa-tags": " tags light",
"fab fa-tags": " tags duotone",
"fas fa-tag": " tag solid",
"far fa-tag": " tag regular",
"fal fa-tag": " tag light",
"fab fa-tag": " tag duotone",
"fas fa-taco": " Taco solid",
"far fa-taco": " Taco regular",
"fal fa-taco": " Taco light",
"fab fa-taco": " Taco duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer-slowest": " Tachometer Slowest solid",
"far fa-tachometer-slowest": " Tachometer Slowest regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-slowest": " Tachometer Slowest light",
"fab fa-tachometer-slowest": " Tachometer Slowest duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer-slow": " Tachometer Slow solid",
"far fa-tachometer-slow": " Tachometer Slow regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-slow": " Tachometer Slow light",
"fab fa-tachometer-slow": " Tachometer Slow duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer-fastest": " Tachometer Fastest solid",
"far fa-tachometer-fastest": " Tachometer Fastest regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-fastest": " Tachometer Fastest light",
"fab fa-tachometer-fastest": " Tachometer Fastest duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer-fast": " Tachometer Fast solid",
"far fa-tachometer-fast": " Tachometer Fast regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-fast": " Tachometer Fast light",
"fab fa-tachometer-fast": " Tachometer Fast duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer-average": " Tachometer Average solid",
"far fa-tachometer-average": " Tachometer Average regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-average": " Tachometer Average light",
"fab fa-tachometer-average": " Tachometer Average duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer-alt-slowest": " Alternate Tachometer Slowest solid",
"far fa-tachometer-alt-slowest": " Alternate Tachometer Slowest regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-alt-slowest": " Alternate Tachometer Slowest light",
"fab fa-tachometer-alt-slowest": " Alternate Tachometer Slowest duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer-alt-slow": " Alternate Tachometer Slow solid",
"far fa-tachometer-alt-slow": " Alternate Tachometer Slow regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-alt-slow": " Alternate Tachometer Slow light",
"fab fa-tachometer-alt-slow": " Alternate Tachometer Slow duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer-alt-fastest": " Alternate Tachometer Fastest solid",
"far fa-tachometer-alt-fastest": " Alternate Tachometer Fastest regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-alt-fastest": " Alternate Tachometer Fastest light",
"fab fa-tachometer-alt-fastest": " Alternate Tachometer Fastest duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer-alt-fast": " Alternate Tachometer Fast solid",
"far fa-tachometer-alt-fast": " Alternate Tachometer Fast regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-alt-fast": " Alternate Tachometer Fast light",
"fab fa-tachometer-alt-fast": " Alternate Tachometer Fast duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer-alt-average": " Alternate Tachometer Average solid",
"far fa-tachometer-alt-average": " Alternate Tachometer Average regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-alt-average": " Alternate Tachometer Average light",
"fab fa-tachometer-alt-average": " Alternate Tachometer Average duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer-alt": " Alternate Tachometer solid",
"far fa-tachometer-alt": " Alternate Tachometer regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-alt": " Alternate Tachometer light",
"fab fa-tachometer-alt": " Alternate Tachometer duotone",
"fas fa-tachometer": " Tachometer solid",
"far fa-tachometer": " Tachometer regular",
"fal fa-tachometer": " Tachometer light",
"fab fa-tachometer": " Tachometer duotone",
"fas fa-tablets": " Tablets solid",
"far fa-tablets": " Tablets regular",
"fal fa-tablets": " Tablets light",
"fab fa-tablets": " Tablets duotone",
"fas fa-tablet-rugged": " Rugged Tablet solid",
"far fa-tablet-rugged": " Rugged Tablet regular",
"fal fa-tablet-rugged": " Rugged Tablet light",
"fab fa-tablet-rugged": " Rugged Tablet duotone",
"fas fa-tablet-android-alt": " Alternate Tablet Android solid",
"far fa-tablet-android-alt": " Alternate Tablet Android regular",
"fal fa-tablet-android-alt": " Alternate Tablet Android light",
"fab fa-tablet-android-alt": " Alternate Tablet Android duotone",
"fas fa-tablet-android": " Tablet Android solid",
"far fa-tablet-android": " Tablet Android regular",
"fal fa-tablet-android": " Tablet Android light",
"fab fa-tablet-android": " Tablet Android duotone",
"fas fa-tablet-alt": " Alternate Tablet solid",
"far fa-tablet-alt": " Alternate Tablet regular",
"fal fa-tablet-alt": " Alternate Tablet light",
"fab fa-tablet-alt": " Alternate Tablet duotone",
"fas fa-tablet": " tablet solid",
"far fa-tablet": " tablet regular",
"fal fa-tablet": " tablet light",
"fab fa-tablet": " tablet duotone",
"fas fa-table-tennis": " Table Tennis solid",
"far fa-table-tennis": " Table Tennis regular",
"fal fa-table-tennis": " Table Tennis light",
"fab fa-table-tennis": " Table Tennis duotone",
"fas fa-table": " table solid",
"far fa-table": " table regular",
"fal fa-table": " table light",
"fab fa-table": " table duotone",
"fas fa-syringe": " Syringe solid",
"far fa-syringe": " Syringe regular",
"fal fa-syringe": " Syringe light",
"fab fa-syringe": " Syringe duotone",
"fas fa-sync-alt": " Alternate Sync solid",
"far fa-sync-alt": " Alternate Sync regular",
"fal fa-sync-alt": " Alternate Sync light",
"fab fa-sync-alt": " Alternate Sync duotone",
"fas fa-sync": " Sync solid",
"far fa-sync": " Sync regular",
"fal fa-sync": " Sync light",
"fab fa-sync": " Sync duotone",
"fas fa-synagogue": " Synagogue solid",
"far fa-synagogue": " Synagogue regular",
"fal fa-synagogue": " Synagogue light",
"fab fa-synagogue": " Synagogue duotone",
"fab fa-symfony": " Symfony brands",
"fas fa-swords": " Swords solid",
"far fa-swords": " Swords regular",
"fal fa-swords": " Swords light",
"fab fa-swords": " Swords duotone",
"fas fa-sword": " Sword solid",
"far fa-sword": " Sword regular",
"fal fa-sword": " Sword light",
"fab fa-sword": " Sword duotone",
"fas fa-swimming-pool": " Swimming Pool solid",
"far fa-swimming-pool": " Swimming Pool regular",
"fal fa-swimming-pool": " Swimming Pool light",
"fab fa-swimming-pool": " Swimming Pool duotone",
"fas fa-swimmer": " Swimmer solid",
"far fa-swimmer": " Swimmer regular",
"fal fa-swimmer": " Swimmer light",
"fab fa-swimmer": " Swimmer duotone",
"fab fa-swift": " Swift brands",
"fas fa-swatchbook": " Swatchbook solid",
"far fa-swatchbook": " Swatchbook regular",
"fal fa-swatchbook": " Swatchbook light",
"fab fa-swatchbook": " Swatchbook duotone",
"fab fa-suse": " Suse brands",
"fas fa-surprise": " Hushed Face solid",
"far fa-surprise": " Hushed Face regular",
"fal fa-surprise": " Hushed Face light",
"fab fa-surprise": " Hushed Face duotone",
"fab fa-supple": " Supple brands",
"fas fa-superscript": " superscript solid",
"far fa-superscript": " superscript regular",
"fal fa-superscript": " superscript light",
"fab fa-superscript": " superscript duotone",
"fab fa-superpowers": " Superpowers brands",
"fas fa-sunset": " Sunset solid",
"far fa-sunset": " Sunset regular",
"fal fa-sunset": " Sunset light",
"fab fa-sunset": " Sunset duotone",
"fas fa-sunrise": " Sunrise solid",
"far fa-sunrise": " Sunrise regular",
"fal fa-sunrise": " Sunrise light",
"fab fa-sunrise": " Sunrise duotone",
"fas fa-sunglasses": " Sunglasses solid",
"far fa-sunglasses": " Sunglasses regular",
"fal fa-sunglasses": " Sunglasses light",
"fab fa-sunglasses": " Sunglasses duotone",
"fas fa-sun-haze": " Sun Haze solid",
"far fa-sun-haze": " Sun Haze regular",
"fal fa-sun-haze": " Sun Haze light",
"fab fa-sun-haze": " Sun Haze duotone",
"fas fa-sun-dust": " Sun Dust solid",
"far fa-sun-dust": " Sun Dust regular",
"fal fa-sun-dust": " Sun Dust light",
"fab fa-sun-dust": " Sun Dust duotone",
"fas fa-sun-cloud": " Sun with Cloud solid",
"far fa-sun-cloud": " Sun with Cloud regular",
"fal fa-sun-cloud": " Sun with Cloud light",
"fab fa-sun-cloud": " Sun with Cloud duotone",
"fas fa-sun": " Sun solid",
"far fa-sun": " Sun regular",
"fal fa-sun": " Sun light",
"fab fa-sun": " Sun duotone",
"fas fa-suitcase-rolling": " Suitcase Rolling solid",
"far fa-suitcase-rolling": " Suitcase Rolling regular",
"fal fa-suitcase-rolling": " Suitcase Rolling light",
"fab fa-suitcase-rolling": " Suitcase Rolling duotone",
"fas fa-suitcase": " Suitcase solid",
"far fa-suitcase": " Suitcase regular",
"fal fa-suitcase": " Suitcase light",
"fab fa-suitcase": " Suitcase duotone",
"fas fa-subway": " Subway solid",
"far fa-subway": " Subway regular",
"fal fa-subway": " Subway light",
"fab fa-subway": " Subway duotone",
"fas fa-subscript": " subscript solid",
"far fa-subscript": " subscript regular",
"fal fa-subscript": " subscript light",
"fab fa-subscript": " subscript duotone",
"fab fa-stumbleupon-circle": " StumbleUpon Circle brands",
"fab fa-stumbleupon": " StumbleUpon Logo brands",
"fab fa-studiovinari": " Studio Vinari brands",
"fas fa-stroopwafel": " Stroopwafel solid",
"far fa-stroopwafel": " Stroopwafel regular",
"fal fa-stroopwafel": " Stroopwafel light",
"fab fa-stroopwafel": " Stroopwafel duotone",
"fab fa-stripe-s": " Stripe S brands",
"fab fa-stripe": " Stripe brands",
"fas fa-strikethrough": " Strikethrough solid",
"far fa-strikethrough": " Strikethrough regular",
"fal fa-strikethrough": " Strikethrough light",
"fab fa-strikethrough": " Strikethrough duotone",
"fas fa-stretcher": " Stretcher solid",
"far fa-stretcher": " Stretcher regular",
"fal fa-stretcher": " Stretcher light",
"fab fa-stretcher": " Stretcher duotone",
"fas fa-street-view": " Street View solid",
"far fa-street-view": " Street View regular",
"fal fa-street-view": " Street View light",
"fab fa-street-view": " Street View duotone",
"fas fa-stream": " Stream solid",
"far fa-stream": " Stream regular",
"fal fa-stream": " Stream light",
"fab fa-stream": " Stream duotone",
"fab fa-strava": " Strava brands",
"fas fa-store-alt": " Alternate Store solid",
"far fa-store-alt": " Alternate Store regular",
"fal fa-store-alt": " Alternate Store light",
"fab fa-store-alt": " Alternate Store duotone",
"fas fa-store": " Store solid",
"far fa-store": " Store regular",
"fal fa-store": " Store light",
"fab fa-store": " Store duotone",
"fas fa-stopwatch": " Stopwatch solid",
"far fa-stopwatch": " Stopwatch regular",
"fal fa-stopwatch": " Stopwatch light",
"fab fa-stopwatch": " Stopwatch duotone",
"fas fa-stop-circle": " Stop Circle solid",
"far fa-stop-circle": " Stop Circle regular",
"fal fa-stop-circle": " Stop Circle light",
"fab fa-stop-circle": " Stop Circle duotone",
"fas fa-stop": " stop solid",
"far fa-stop": " stop regular",
"fal fa-stop": " stop light",
"fab fa-stop": " stop duotone",
"fas fa-stomach": " Stomach solid",
"far fa-stomach": " Stomach regular",
"fal fa-stomach": " Stomach light",
"fab fa-stomach": " Stomach duotone",
"fas fa-stocking": " Stocking solid",
"far fa-stocking": " Stocking regular",
"fal fa-stocking": " Stocking light",
"fab fa-stocking": " Stocking duotone",
"fas fa-sticky-note": " Sticky Note solid",
"far fa-sticky-note": " Sticky Note regular",
"fal fa-sticky-note": " Sticky Note light",
"fab fa-sticky-note": " Sticky Note duotone",
"fab fa-sticker-mule": " Sticker Mule brands",
"fas fa-stethoscope": " Stethoscope solid",
"far fa-stethoscope": " Stethoscope regular",
"fal fa-stethoscope": " Stethoscope light",
"fab fa-stethoscope": " Stethoscope duotone",
"fas fa-step-forward": " step-forward solid",
"far fa-step-forward": " step-forward regular",
"fal fa-step-forward": " step-forward light",
"fab fa-step-forward": " step-forward duotone",
"fas fa-step-backward": " step-backward solid",
"far fa-step-backward": " step-backward regular",
"fal fa-step-backward": " step-backward light",
"fab fa-step-backward": " step-backward duotone",
"fas fa-steering-wheel": " Wheel Steering solid",
"far fa-steering-wheel": " Wheel Steering regular",
"fal fa-steering-wheel": " Wheel Steering light",
"fab fa-steering-wheel": " Wheel Steering duotone",
"fab fa-steam-symbol": " Steam Symbol brands",
"fab fa-steam-square": " Steam Square brands",
"fab fa-steam": " Steam brands",
"fas fa-steak": " Steak solid",
"far fa-steak": " Steak regular",
"fal fa-steak": " Steak light",
"fab fa-steak": " Steak duotone",
"fab fa-staylinked": " StayLinked brands",
"fas fa-stars": " Stars solid",
"far fa-stars": " Stars regular",
"fal fa-stars": " Stars light",
"fab fa-stars": " Stars duotone",
"fas fa-star-of-life": " Star of Life solid",
"far fa-star-of-life": " Star of Life regular",
"fal fa-star-of-life": " Star of Life light",
"fab fa-star-of-life": " Star of Life duotone",
"fas fa-star-of-david": " Star of David solid",
"far fa-star-of-david": " Star of David regular",
"fal fa-star-of-david": " Star of David light",
"fab fa-star-of-david": " Star of David duotone",
"fas fa-star-half-alt": " Alternate Star Half solid",
"far fa-star-half-alt": " Alternate Star Half regular",
"fal fa-star-half-alt": " Alternate Star Half light",
"fab fa-star-half-alt": " Alternate Star Half duotone",
"fas fa-star-half": " star-half solid",
"far fa-star-half": " star-half regular",
"fal fa-star-half": " star-half light",
"fab fa-star-half": " star-half duotone",
"fas fa-star-exclamation": " Exclamation Star solid",
"far fa-star-exclamation": " Exclamation Star regular",
"fal fa-star-exclamation": " Exclamation Star light",
"fab fa-star-exclamation": " Exclamation Star duotone",
"fas fa-star-christmas": " Christmas Star solid",
"far fa-star-christmas": " Christmas Star regular",
"fal fa-star-christmas": " Christmas Star light",
"fab fa-star-christmas": " Christmas Star duotone",
"fas fa-star-and-crescent": " Star and Crescent solid",
"far fa-star-and-crescent": " Star and Crescent regular",
"fal fa-star-and-crescent": " Star and Crescent light",
"fab fa-star-and-crescent": " Star and Crescent duotone",
"fas fa-star": " Star solid",
"far fa-star": " Star regular",
"fal fa-star": " Star light",
"fab fa-star": " Star duotone",
"fas fa-stamp": " Stamp solid",
"far fa-stamp": " Stamp regular",
"fal fa-stamp": " Stamp light",
"fab fa-stamp": " Stamp duotone",
"fas fa-staff": " Staff solid",
"far fa-staff": " Staff regular",
"fal fa-staff": " Staff light",
"fab fa-staff": " Staff duotone",
"fab fa-stackpath": " Stackpath brands",
"fab fa-stack-overflow": " Stack Overflow brands",
"fab fa-stack-exchange": " Stack Exchange brands",
"fas fa-squirrel": " Squirrel solid",
"far fa-squirrel": " Squirrel regular",
"fal fa-squirrel": " Squirrel light",
"fab fa-squirrel": " Squirrel duotone",
"fab fa-squarespace": " Squarespace brands",
"fas fa-square-root-alt": " Alternate Square Root solid",
"far fa-square-root-alt": " Alternate Square Root regular",
"fal fa-square-root-alt": " Alternate Square Root light",
"fab fa-square-root-alt": " Alternate Square Root duotone",
"fas fa-square-root": " Square Root solid",
"far fa-square-root": " Square Root regular",
"fal fa-square-root": " Square Root light",
"fab fa-square-root": " Square Root duotone",
"fas fa-square-full": " Square Full solid",
"far fa-square-full": " Square Full regular",
"fal fa-square-full": " Square Full light",
"fab fa-square-full": " Square Full duotone",
"fas fa-square": " Square solid",
"far fa-square": " Square regular",
"fal fa-square": " Square light",
"fab fa-square": " Square duotone",
"fas fa-spray-can": " Spray Can solid",
"far fa-spray-can": " Spray Can regular",
"fal fa-spray-can": " Spray Can light",
"fab fa-spray-can": " Spray Can duotone",
"fab fa-spotify": " Spotify brands",
"fas fa-splotch": " Splotch solid",
"far fa-splotch": " Splotch regular",
"fal fa-splotch": " Splotch light",
"fab fa-splotch": " Splotch duotone",
"fas fa-spinner-third": " Spinner Third solid",
"far fa-spinner-third": " Spinner Third regular",
"fal fa-spinner-third": " Spinner Third light",
"fab fa-spinner-third": " Spinner Third duotone",
"fas fa-spinner": " Spinner solid",
"far fa-spinner": " Spinner regular",
"fal fa-spinner": " Spinner light",
"fab fa-spinner": " Spinner duotone",
"fas fa-spider-web": " Spider Web solid",
"far fa-spider-web": " Spider Web regular",
"fal fa-spider-web": " Spider Web light",
"fab fa-spider-web": " Spider Web duotone",
"fas fa-spider-black-widow": " Black Widow Spider solid",
"far fa-spider-black-widow": " Black Widow Spider regular",
"fal fa-spider-black-widow": " Black Widow Spider light",
"fab fa-spider-black-widow": " Black Widow Spider duotone",
"fas fa-spider": " Spider solid",
"far fa-spider": " Spider regular",
"fal fa-spider": " Spider light",
"fab fa-spider": " Spider duotone",
"fas fa-spell-check": " Spell Check solid",
"far fa-spell-check": " Spell Check regular",
"fal fa-spell-check": " Spell Check light",
"fab fa-spell-check": " Spell Check duotone",
"fas fa-speakers": " Speakers solid",
"far fa-speakers": " Speakers regular",
"fal fa-speakers": " Speakers light",
"fab fa-speakers": " Speakers duotone",
"fab fa-speaker-deck": " Speaker Deck brands",
"fas fa-speaker": " Speaker solid",
"far fa-speaker": " Speaker regular",
"fal fa-speaker": " Speaker light",
"fab fa-speaker": " Speaker duotone",
"fab fa-speakap": " Speakap brands",
"fas fa-sparkles": " Sparkles solid",
"far fa-sparkles": " Sparkles regular",
"fal fa-sparkles": " Sparkles light",
"fab fa-sparkles": " Sparkles duotone",
"fas fa-spade": " Spade solid",
"far fa-spade": " Spade regular",
"fal fa-spade": " Spade light",
"fab fa-spade": " Spade duotone",
"fas fa-space-shuttle": " Space Shuttle solid",
"far fa-space-shuttle": " Space Shuttle regular",
"fal fa-space-shuttle": " Space Shuttle light",
"fab fa-space-shuttle": " Space Shuttle duotone",
"fas fa-spa": " Spa solid",
"far fa-spa": " Spa regular",
"fal fa-spa": " Spa light",
"fab fa-spa": " Spa duotone",
"fab fa-sourcetree": " Sourcetree brands",
"fas fa-soup": " Soup solid",
"far fa-soup": " Soup regular",
"fal fa-soup": " Soup light",
"fab fa-soup": " Soup duotone",
"fab fa-soundcloud": " SoundCloud brands",
"fas fa-sort-up": " Sort Up (Ascending) solid",
"far fa-sort-up": " Sort Up (Ascending) regular",
"fal fa-sort-up": " Sort Up (Ascending) light",
"fab fa-sort-up": " Sort Up (Ascending) duotone",
"fas fa-sort-size-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Size Up solid",
"far fa-sort-size-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Size Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-size-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Size Up light",
"fab fa-sort-size-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Size Up duotone",
"fas fa-sort-size-up": " Sort Size Up solid",
"far fa-sort-size-up": " Sort Size Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-size-up": " Sort Size Up light",
"fab fa-sort-size-up": " Sort Size Up duotone",
"fas fa-sort-size-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Size Down solid",
"far fa-sort-size-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Size Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-size-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Size Down light",
"fab fa-sort-size-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Size Down duotone",
"fas fa-sort-size-down": " Sort Size Down solid",
"far fa-sort-size-down": " Sort Size Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-size-down": " Sort Size Down light",
"fab fa-sort-size-down": " Sort Size Down duotone",
"fas fa-sort-shapes-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Shapes Up solid",
"far fa-sort-shapes-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Shapes Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-shapes-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Shapes Up light",
"fab fa-sort-shapes-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Shapes Up duotone",
"fas fa-sort-shapes-up": " Sort Shapes Up solid",
"far fa-sort-shapes-up": " Sort Shapes Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-shapes-up": " Sort Shapes Up light",
"fab fa-sort-shapes-up": " Sort Shapes Up duotone",
"fas fa-sort-shapes-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Shapes Down solid",
"far fa-sort-shapes-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Shapes Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-shapes-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Shapes Down light",
"fab fa-sort-shapes-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Shapes Down duotone",
"fas fa-sort-shapes-down": " Sort Shapes Down solid",
"far fa-sort-shapes-down": " Sort Shapes Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-shapes-down": " Sort Shapes Down light",
"fab fa-sort-shapes-down": " Sort Shapes Down duotone",
"fas fa-sort-numeric-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Numeric Up solid",
"far fa-sort-numeric-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Numeric Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-numeric-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Numeric Up light",
"fab fa-sort-numeric-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Numeric Up duotone",
"fas fa-sort-numeric-up": " Sort Numeric Up solid",
"far fa-sort-numeric-up": " Sort Numeric Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-numeric-up": " Sort Numeric Up light",
"fab fa-sort-numeric-up": " Sort Numeric Up duotone",
"fas fa-sort-numeric-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Numeric Down solid",
"far fa-sort-numeric-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Numeric Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-numeric-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Numeric Down light",
"fab fa-sort-numeric-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Numeric Down duotone",
"fas fa-sort-numeric-down": " Sort Numeric Down solid",
"far fa-sort-numeric-down": " Sort Numeric Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-numeric-down": " Sort Numeric Down light",
"fab fa-sort-numeric-down": " Sort Numeric Down duotone",
"fas fa-sort-down": " Sort Down (Descending) solid",
"far fa-sort-down": " Sort Down (Descending) regular",
"fal fa-sort-down": " Sort Down (Descending) light",
"fab fa-sort-down": " Sort Down (Descending) duotone",
"fas fa-sort-amount-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Amount Up solid",
"far fa-sort-amount-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Amount Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-amount-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Amount Up light",
"fab fa-sort-amount-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Amount Up duotone",
"fas fa-sort-amount-up": " Sort Amount Up solid",
"far fa-sort-amount-up": " Sort Amount Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-amount-up": " Sort Amount Up light",
"fab fa-sort-amount-up": " Sort Amount Up duotone",
"fas fa-sort-amount-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Amount Down solid",
"far fa-sort-amount-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Amount Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-amount-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Amount Down light",
"fab fa-sort-amount-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Amount Down duotone",
"fas fa-sort-amount-down": " Sort Amount Down solid",
"far fa-sort-amount-down": " Sort Amount Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-amount-down": " Sort Amount Down light",
"fab fa-sort-amount-down": " Sort Amount Down duotone",
"fas fa-sort-alt": " Alternate Sort solid",
"far fa-sort-alt": " Alternate Sort regular",
"fal fa-sort-alt": " Alternate Sort light",
"fab fa-sort-alt": " Alternate Sort duotone",
"fas fa-sort-alpha-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Alphabetical Up solid",
"far fa-sort-alpha-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Alphabetical Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-alpha-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Alphabetical Up light",
"fab fa-sort-alpha-up-alt": " Alternate Sort Alphabetical Up duotone",
"fas fa-sort-alpha-up": " Sort Alphabetical Up solid",
"far fa-sort-alpha-up": " Sort Alphabetical Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-alpha-up": " Sort Alphabetical Up light",
"fab fa-sort-alpha-up": " Sort Alphabetical Up duotone",
"fas fa-sort-alpha-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Alphabetical Down solid",
"far fa-sort-alpha-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Alphabetical Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-alpha-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Alphabetical Down light",
"fab fa-sort-alpha-down-alt": " Alternate Sort Alphabetical Down duotone",
"fas fa-sort-alpha-down": " Sort Alphabetical Down solid",
"far fa-sort-alpha-down": " Sort Alphabetical Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-alpha-down": " Sort Alphabetical Down light",
"fab fa-sort-alpha-down": " Sort Alphabetical Down duotone",
"fas fa-sort": " Sort solid",
"far fa-sort": " Sort regular",
"fal fa-sort": " Sort light",
"fab fa-sort": " Sort duotone",
"fas fa-solar-panel": " Solar Panel solid",
"far fa-solar-panel": " Solar Panel regular",
"fal fa-solar-panel": " Solar Panel light",
"fab fa-solar-panel": " Solar Panel duotone",
"fas fa-socks": " Socks solid",
"far fa-socks": " Socks regular",
"fal fa-socks": " Socks light",
"fab fa-socks": " Socks duotone",
"fas fa-snowplow": " Snowplow solid",
"far fa-snowplow": " Snowplow regular",
"fal fa-snowplow": " Snowplow light",
"fab fa-snowplow": " Snowplow duotone",
"fas fa-snowmobile": " Snowmobile solid",
"far fa-snowmobile": " Snowmobile regular",
"fal fa-snowmobile": " Snowmobile light",
"fab fa-snowmobile": " Snowmobile duotone",
"fas fa-snowman": " Snowman solid",
"far fa-snowman": " Snowman regular",
"fal fa-snowman": " Snowman light",
"fab fa-snowman": " Snowman duotone",
"fas fa-snowflakes": " Snowflakes solid",
"far fa-snowflakes": " Snowflakes regular",
"fal fa-snowflakes": " Snowflakes light",
"fab fa-snowflakes": " Snowflakes duotone",
"fas fa-snowflake": " Snowflake solid",
"far fa-snowflake": " Snowflake regular",
"fal fa-snowflake": " Snowflake light",
"fab fa-snowflake": " Snowflake duotone",
"fas fa-snowboarding": " Snowboarding solid",
"far fa-snowboarding": " Snowboarding regular",
"fal fa-snowboarding": " Snowboarding light",
"fab fa-snowboarding": " Snowboarding duotone",
"fas fa-snow-blowing": " Snow Blowing solid",
"far fa-snow-blowing": " Snow Blowing regular",
"fal fa-snow-blowing": " Snow Blowing light",
"fab fa-snow-blowing": " Snow Blowing duotone",
"fas fa-snooze": " Snooze solid",
"far fa-snooze": " Snooze regular",
"fal fa-snooze": " Snooze light",
"fab fa-snooze": " Snooze duotone",
"fab fa-snapchat-square": " Snapchat Square brands",
"fab fa-snapchat-ghost": " Snapchat Ghost brands",
"fab fa-snapchat": " Snapchat brands",
"fas fa-snake": " Snake solid",
"far fa-snake": " Snake regular",
"fal fa-snake": " Snake light",
"fab fa-snake": " Snake duotone",
"fas fa-sms": " SMS solid",
"far fa-sms": " SMS regular",
"fal fa-sms": " SMS light",
"fab fa-sms": " SMS duotone",
"fas fa-smoking-ban": " Smoking Ban solid",
"far fa-smoking-ban": " Smoking Ban regular",
"fal fa-smoking-ban": " Smoking Ban light",
"fab fa-smoking-ban": " Smoking Ban duotone",
"fas fa-smoking": " Smoking solid",
"far fa-smoking": " Smoking regular",
"fal fa-smoking": " Smoking light",
"fab fa-smoking": " Smoking duotone",
"fas fa-smoke": " Smoke solid",
"far fa-smoke": " Smoke regular",
"fal fa-smoke": " Smoke light",
"fab fa-smoke": " Smoke duotone",
"fas fa-smog": " Smog solid",
"far fa-smog": " Smog regular",
"fal fa-smog": " Smog light",
"fab fa-smog": " Smog duotone",
"fas fa-smile-wink": " Winking Face solid",
"far fa-smile-wink": " Winking Face regular",
"fal fa-smile-wink": " Winking Face light",
"fab fa-smile-wink": " Winking Face duotone",
"fas fa-smile-plus": " Smiling Face Plus solid",
"far fa-smile-plus": " Smiling Face Plus regular",
"fal fa-smile-plus": " Smiling Face Plus light",
"fab fa-smile-plus": " Smiling Face Plus duotone",
"fas fa-smile-beam": " Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes solid",
"far fa-smile-beam": " Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes regular",
"fal fa-smile-beam": " Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes light",
"fab fa-smile-beam": " Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes duotone",
"fas fa-smile": " Smiling Face solid",
"far fa-smile": " Smiling Face regular",
"fal fa-smile": " Smiling Face light",
"fab fa-smile": " Smiling Face duotone",
"fab fa-slideshare": " Slideshare brands",
"fas fa-sliders-v-square": " Square Vertical Sliders solid",
"far fa-sliders-v-square": " Square Vertical Sliders regular",
"fal fa-sliders-v-square": " Square Vertical Sliders light",
"fab fa-sliders-v-square": " Square Vertical Sliders duotone",
"fas fa-sliders-v": " Vertical Sliders solid",
"far fa-sliders-v": " Vertical Sliders regular",
"fal fa-sliders-v": " Vertical Sliders light",
"fab fa-sliders-v": " Vertical Sliders duotone",
"fas fa-sliders-h-square": " Square Horizontal Sliders solid",
"far fa-sliders-h-square": " Square Horizontal Sliders regular",
"fal fa-sliders-h-square": " Square Horizontal Sliders light",
"fab fa-sliders-h-square": " Square Horizontal Sliders duotone",
"fas fa-sliders-h": " Horizontal Sliders solid",
"far fa-sliders-h": " Horizontal Sliders regular",
"fal fa-sliders-h": " Horizontal Sliders light",
"fab fa-sliders-h": " Horizontal Sliders duotone",
"fas fa-sleigh": " Sleigh solid",
"far fa-sleigh": " Sleigh regular",
"fal fa-sleigh": " Sleigh light",
"fab fa-sleigh": " Sleigh duotone",
"fas fa-sledding": " Sledding solid",
"far fa-sledding": " Sledding regular",
"fal fa-sledding": " Sledding light",
"fab fa-sledding": " Sledding duotone",
"fas fa-slash": " Slash solid",
"far fa-slash": " Slash regular",
"fal fa-slash": " Slash light",
"fab fa-slash": " Slash duotone",
"fab fa-slack-hash": " Slack Hashtag brands",
"fab fa-slack": " Slack Logo brands",
"fab fa-skype": " Skype brands",
"fab fa-skyatlas": " skyatlas brands",
"fas fa-skull-crossbones": " Skull & Crossbones solid",
"far fa-skull-crossbones": " Skull & Crossbones regular",
"fal fa-skull-crossbones": " Skull & Crossbones light",
"fab fa-skull-crossbones": " Skull & Crossbones duotone",
"fal fa-skull-cow": " Cow Skull light",
"far fa-skull-cow": " Cow Skull regular",
"fas fa-skull-cow": " Cow Skull solid",
"fab fa-skull-cow": " Cow Skull duotone",
"fas fa-skull": " Skull solid",
"far fa-skull": " Skull regular",
"fal fa-skull": " Skull light",
"fab fa-skull": " Skull duotone",
"fas fa-skiing-nordic": " Skiing Nordic solid",
"far fa-skiing-nordic": " Skiing Nordic regular",
"fal fa-skiing-nordic": " Skiing Nordic light",
"fab fa-skiing-nordic": " Skiing Nordic duotone",
"fas fa-skiing": " Skiing solid",
"far fa-skiing": " Skiing regular",
"fal fa-skiing": " Skiing light",
"fab fa-skiing": " Skiing duotone",
"fas fa-ski-lift": " Ski Lift solid",
"far fa-ski-lift": " Ski Lift regular",
"fal fa-ski-lift": " Ski Lift light",
"fab fa-ski-lift": " Ski Lift duotone",
"fas fa-ski-jump": " Ski Jump solid",
"far fa-ski-jump": " Ski Jump regular",
"fal fa-ski-jump": " Ski Jump light",
"fab fa-ski-jump": " Ski Jump duotone",
"fab fa-sketch": " Sketch brands",
"fas fa-skeleton": " Skeleton solid",
"far fa-skeleton": " Skeleton regular",
"fal fa-skeleton": " Skeleton light",
"fab fa-skeleton": " Skeleton duotone",
"fas fa-skating": " Skating solid",
"far fa-skating": " Skating regular",
"fal fa-skating": " Skating light",
"fab fa-skating": " Skating duotone",
"fab fa-sith": " Sith brands",
"fas fa-sitemap": " Sitemap solid",
"far fa-sitemap": " Sitemap regular",
"fal fa-sitemap": " Sitemap light",
"fab fa-sitemap": " Sitemap duotone",
"fab fa-sistrix": " SISTRIX brands",
"fab fa-simplybuilt": " SimplyBuilt brands",
"fas fa-sim-card": " SIM Card solid",
"far fa-sim-card": " SIM Card regular",
"fal fa-sim-card": " SIM Card light",
"fab fa-sim-card": " SIM Card duotone",
"fas fa-signature": " Signature solid",
"far fa-signature": " Signature regular",
"fal fa-signature": " Signature light",
"fab fa-signature": " Signature duotone",
"fas fa-signal-stream": " Signal Stream solid",
"far fa-signal-stream": " Signal Stream regular",
"fal fa-signal-stream": " Signal Stream light",
"fab fa-signal-stream": " Signal Stream duotone",
"fas fa-signal-slash": " Signal Slash solid",
"far fa-signal-slash": " Signal Slash regular",
"fal fa-signal-slash": " Signal Slash light",
"fab fa-signal-slash": " Signal Slash duotone",
"fas fa-signal-alt-slash": " Alternate Signal Slash solid",
"far fa-signal-alt-slash": " Alternate Signal Slash regular",
"fal fa-signal-alt-slash": " Alternate Signal Slash light",
"fab fa-signal-alt-slash": " Alternate Signal Slash duotone",
"fas fa-signal-alt-3": " Alternate Signal 3 solid",
"far fa-signal-alt-3": " Alternate Signal 3 regular",
"fal fa-signal-alt-3": " Alternate Signal 3 light",
"fab fa-signal-alt-3": " Alternate Signal 3 duotone",
"fas fa-signal-alt-2": " Alternate Signal 2 solid",
"far fa-signal-alt-2": " Alternate Signal 2 regular",
"fal fa-signal-alt-2": " Alternate Signal 2 light",
"fab fa-signal-alt-2": " Alternate Signal 2 duotone",
"fas fa-signal-alt-1": " Alternate Signal 1 solid",
"far fa-signal-alt-1": " Alternate Signal 1 regular",
"fal fa-signal-alt-1": " Alternate Signal 1 light",
"fab fa-signal-alt-1": " Alternate Signal 1 duotone",
"fas fa-signal-alt": " Alternate Signal solid",
"far fa-signal-alt": " Alternate Signal regular",
"fal fa-signal-alt": " Alternate Signal light",
"fab fa-signal-alt": " Alternate Signal duotone",
"fas fa-signal-4": " Signal 4 solid",
"far fa-signal-4": " Signal 4 regular",
"fal fa-signal-4": " Signal 4 light",
"fab fa-signal-4": " Signal 4 duotone",
"fas fa-signal-3": " Signal 3 solid",
"far fa-signal-3": " Signal 3 regular",
"fal fa-signal-3": " Signal 3 light",
"fab fa-signal-3": " Signal 3 duotone",
"fas fa-signal-2": " Signal 2 solid",
"far fa-signal-2": " Signal 2 regular",
"fal fa-signal-2": " Signal 2 light",
"fab fa-signal-2": " Signal 2 duotone",
"fas fa-signal-1": " Signal 1 solid",
"far fa-signal-1": " Signal 1 regular",
"fal fa-signal-1": " Signal 1 light",
"fab fa-signal-1": " Signal 1 duotone",
"fas fa-signal": " signal solid",
"far fa-signal": " signal regular",
"fal fa-signal": " signal light",
"fab fa-signal": " signal duotone",
"fas fa-sign-out-alt": " Alternate Sign Out solid",
"far fa-sign-out-alt": " Alternate Sign Out regular",
"fal fa-sign-out-alt": " Alternate Sign Out light",
"fab fa-sign-out-alt": " Alternate Sign Out duotone",
"fas fa-sign-out": " Sign Out solid",
"far fa-sign-out": " Sign Out regular",
"fal fa-sign-out": " Sign Out light",
"fab fa-sign-out": " Sign Out duotone",
"fas fa-sign-language": " Sign Language solid",
"far fa-sign-language": " Sign Language regular",
"fal fa-sign-language": " Sign Language light",
"fab fa-sign-language": " Sign Language duotone",
"fas fa-sign-in-alt": " Alternate Sign In solid",
"far fa-sign-in-alt": " Alternate Sign In regular",
"fal fa-sign-in-alt": " Alternate Sign In light",
"fab fa-sign-in-alt": " Alternate Sign In duotone",
"fas fa-sign-in": " Sign In solid",
"far fa-sign-in": " Sign In regular",
"fal fa-sign-in": " Sign In light",
"fab fa-sign-in": " Sign In duotone",
"fas fa-sign": " Sign solid",
"far fa-sign": " Sign regular",
"fal fa-sign": " Sign light",
"fab fa-sign": " Sign duotone",
"fas fa-sigma": " Sigma (Summation) solid",
"far fa-sigma": " Sigma (Summation) regular",
"fal fa-sigma": " Sigma (Summation) light",
"fab fa-sigma": " Sigma (Summation) duotone",
"fas fa-sickle": " Sickle solid",
"far fa-sickle": " Sickle regular",
"fal fa-sickle": " Sickle light",
"fab fa-sickle": " Sickle duotone",
"fas fa-shuttlecock": " Shuttlecock solid",
"far fa-shuttlecock": " Shuttlecock regular",
"fal fa-shuttlecock": " Shuttlecock light",
"fab fa-shuttlecock": " Shuttlecock duotone",
"fas fa-shuttle-van": " Shuttle Van solid",
"far fa-shuttle-van": " Shuttle Van regular",
"fal fa-shuttle-van": " Shuttle Van light",
"fab fa-shuttle-van": " Shuttle Van duotone",
"fas fa-shredder": " Shredder solid",
"far fa-shredder": " Shredder regular",
"fal fa-shredder": " Shredder light",
"fab fa-shredder": " Shredder duotone",
"fas fa-shower": " Shower solid",
"far fa-shower": " Shower regular",
"fal fa-shower": " Shower light",
"fab fa-shower": " Shower duotone",
"fas fa-shovel-snow": " Shovel Snow solid",
"far fa-shovel-snow": " Shovel Snow regular",
"fal fa-shovel-snow": " Shovel Snow light",
"fab fa-shovel-snow": " Shovel Snow duotone",
"fas fa-shovel": " Shovel solid",
"far fa-shovel": " Shovel regular",
"fal fa-shovel": " Shovel light",
"fab fa-shovel": " Shovel duotone",
"fab fa-shopware": " Shopware brands",
"fas fa-shopping-cart": " shopping-cart solid",
"far fa-shopping-cart": " shopping-cart regular",
"fal fa-shopping-cart": " shopping-cart light",
"fab fa-shopping-cart": " shopping-cart duotone",
"fas fa-shopping-basket": " Shopping Basket solid",
"far fa-shopping-basket": " Shopping Basket regular",
"fal fa-shopping-basket": " Shopping Basket light",
"fab fa-shopping-basket": " Shopping Basket duotone",
"fas fa-shopping-bag": " Shopping Bag solid",
"far fa-shopping-bag": " Shopping Bag regular",
"fal fa-shopping-bag": " Shopping Bag light",
"fab fa-shopping-bag": " Shopping Bag duotone",
"fas fa-shoe-prints": " Shoe Prints solid",
"far fa-shoe-prints": " Shoe Prints regular",
"fal fa-shoe-prints": " Shoe Prints light",
"fab fa-shoe-prints": " Shoe Prints duotone",
"fas fa-shish-kebab": " Shish Kebab solid",
"far fa-shish-kebab": " Shish Kebab regular",
"fal fa-shish-kebab": " Shish Kebab light",
"fab fa-shish-kebab": " Shish Kebab duotone",
"fab fa-shirtsinbulk": " Shirts in Bulk brands",
"fas fa-shipping-timed": " Shipping Timed solid",
"far fa-shipping-timed": " Shipping Timed regular",
"fal fa-shipping-timed": " Shipping Timed light",
"fab fa-shipping-timed": " Shipping Timed duotone",
"fas fa-shipping-fast": " Shipping Fast solid",
"far fa-shipping-fast": " Shipping Fast regular",
"fal fa-shipping-fast": " Shipping Fast light",
"fab fa-shipping-fast": " Shipping Fast duotone",
"fas fa-ship": " Ship solid",
"far fa-ship": " Ship regular",
"fal fa-ship": " Ship light",
"fab fa-ship": " Ship duotone",
"fas fa-shield-cross": " Shield Cross solid",
"far fa-shield-cross": " Shield Cross regular",
"fal fa-shield-cross": " Shield Cross light",
"fab fa-shield-cross": " Shield Cross duotone",
"fas fa-shield-check": " shield solid",
"far fa-shield-check": " shield regular",
"fal fa-shield-check": " shield light",
"fab fa-shield-check": " shield duotone",
"fas fa-shield-alt": " Alternate Shield solid",
"far fa-shield-alt": " Alternate Shield regular",
"fal fa-shield-alt": " Alternate Shield light",
"fab fa-shield-alt": " Alternate Shield duotone",
"fas fa-shield": " shield solid",
"far fa-shield": " shield regular",
"fal fa-shield": " shield light",
"fab fa-shield": " shield duotone",
"fas fa-shekel-sign": " Shekel Sign solid",
"far fa-shekel-sign": " Shekel Sign regular",
"fal fa-shekel-sign": " Shekel Sign light",
"fab fa-shekel-sign": " Shekel Sign duotone",
"fas fa-sheep": " Sheep solid",
"far fa-sheep": " Sheep regular",
"fal fa-sheep": " Sheep light",
"fab fa-sheep": " Sheep duotone",
"fas fa-share-square": " Share Square solid",
"far fa-share-square": " Share Square regular",
"fal fa-share-square": " Share Square light",
"fab fa-share-square": " Share Square duotone",
"fas fa-share-alt-square": " Alternate Share Square solid",
"far fa-share-alt-square": " Alternate Share Square regular",
"fal fa-share-alt-square": " Alternate Share Square light",
"fab fa-share-alt-square": " Alternate Share Square duotone",
"fas fa-share-alt": " Alternate Share solid",
"far fa-share-alt": " Alternate Share regular",
"fal fa-share-alt": " Alternate Share light",
"fab fa-share-alt": " Alternate Share duotone",
"fas fa-share-all": " Share All solid",
"far fa-share-all": " Share All regular",
"fal fa-share-all": " Share All light",
"fab fa-share-all": " Share All duotone",
"fas fa-share": " Share solid",
"far fa-share": " Share regular",
"fal fa-share": " Share light",
"fab fa-share": " Share duotone",
"fas fa-shapes": " Shapes solid",
"far fa-shapes": " Shapes regular",
"fal fa-shapes": " Shapes light",
"fab fa-shapes": " Shapes duotone",
"fab fa-servicestack": " Servicestack brands",
"fas fa-server": " Server solid",
"far fa-server": " Server regular",
"fal fa-server": " Server light",
"fab fa-server": " Server duotone",
"fas fa-send-backward": " Send Backward solid",
"far fa-send-backward": " Send Backward regular",
"fal fa-send-backward": " Send Backward light",
"fab fa-send-backward": " Send Backward duotone",
"fas fa-send-back": " Send Back solid",
"far fa-send-back": " Send Back regular",
"fal fa-send-back": " Send Back light",
"fab fa-send-back": " Send Back duotone",
"fab fa-sellsy": " Sellsy brands",
"fab fa-sellcast": " Sellcast brands",
"fas fa-seedling": " Seedling solid",
"far fa-seedling": " Seedling regular",
"fal fa-seedling": " Seedling light",
"fab fa-seedling": " Seedling duotone",
"fab fa-searchengin": " Searchengin brands",
"fas fa-search-plus": " Search Plus solid",
"far fa-search-plus": " Search Plus regular",
"fal fa-search-plus": " Search Plus light",
"fab fa-search-plus": " Search Plus duotone",
"fas fa-search-minus": " Search Minus solid",
"far fa-search-minus": " Search Minus regular",
"fal fa-search-minus": " Search Minus light",
"fab fa-search-minus": " Search Minus duotone",
"fas fa-search-location": " Search Location solid",
"far fa-search-location": " Search Location regular",
"fal fa-search-location": " Search Location light",
"fab fa-search-location": " Search Location duotone",
"fas fa-search-dollar": " Search Dollar solid",
"far fa-search-dollar": " Search Dollar regular",
"fal fa-search-dollar": " Search Dollar light",
"fab fa-search-dollar": " Search Dollar duotone",
"fas fa-search": " Search solid",
"far fa-search": " Search regular",
"fal fa-search": " Search light",
"fab fa-search": " Search duotone",
"fas fa-sd-card": " Sd Card solid",
"far fa-sd-card": " Sd Card regular",
"fal fa-sd-card": " Sd Card light",
"fab fa-sd-card": " Sd Card duotone",
"fas fa-scythe": " Scythe solid",
"far fa-scythe": " Scythe regular",
"fal fa-scythe": " Scythe light",
"fab fa-scythe": " Scythe duotone",
"fas fa-scrubber": " Scrubber solid",
"far fa-scrubber": " Scrubber regular",
"fal fa-scrubber": " Scrubber light",
"fab fa-scrubber": " Scrubber duotone",
"fas fa-scroll-old": " Scroll Old solid",
"far fa-scroll-old": " Scroll Old regular",
"fal fa-scroll-old": " Scroll Old light",
"fab fa-scroll-old": " Scroll Old duotone",
"fas fa-scroll": " Scroll solid",
"far fa-scroll": " Scroll regular",
"fal fa-scroll": " Scroll light",
"fab fa-scroll": " Scroll duotone",
"fab fa-scribd": " Scribd brands",
"fas fa-screwdriver": " Screwdriver solid",
"far fa-screwdriver": " Screwdriver regular",
"fal fa-screwdriver": " Screwdriver light",
"fab fa-screwdriver": " Screwdriver duotone",
"fas fa-school": " School solid",
"far fa-school": " School regular",
"fal fa-school": " School light",
"fab fa-school": " School duotone",
"fab fa-schlix": " SCHLIX brands",
"fas fa-scarf": " Scarf solid",
"far fa-scarf": " Scarf regular",
"fal fa-scarf": " Scarf light",
"fab fa-scarf": " Scarf duotone",
"fas fa-scarecrow": " Scarecrow solid",
"far fa-scarecrow": " Scarecrow regular",
"fal fa-scarecrow": " Scarecrow light",
"fab fa-scarecrow": " Scarecrow duotone",
"fas fa-scanner-touchscreen": " Scanner Touchscreen solid",
"far fa-scanner-touchscreen": " Scanner Touchscreen regular",
"fal fa-scanner-touchscreen": " Scanner Touchscreen light",
"fab fa-scanner-touchscreen": " Scanner Touchscreen duotone",
"fas fa-scanner-keyboard": " Scanner Keyboard solid",
"far fa-scanner-keyboard": " Scanner Keyboard regular",
"fal fa-scanner-keyboard": " Scanner Keyboard light",
"fab fa-scanner-keyboard": " Scanner Keyboard duotone",
"fas fa-scanner-image": " Image Scanner solid",
"far fa-scanner-image": " Image Scanner regular",
"fal fa-scanner-image": " Image Scanner light",
"fab fa-scanner-image": " Image Scanner duotone",
"fas fa-scanner": " Scanner solid",
"far fa-scanner": " Scanner regular",
"fal fa-scanner": " Scanner light",
"fab fa-scanner": " Scanner duotone",
"fas fa-scalpel-path": " Scalpel Path solid",
"far fa-scalpel-path": " Scalpel Path regular",
"fal fa-scalpel-path": " Scalpel Path light",
"fab fa-scalpel-path": " Scalpel Path duotone",
"fas fa-scalpel": " Scalpel solid",
"far fa-scalpel": " Scalpel regular",
"fal fa-scalpel": " Scalpel light",
"fab fa-scalpel": " Scalpel duotone",
"fas fa-saxophone": " Saxophone solid",
"far fa-saxophone": " Saxophone regular",
"fal fa-saxophone": " Saxophone light",
"fab fa-saxophone": " Saxophone duotone",
"fas fa-sax-hot": " Hot Saxophone solid",
"far fa-sax-hot": " Hot Saxophone regular",
"fal fa-sax-hot": " Hot Saxophone light",
"fab fa-sax-hot": " Hot Saxophone duotone",
"fas fa-save": " Save solid",
"far fa-save": " Save regular",
"fal fa-save": " Save light",
"fab fa-save": " Save duotone",
"fas fa-sausage": " Sausage solid",
"far fa-sausage": " Sausage regular",
"fal fa-sausage": " Sausage light",
"fab fa-sausage": " Sausage duotone",
"fas fa-satellite-dish": " Satellite Dish solid",
"far fa-satellite-dish": " Satellite Dish regular",
"fal fa-satellite-dish": " Satellite Dish light",
"fab fa-satellite-dish": " Satellite Dish duotone",
"fas fa-satellite": " Satellite solid",
"far fa-satellite": " Satellite regular",
"fal fa-satellite": " Satellite light",
"fab fa-satellite": " Satellite duotone",
"fab fa-sass": " Sass brands",
"fas fa-sandwich": " Sandwich solid",
"far fa-sandwich": " Sandwich regular",
"fal fa-sandwich": " Sandwich light",
"fab fa-sandwich": " Sandwich duotone",
"fab fa-salesforce": " Salesforce brands",
"fas fa-salad": " Salad solid",
"far fa-salad": " Salad regular",
"fal fa-salad": " Salad light",
"fab fa-salad": " Salad duotone",
"fab fa-safari": " Safari brands",
"fas fa-sad-tear": " Loudly Crying Face solid",
"far fa-sad-tear": " Loudly Crying Face regular",
"fal fa-sad-tear": " Loudly Crying Face light",
"fab fa-sad-tear": " Loudly Crying Face duotone",
"fas fa-sad-cry": " Crying Face solid",
"far fa-sad-cry": " Crying Face regular",
"fal fa-sad-cry": " Crying Face light",
"fab fa-sad-cry": " Crying Face duotone",
"fas fa-sack-dollar": " Sack of Money solid",
"far fa-sack-dollar": " Sack of Money regular",
"fal fa-sack-dollar": " Sack of Money light",
"fab fa-sack-dollar": " Sack of Money duotone",
"fas fa-sack": " Sack solid",
"far fa-sack": " Sack regular",
"fal fa-sack": " Sack light",
"fab fa-sack": " Sack duotone",
"fas fa-rv": " R.V. solid",
"far fa-rv": " R.V. regular",
"fal fa-rv": " R.V. light",
"fab fa-rv": " R.V. duotone",
"fas fa-rupee-sign": " Indian Rupee Sign solid",
"far fa-rupee-sign": " Indian Rupee Sign regular",
"fal fa-rupee-sign": " Indian Rupee Sign light",
"fab fa-rupee-sign": " Indian Rupee Sign duotone",
"fas fa-running": " Running solid",
"far fa-running": " Running regular",
"fal fa-running": " Running light",
"fab fa-running": " Running duotone",
"fas fa-ruler-vertical": " Ruler Vertical solid",
"far fa-ruler-vertical": " Ruler Vertical regular",
"fal fa-ruler-vertical": " Ruler Vertical light",
"fab fa-ruler-vertical": " Ruler Vertical duotone",
"fas fa-ruler-triangle": " Ruler Triangle solid",
"far fa-ruler-triangle": " Ruler Triangle regular",
"fal fa-ruler-triangle": " Ruler Triangle light",
"fab fa-ruler-triangle": " Ruler Triangle duotone",
"fas fa-ruler-horizontal": " Ruler Horizontal solid",
"far fa-ruler-horizontal": " Ruler Horizontal regular",
"fal fa-ruler-horizontal": " Ruler Horizontal light",
"fab fa-ruler-horizontal": " Ruler Horizontal duotone",
"fas fa-ruler-combined": " Ruler Combined solid",
"far fa-ruler-combined": " Ruler Combined regular",
"fal fa-ruler-combined": " Ruler Combined light",
"fab fa-ruler-combined": " Ruler Combined duotone",
"fas fa-ruler": " Ruler solid",
"far fa-ruler": " Ruler regular",
"fal fa-ruler": " Ruler light",
"fab fa-ruler": " Ruler duotone",
"fas fa-ruble-sign": " Ruble Sign solid",
"far fa-ruble-sign": " Ruble Sign regular",
"fal fa-ruble-sign": " Ruble Sign light",
"fab fa-ruble-sign": " Ruble Sign duotone",
"fas fa-rss-square": " RSS Square solid",
"far fa-rss-square": " RSS Square regular",
"fal fa-rss-square": " RSS Square light",
"fab fa-rss-square": " RSS Square duotone",
"fas fa-rss": " rss solid",
"far fa-rss": " rss regular",
"fal fa-rss": " rss light",
"fab fa-rss": " rss duotone",
"fas fa-router": " Router solid",
"far fa-router": " Router regular",
"fal fa-router": " Router light",
"fab fa-router": " Router duotone",
"fas fa-route-interstate": " Route Interstate solid",
"far fa-route-interstate": " Route Interstate regular",
"fal fa-route-interstate": " Route Interstate light",
"fab fa-route-interstate": " Route Interstate duotone",
"fas fa-route-highway": " Route Highway solid",
"far fa-route-highway": " Route Highway regular",
"fal fa-route-highway": " Route Highway light",
"fab fa-route-highway": " Route Highway duotone",
"fas fa-route": " Route solid",
"far fa-route": " Route regular",
"fal fa-route": " Route light",
"fab fa-route": " Route duotone",
"fab fa-rockrms": " Rockrms brands",
"fab fa-rocketchat": " Rocket.Chat brands",
"fas fa-rocket": " rocket solid",
"far fa-rocket": " rocket regular",
"fal fa-rocket": " rocket light",
"fab fa-rocket": " rocket duotone",
"fas fa-robot": " Robot solid",
"far fa-robot": " Robot regular",
"fal fa-robot": " Robot light",
"fab fa-robot": " Robot duotone",
"fas fa-road": " road solid",
"far fa-road": " road regular",
"fal fa-road": " road light",
"fab fa-road": " road duotone",
"fas fa-rings-wedding": " Rings Wedding solid",
"far fa-rings-wedding": " Rings Wedding regular",
"fal fa-rings-wedding": " Rings Wedding light",
"fab fa-rings-wedding": " Rings Wedding duotone",
"fas fa-ring": " Ring solid",
"far fa-ring": " Ring regular",
"fal fa-ring": " Ring light",
"fab fa-ring": " Ring duotone",
"fas fa-ribbon": " Ribbon solid",
"far fa-ribbon": " Ribbon regular",
"fal fa-ribbon": " Ribbon light",
"fab fa-ribbon": " Ribbon duotone",
"fab fa-rev": " brands",
"fas fa-retweet-alt": " Alternate Retweet solid",
"far fa-retweet-alt": " Alternate Retweet regular",
"fal fa-retweet-alt": " Alternate Retweet light",
"fab fa-retweet-alt": " Alternate Retweet duotone",
"fas fa-retweet": " Retweet solid",
"far fa-retweet": " Retweet regular",
"fal fa-retweet": " Retweet light",
"fab fa-retweet": " Retweet duotone",
"fas fa-restroom": " Restroom solid",
"far fa-restroom": " Restroom regular",
"fal fa-restroom": " Restroom light",
"fab fa-restroom": " Restroom duotone",
"fab fa-resolving": " Resolving brands",
"fab fa-researchgate": " Researchgate brands",
"fas fa-republican": " Republican solid",
"far fa-republican": " Republican regular",
"fal fa-republican": " Republican light",
"fab fa-republican": " Republican duotone",
"fab fa-replyd": " replyd brands",
"fas fa-reply-all": " reply-all solid",
"far fa-reply-all": " reply-all regular",
"fal fa-reply-all": " reply-all light",
"fab fa-reply-all": " reply-all duotone",
"fas fa-reply": " Reply solid",
"far fa-reply": " Reply regular",
"fal fa-reply": " Reply light",
"fab fa-reply": " Reply duotone",
"fas fa-repeat-alt": " Alternate Repeat solid",
"far fa-repeat-alt": " Alternate Repeat regular",
"fal fa-repeat-alt": " Alternate Repeat light",
"fab fa-repeat-alt": " Alternate Repeat duotone",
"fas fa-repeat-1-alt": " Alternate Repeat 1 solid",
"far fa-repeat-1-alt": " Alternate Repeat 1 regular",
"fal fa-repeat-1-alt": " Alternate Repeat 1 light",
"fab fa-repeat-1-alt": " Alternate Repeat 1 duotone",
"fas fa-repeat-1": " Repeat 1 solid",
"far fa-repeat-1": " Repeat 1 regular",
"fal fa-repeat-1": " Repeat 1 light",
"fab fa-repeat-1": " Repeat 1 duotone",
"fas fa-repeat": " Repeat solid",
"far fa-repeat": " Repeat regular",
"fal fa-repeat": " Repeat light",
"fab fa-repeat": " Repeat duotone",
"fab fa-renren": " Renren brands",
"fas fa-remove-format": " Remove Format solid",
"far fa-remove-format": " Remove Format regular",
"fal fa-remove-format": " Remove Format light",
"fab fa-remove-format": " Remove Format duotone",
"fas fa-registered": " Registered Trademark solid",
"far fa-registered": " Registered Trademark regular",
"fal fa-registered": " Registered Trademark light",
"fab fa-registered": " Registered Trademark duotone",
"fas fa-redo-alt": " Alternate Redo solid",
"far fa-redo-alt": " Alternate Redo regular",
"fal fa-redo-alt": " Alternate Redo light",
"fab fa-redo-alt": " Alternate Redo duotone",
"fas fa-redo": " Redo solid",
"far fa-redo": " Redo regular",
"fal fa-redo": " Redo light",
"fab fa-redo": " Redo duotone",
"fab fa-redhat": " Redhat brands",
"fab fa-reddit-square": " reddit Square brands",
"fab fa-reddit-alien": " reddit Alien brands",
"fab fa-reddit": " reddit Logo brands",
"fab fa-red-river": " red river brands",
"fas fa-recycle": " Recycle solid",
"far fa-recycle": " Recycle regular",
"fal fa-recycle": " Recycle light",
"fab fa-recycle": " Recycle duotone",
"fas fa-rectangle-wide": " Wide Rectangle solid",
"far fa-rectangle-wide": " Wide Rectangle regular",
"fal fa-rectangle-wide": " Wide Rectangle light",
"fab fa-rectangle-wide": " Wide Rectangle duotone",
"fas fa-rectangle-portrait": " Portrait Rectangle solid",
"far fa-rectangle-portrait": " Portrait Rectangle regular",
"fal fa-rectangle-portrait": " Portrait Rectangle light",
"fab fa-rectangle-portrait": " Portrait Rectangle duotone",
"fas fa-rectangle-landscape": " Landscape Rectangle solid",
"far fa-rectangle-landscape": " Landscape Rectangle regular",
"fal fa-rectangle-landscape": " Landscape Rectangle light",
"fab fa-rectangle-landscape": " Landscape Rectangle duotone",
"fas fa-record-vinyl": " Record Vinyl solid",
"far fa-record-vinyl": " Record Vinyl regular",
"fal fa-record-vinyl": " Record Vinyl light",
"fab fa-record-vinyl": " Record Vinyl duotone",
"fas fa-receipt": " Receipt solid",
"far fa-receipt": " Receipt regular",
"fal fa-receipt": " Receipt light",
"fab fa-receipt": " Receipt duotone",
"fab fa-rebel": " Rebel Alliance brands",
"fab fa-readme": " ReadMe brands",
"fab fa-reacteurope": " ReactEurope brands",
"fab fa-react": " React brands",
"fab fa-ravelry": " Ravelry brands",
"fab fa-raspberry-pi": " Raspberry Pi brands",
"fas fa-random": " random solid",
"far fa-random": " random regular",
"fal fa-random": " random light",
"fab fa-random": " random duotone",
"fas fa-ramp-loading": " Ramp Loading solid",
"far fa-ramp-loading": " Ramp Loading regular",
"fal fa-ramp-loading": " Ramp Loading light",
"fab fa-ramp-loading": " Ramp Loading duotone",
"fas fa-ram": " Ram solid",
"far fa-ram": " Ram regular",
"fal fa-ram": " Ram light",
"fab fa-ram": " Ram duotone",
"fas fa-raindrops": " Raindrops solid",
"far fa-raindrops": " Raindrops regular",
"fal fa-raindrops": " Raindrops light",
"fab fa-raindrops": " Raindrops duotone",
"fas fa-rainbow": " Rainbow solid",
"far fa-rainbow": " Rainbow regular",
"fal fa-rainbow": " Rainbow light",
"fab fa-rainbow": " Rainbow duotone",
"fas fa-radio-alt": " Alternate Radio solid",
"far fa-radio-alt": " Alternate Radio regular",
"fal fa-radio-alt": " Alternate Radio light",
"fab fa-radio-alt": " Alternate Radio duotone",
"fas fa-radio": " Radio solid",
"far fa-radio": " Radio regular",
"fal fa-radio": " Radio light",
"fab fa-radio": " Radio duotone",
"fas fa-radiation-alt": " Alternate Radiation solid",
"far fa-radiation-alt": " Alternate Radiation regular",
"fal fa-radiation-alt": " Alternate Radiation light",
"fab fa-radiation-alt": " Alternate Radiation duotone",
"fas fa-radiation": " Radiation solid",
"far fa-radiation": " Radiation regular",
"fal fa-radiation": " Radiation light",
"fab fa-radiation": " Radiation duotone",
"fas fa-racquet": " Racquet solid",
"far fa-racquet": " Racquet regular",
"fal fa-racquet": " Racquet light",
"fab fa-racquet": " Racquet duotone",
"fas fa-rabbit-fast": " Fast Rabbit solid",
"far fa-rabbit-fast": " Fast Rabbit regular",
"fal fa-rabbit-fast": " Fast Rabbit light",
"fab fa-rabbit-fast": " Fast Rabbit duotone",
"fas fa-rabbit": " Rabbit solid",
"far fa-rabbit": " Rabbit regular",
"fal fa-rabbit": " Rabbit light",
"fab fa-rabbit": " Rabbit duotone",
"fab fa-r-project": " R Project brands",
"fas fa-quran": " Quran solid",
"far fa-quran": " Quran regular",
"fal fa-quran": " Quran light",
"fab fa-quran": " Quran duotone",
"fas fa-quote-right": " quote-right solid",
"far fa-quote-right": " quote-right regular",
"fal fa-quote-right": " quote-right light",
"fab fa-quote-right": " quote-right duotone",
"fas fa-quote-left": " quote-left solid",
"far fa-quote-left": " quote-left regular",
"fal fa-quote-left": " quote-left light",
"fab fa-quote-left": " quote-left duotone",
"fab fa-quora": " Quora brands",
"fab fa-quinscape": " QuinScape brands",
"fas fa-quidditch": " Quidditch solid",
"far fa-quidditch": " Quidditch regular",
"fal fa-quidditch": " Quidditch light",
"fab fa-quidditch": " Quidditch duotone",
"fas fa-question-square": " Question Square solid",
"far fa-question-square": " Question Square regular",
"fal fa-question-square": " Question Square light",
"fab fa-question-square": " Question Square duotone",
"fas fa-question-circle": " Question Circle solid",
"far fa-question-circle": " Question Circle regular",
"fal fa-question-circle": " Question Circle light",
"fab fa-question-circle": " Question Circle duotone",
"fas fa-question": " Question solid",
"far fa-question": " Question regular",
"fal fa-question": " Question light",
"fab fa-question": " Question duotone",
"fas fa-qrcode": " qrcode solid",
"far fa-qrcode": " qrcode regular",
"fal fa-qrcode": " qrcode light",
"fab fa-qrcode": " qrcode duotone",
"fab fa-qq": " QQ brands",
"fab fa-python": " Python brands",
"fas fa-puzzle-piece": " Puzzle Piece solid",
"far fa-puzzle-piece": " Puzzle Piece regular",
"fal fa-puzzle-piece": " Puzzle Piece light",
"fab fa-puzzle-piece": " Puzzle Piece duotone",
"fab fa-pushed": " Pushed brands",
"fas fa-pumpkin": " Pumpkin solid",
"far fa-pumpkin": " Pumpkin regular",
"fal fa-pumpkin": " Pumpkin light",
"fab fa-pumpkin": " Pumpkin duotone",
"fas fa-projector": " Projector solid",
"far fa-projector": " Projector regular",
"fal fa-projector": " Projector light",
"fab fa-projector": " Projector duotone",
"fas fa-project-diagram": " Project Diagram solid",
"far fa-project-diagram": " Project Diagram regular",
"fal fa-project-diagram": " Project Diagram light",
"fab fa-project-diagram": " Project Diagram duotone",
"fab fa-product-hunt": " Product Hunt brands",
"fas fa-procedures": " Procedures solid",
"far fa-procedures": " Procedures regular",
"fal fa-procedures": " Procedures light",
"fab fa-procedures": " Procedures duotone",
"fas fa-print-slash": " Print Slash solid",
"far fa-print-slash": " Print Slash regular",
"fal fa-print-slash": " Print Slash light",
"fab fa-print-slash": " Print Slash duotone",
"fas fa-print-search": " Print Search solid",
"far fa-print-search": " Print Search regular",
"fal fa-print-search": " Print Search light",
"fab fa-print-search": " Print Search duotone",
"fas fa-print": " print solid",
"far fa-print": " print regular",
"fal fa-print": " print light",
"fab fa-print": " print duotone",
"fas fa-presentation": " Presentation solid",
"far fa-presentation": " Presentation regular",
"fal fa-presentation": " Presentation light",
"fab fa-presentation": " Presentation duotone",
"fas fa-prescription-bottle-alt": " Alternate Prescription Bottle solid",
"far fa-prescription-bottle-alt": " Alternate Prescription Bottle regular",
"fal fa-prescription-bottle-alt": " Alternate Prescription Bottle light",
"fab fa-prescription-bottle-alt": " Alternate Prescription Bottle duotone",
"fas fa-prescription-bottle": " Prescription Bottle solid",
"far fa-prescription-bottle": " Prescription Bottle regular",
"fal fa-prescription-bottle": " Prescription Bottle light",
"fab fa-prescription-bottle": " Prescription Bottle duotone",
"fas fa-prescription": " Prescription solid",
"far fa-prescription": " Prescription regular",
"fal fa-prescription": " Prescription light",
"fab fa-prescription": " Prescription duotone",
"fas fa-praying-hands": " Praying Hands solid",
"far fa-praying-hands": " Praying Hands regular",
"fal fa-praying-hands": " Praying Hands light",
"fab fa-praying-hands": " Praying Hands duotone",
"fas fa-pray": " Pray solid",
"far fa-pray": " Pray regular",
"fal fa-pray": " Pray light",
"fab fa-pray": " Pray duotone",
"fas fa-power-off": " Power Off solid",
"far fa-power-off": " Power Off regular",
"fal fa-power-off": " Power Off light",
"fab fa-power-off": " Power Off duotone",
"fas fa-pound-sign": " Pound Sign solid",
"far fa-pound-sign": " Pound Sign regular",
"fal fa-pound-sign": " Pound Sign light",
"fab fa-pound-sign": " Pound Sign duotone",
"fas fa-portrait": " Portrait solid",
"far fa-portrait": " Portrait regular",
"fal fa-portrait": " Portrait light",
"fab fa-portrait": " Portrait duotone",
"fas fa-popcorn": " Popcorn solid",
"far fa-popcorn": " Popcorn regular",
"fal fa-popcorn": " Popcorn light",
"fab fa-popcorn": " Popcorn duotone",
"fas fa-poop": " Poop solid",
"far fa-poop": " Poop regular",
"fal fa-poop": " Poop light",
"fab fa-poop": " Poop duotone",
"fas fa-poo-storm": " Poo Storm solid",
"far fa-poo-storm": " Poo Storm regular",
"fal fa-poo-storm": " Poo Storm light",
"fab fa-poo-storm": " Poo Storm duotone",
"fas fa-poo": " Poo solid",
"far fa-poo": " Poo regular",
"fal fa-poo": " Poo light",
"fab fa-poo": " Poo duotone",
"fas fa-poll-people": " Poll People solid",
"far fa-poll-people": " Poll People regular",
"fal fa-poll-people": " Poll People light",
"fab fa-poll-people": " Poll People duotone",
"fas fa-poll-h": " Poll H solid",
"far fa-poll-h": " Poll H regular",
"fal fa-poll-h": " Poll H light",
"fab fa-poll-h": " Poll H duotone",
"fas fa-poll": " Poll solid",
"far fa-poll": " Poll regular",
"fal fa-poll": " Poll light",
"fab fa-poll": " Poll duotone",
"fas fa-podium-star": " Podium with Star solid",
"far fa-podium-star": " Podium with Star regular",
"fal fa-podium-star": " Podium with Star light",
"fab fa-podium-star": " Podium with Star duotone",
"fas fa-podium": " Podium solid",
"far fa-podium": " Podium regular",
"fal fa-podium": " Podium light",
"fab fa-podium": " Podium duotone",
"fas fa-podcast": " Podcast solid",
"far fa-podcast": " Podcast regular",
"fal fa-podcast": " Podcast light",
"fab fa-podcast": " Podcast duotone",
"fas fa-plus-square": " Plus Square solid",
"far fa-plus-square": " Plus Square regular",
"fal fa-plus-square": " Plus Square light",
"fab fa-plus-square": " Plus Square duotone",
"fas fa-plus-octagon": " Plus Octagon solid",
"far fa-plus-octagon": " Plus Octagon regular",
"fal fa-plus-octagon": " Plus Octagon light",
"fab fa-plus-octagon": " Plus Octagon duotone",
"fas fa-plus-hexagon": " Plus Hexagon solid",
"far fa-plus-hexagon": " Plus Hexagon regular",
"fal fa-plus-hexagon": " Plus Hexagon light",
"fab fa-plus-hexagon": " Plus Hexagon duotone",
"fas fa-plus-circle": " Plus Circle solid",
"far fa-plus-circle": " Plus Circle regular",
"fal fa-plus-circle": " Plus Circle light",
"fab fa-plus-circle": " Plus Circle duotone",
"fas fa-plus": " plus solid",
"far fa-plus": " plus regular",
"fal fa-plus": " plus light",
"fab fa-plus": " plus duotone",
"fas fa-plug": " Plug solid",
"far fa-plug": " Plug regular",
"fal fa-plug": " Plug light",
"fab fa-plug": " Plug duotone",
"fab fa-playstation": " PlayStation brands",
"fas fa-play-circle": " Play Circle solid",
"far fa-play-circle": " Play Circle regular",
"fal fa-play-circle": " Play Circle light",
"fab fa-play-circle": " Play Circle duotone",
"fas fa-play": " play solid",
"far fa-play": " play regular",
"fal fa-play": " play light",
"fab fa-play": " play duotone",
"fas fa-plane-departure": " Plane Departure solid",
"far fa-plane-departure": " Plane Departure regular",
"fal fa-plane-departure": " Plane Departure light",
"fab fa-plane-departure": " Plane Departure duotone",
"fas fa-plane-arrival": " Plane Arrival solid",
"far fa-plane-arrival": " Plane Arrival regular",
"fal fa-plane-arrival": " Plane Arrival light",
"fab fa-plane-arrival": " Plane Arrival duotone",
"fas fa-plane-alt": " Alternate Plane solid",
"far fa-plane-alt": " Alternate Plane regular",
"fal fa-plane-alt": " Alternate Plane light",
"fab fa-plane-alt": " Alternate Plane duotone",
"fas fa-plane": " plane solid",
"far fa-plane": " plane regular",
"fal fa-plane": " plane light",
"fab fa-plane": " plane duotone",
"fas fa-place-of-worship": " Place of Worship solid",
"far fa-place-of-worship": " Place of Worship regular",
"fal fa-place-of-worship": " Place of Worship light",
"fab fa-place-of-worship": " Place of Worship duotone",
"fas fa-pizza-slice": " Pizza Slice solid",
"far fa-pizza-slice": " Pizza Slice regular",
"fal fa-pizza-slice": " Pizza Slice light",
"fab fa-pizza-slice": " Pizza Slice duotone",
"fas fa-pizza": " Pizza solid",
"far fa-pizza": " Pizza regular",
"fal fa-pizza": " Pizza light",
"fab fa-pizza": " Pizza duotone",
"fab fa-pinterest-square": " Pinterest Square brands",
"fab fa-pinterest-p": " Pinterest P brands",
"fab fa-pinterest": " Pinterest brands",
"fas fa-pills": " Pills solid",
"far fa-pills": " Pills regular",
"fal fa-pills": " Pills light",
"fab fa-pills": " Pills duotone",
"fas fa-piggy-bank": " Piggy Bank solid",
"far fa-piggy-bank": " Piggy Bank regular",
"fal fa-piggy-bank": " Piggy Bank light",
"fab fa-piggy-bank": " Piggy Bank duotone",
"fas fa-pig": " Pig solid",
"far fa-pig": " Pig regular",
"fal fa-pig": " Pig light",
"fab fa-pig": " Pig duotone",
"fab fa-pied-piper-pp": " Pied Piper PP Logo (Old) brands",
"fab fa-pied-piper-hat": " Pied Piper-hat brands",
"fab fa-pied-piper-alt": " Alternate Pied Piper Logo brands",
"fab fa-pied-piper": " Pied Piper Logo brands",
"fas fa-pie": " Pie solid",
"far fa-pie": " Pie regular",
"fal fa-pie": " Pie light",
"fab fa-pie": " Pie duotone",
"fas fa-piano-keyboard": " Piano Keyboard solid",
"far fa-piano-keyboard": " Piano Keyboard regular",
"fal fa-piano-keyboard": " Piano Keyboard light",
"fab fa-piano-keyboard": " Piano Keyboard duotone",
"fas fa-piano": " Piano solid",
"far fa-piano": " Piano regular",
"fal fa-piano": " Piano light",
"fab fa-piano": " Piano duotone",
"fas fa-pi": " Pi solid",
"far fa-pi": " Pi regular",
"fal fa-pi": " Pi light",
"fab fa-pi": " Pi duotone",
"fab fa-php": " PHP brands",
"fas fa-photo-video": " Photo Video solid",
"far fa-photo-video": " Photo Video regular",
"fal fa-photo-video": " Photo Video light",
"fab fa-photo-video": " Photo Video duotone",
"fas fa-phone-volume": " Phone Volume solid",
"far fa-phone-volume": " Phone Volume regular",
"fal fa-phone-volume": " Phone Volume light",
"fab fa-phone-volume": " Phone Volume duotone",
"fas fa-phone-square-alt": " Alternate Phone Square solid",
"far fa-phone-square-alt": " Alternate Phone Square regular",
"fal fa-phone-square-alt": " Alternate Phone Square light",
"fab fa-phone-square-alt": " Alternate Phone Square duotone",
"fas fa-phone-square": " Phone Square solid",
"far fa-phone-square": " Phone Square regular",
"fal fa-phone-square": " Phone Square light",
"fab fa-phone-square": " Phone Square duotone",
"fas fa-phone-slash": " Phone Slash solid",
"far fa-phone-slash": " Phone Slash regular",
"fal fa-phone-slash": " Phone Slash light",
"fab fa-phone-slash": " Phone Slash duotone",
"fas fa-phone-rotary": " Rotary Phone solid",
"far fa-phone-rotary": " Rotary Phone regular",
"fal fa-phone-rotary": " Rotary Phone light",
"fab fa-phone-rotary": " Rotary Phone duotone",
"fas fa-phone-plus": " Phone Plus solid",
"far fa-phone-plus": " Phone Plus regular",
"fal fa-phone-plus": " Phone Plus light",
"fab fa-phone-plus": " Phone Plus duotone",
"fas fa-phone-office": " Office Phone solid",
"far fa-phone-office": " Office Phone regular",
"fal fa-phone-office": " Office Phone light",
"fab fa-phone-office": " Office Phone duotone",
"fas fa-phone-laptop": " Phone and Laptop solid",
"far fa-phone-laptop": " Phone and Laptop regular",
"fal fa-phone-laptop": " Phone and Laptop light",
"fab fa-phone-laptop": " Phone and Laptop duotone",
"fas fa-phone-alt": " Alternate Phone solid",
"far fa-phone-alt": " Alternate Phone regular",
"fal fa-phone-alt": " Alternate Phone light",
"fab fa-phone-alt": " Alternate Phone duotone",
"fas fa-phone": " Phone solid",
"far fa-phone": " Phone regular",
"fal fa-phone": " Phone light",
"fab fa-phone": " Phone duotone",
"fab fa-phoenix-squadron": " Phoenix Squadron brands",
"fab fa-phoenix-framework": " Phoenix Framework brands",
"fab fa-phabricator": " Phabricator brands",
"fas fa-person-sign": " Person Holding Sign solid",
"far fa-person-sign": " Person Holding Sign regular",
"fal fa-person-sign": " Person Holding Sign light",
"fab fa-person-sign": " Person Holding Sign duotone",
"fas fa-person-dolly-empty": " Person and Empty Dolly solid",
"far fa-person-dolly-empty": " Person and Empty Dolly regular",
"fal fa-person-dolly-empty": " Person and Empty Dolly light",
"fab fa-person-dolly-empty": " Person and Empty Dolly duotone",
"fas fa-person-dolly": " Person and Dolly solid",
"far fa-person-dolly": " Person and Dolly regular",
"fal fa-person-dolly": " Person and Dolly light",
"fab fa-person-dolly": " Person and Dolly duotone",
"fas fa-person-carry": " Person Carry solid",
"far fa-person-carry": " Person Carry regular",
"fal fa-person-carry": " Person Carry light",
"fab fa-person-carry": " Person Carry duotone",
"fas fa-person-booth": " Person Entering Booth solid",
"far fa-person-booth": " Person Entering Booth regular",
"fal fa-person-booth": " Person Entering Booth light",
"fab fa-person-booth": " Person Entering Booth duotone",
"fab fa-periscope": " Periscope brands",
"fas fa-percentage": " Percentage solid",
"far fa-percentage": " Percentage regular",
"fal fa-percentage": " Percentage light",
"fab fa-percentage": " Percentage duotone",
"fas fa-percent": " Percent solid",
"far fa-percent": " Percent regular",
"fal fa-percent": " Percent light",
"fab fa-percent": " Percent duotone",
"fas fa-pepper-hot": " Hot Pepper solid",
"far fa-pepper-hot": " Hot Pepper regular",
"fal fa-pepper-hot": " Hot Pepper light",
"fab fa-pepper-hot": " Hot Pepper duotone",
"fas fa-people-carry": " People Carry solid",
"far fa-people-carry": " People Carry regular",
"fal fa-people-carry": " People Carry light",
"fab fa-people-carry": " People Carry duotone",
"fab fa-penny-arcade": " Penny Arcade brands",
"fas fa-pennant": " Pennant solid",
"far fa-pennant": " Pennant regular",
"fal fa-pennant": " Pennant light",
"fab fa-pennant": " Pennant duotone",
"fas fa-pencil-ruler": " Pencil Ruler solid",
"far fa-pencil-ruler": " Pencil Ruler regular",
"fal fa-pencil-ruler": " Pencil Ruler light",
"fab fa-pencil-ruler": " Pencil Ruler duotone",
"fas fa-pencil-paintbrush": " Pencil Paintbrush solid",
"far fa-pencil-paintbrush": " Pencil Paintbrush regular",
"fal fa-pencil-paintbrush": " Pencil Paintbrush light",
"fab fa-pencil-paintbrush": " Pencil Paintbrush duotone",
"fas fa-pencil-alt": " Alternate Pencil solid",
"far fa-pencil-alt": " Alternate Pencil regular",
"fal fa-pencil-alt": " Alternate Pencil light",
"fab fa-pencil-alt": " Alternate Pencil duotone",
"fas fa-pencil": " pencil solid",
"far fa-pencil": " pencil regular",
"fal fa-pencil": " pencil light",
"fab fa-pencil": " pencil duotone",
"fas fa-pen-square": " Pen Square solid",
"far fa-pen-square": " Pen Square regular",
"fal fa-pen-square": " Pen Square light",
"fab fa-pen-square": " Pen Square duotone",
"fas fa-pen-nib": " Pen Nib solid",
"far fa-pen-nib": " Pen Nib regular",
"fal fa-pen-nib": " Pen Nib light",
"fab fa-pen-nib": " Pen Nib duotone",
"fas fa-pen-fancy": " Pen Fancy solid",
"far fa-pen-fancy": " Pen Fancy regular",
"fal fa-pen-fancy": " Pen Fancy light",
"fab fa-pen-fancy": " Pen Fancy duotone",
"fas fa-pen-alt": " Alternate Pen solid",
"far fa-pen-alt": " Alternate Pen regular",
"fal fa-pen-alt": " Alternate Pen light",
"fab fa-pen-alt": " Alternate Pen duotone",
"fas fa-pen": " Pen solid",
"far fa-pen": " Pen regular",
"fal fa-pen": " Pen light",
"fab fa-pen": " Pen duotone",
"fas fa-pegasus": " Pegasus solid",
"far fa-pegasus": " Pegasus regular",
"fal fa-pegasus": " Pegasus light",
"fab fa-pegasus": " Pegasus duotone",
"fas fa-peace": " Peace solid",
"far fa-peace": " Peace regular",
"fal fa-peace": " Peace light",
"fab fa-peace": " Peace duotone",
"fab fa-paypal": " Paypal brands",
"fas fa-paw-claws": " Paw Claws solid",
"far fa-paw-claws": " Paw Claws regular",
"fal fa-paw-claws": " Paw Claws light",
"fab fa-paw-claws": " Paw Claws duotone",
"fas fa-paw-alt": " Paw Alt solid",
"far fa-paw-alt": " Paw Alt regular",
"fal fa-paw-alt": " Paw Alt light",
"fab fa-paw-alt": " Paw Alt duotone",
"fas fa-paw": " Paw solid",
"far fa-paw": " Paw regular",
"fal fa-paw": " Paw light",
"fab fa-paw": " Paw duotone",
"fas fa-pause-circle": " Pause Circle solid",
"far fa-pause-circle": " Pause Circle regular",
"fal fa-pause-circle": " Pause Circle light",
"fab fa-pause-circle": " Pause Circle duotone",
"fas fa-pause": " pause solid",
"far fa-pause": " pause regular",
"fal fa-pause": " pause light",
"fab fa-pause": " pause duotone",
"fab fa-patreon": " Patreon brands",
"fas fa-paste": " Paste solid",
"far fa-paste": " Paste regular",
"fal fa-paste": " Paste light",
"fab fa-paste": " Paste duotone",
"fas fa-pastafarianism": " Pastafarianism solid",
"far fa-pastafarianism": " Pastafarianism regular",
"fal fa-pastafarianism": " Pastafarianism light",
"fab fa-pastafarianism": " Pastafarianism duotone",
"fas fa-passport": " Passport solid",
"far fa-passport": " Passport regular",
"fal fa-passport": " Passport light",
"fab fa-passport": " Passport duotone",
"fas fa-parking-slash": " Parking Slash solid",
"far fa-parking-slash": " Parking Slash regular",
"fal fa-parking-slash": " Parking Slash light",
"fab fa-parking-slash": " Parking Slash duotone",
"fas fa-parking-circle-slash": " Parking Circle Slash solid",
"far fa-parking-circle-slash": " Parking Circle Slash regular",
"fal fa-parking-circle-slash": " Parking Circle Slash light",
"fab fa-parking-circle-slash": " Parking Circle Slash duotone",
"fas fa-parking-circle": " Parking Circle solid",
"far fa-parking-circle": " Parking Circle regular",
"fal fa-parking-circle": " Parking Circle light",
"fab fa-parking-circle": " Parking Circle duotone",
"fas fa-parking": " Parking solid",
"far fa-parking": " Parking regular",
"fal fa-parking": " Parking light",
"fab fa-parking": " Parking duotone",
"fas fa-paragraph-rtl": " Paragraph Right-to-Left solid",
"far fa-paragraph-rtl": " Paragraph Right-to-Left regular",
"fal fa-paragraph-rtl": " Paragraph Right-to-Left light",
"fab fa-paragraph-rtl": " Paragraph Right-to-Left duotone",
"fas fa-paragraph": " paragraph solid",
"far fa-paragraph": " paragraph regular",
"fal fa-paragraph": " paragraph light",
"fab fa-paragraph": " paragraph duotone",
"fas fa-parachute-box": " Parachute Box solid",
"far fa-parachute-box": " Parachute Box regular",
"fal fa-parachute-box": " Parachute Box light",
"fab fa-parachute-box": " Parachute Box duotone",
"fas fa-paperclip": " Paperclip solid",
"far fa-paperclip": " Paperclip regular",
"fal fa-paperclip": " Paperclip light",
"fab fa-paperclip": " Paperclip duotone",
"fas fa-paper-plane": " Paper Plane solid",
"far fa-paper-plane": " Paper Plane regular",
"fal fa-paper-plane": " Paper Plane light",
"fab fa-paper-plane": " Paper Plane duotone",
"fas fa-pallet-alt": " Alternate Pallet solid",
"far fa-pallet-alt": " Alternate Pallet regular",
"fal fa-pallet-alt": " Alternate Pallet light",
"fab fa-pallet-alt": " Alternate Pallet duotone",
"fas fa-pallet": " Pallet solid",
"far fa-pallet": " Pallet regular",
"fal fa-pallet": " Pallet light",
"fab fa-pallet": " Pallet duotone",
"fab fa-palfed": " Palfed brands",
"fas fa-palette": " Palette solid",
"far fa-palette": " Palette regular",
"fal fa-palette": " Palette light",
"fab fa-palette": " Palette duotone",
"fas fa-paint-roller": " Paint Roller solid",
"far fa-paint-roller": " Paint Roller regular",
"fal fa-paint-roller": " Paint Roller light",
"fab fa-paint-roller": " Paint Roller duotone",
"fas fa-paint-brush-alt": " Alternate Paint Brush solid",
"far fa-paint-brush-alt": " Alternate Paint Brush regular",
"fal fa-paint-brush-alt": " Alternate Paint Brush light",
"fab fa-paint-brush-alt": " Alternate Paint Brush duotone",
"fas fa-paint-brush": " Paint Brush solid",
"far fa-paint-brush": " Paint Brush regular",
"fal fa-paint-brush": " Paint Brush light",
"fab fa-paint-brush": " Paint Brush duotone",
"fas fa-pager": " Pager solid",
"far fa-pager": " Pager regular",
"fal fa-pager": " Pager light",
"fab fa-pager": " Pager duotone",
"fab fa-pagelines": " Pagelines brands",
"fab fa-page4": " page4 Corporation brands",
"fas fa-page-break": " Page Break solid",
"far fa-page-break": " Page Break regular",
"fal fa-page-break": " Page Break light",
"fab fa-page-break": " Page Break duotone",
"fas fa-overline": " Overline solid",
"far fa-overline": " Overline regular",
"fal fa-overline": " Overline light",
"fab fa-overline": " Overline duotone",
"fas fa-outdent": " Outdent solid",
"far fa-outdent": " Outdent regular",
"fal fa-outdent": " Outdent light",
"fab fa-outdent": " Outdent duotone",
"fas fa-otter": " Otter solid",
"far fa-otter": " Otter regular",
"fal fa-otter": " Otter light",
"fab fa-otter": " Otter duotone",
"fab fa-osi": " Open Source Initiative brands",
"fas fa-ornament": " Ornament solid",
"far fa-ornament": " Ornament regular",
"fal fa-ornament": " Ornament light",
"fab fa-ornament": " Ornament duotone",
"fab fa-orcid": " ORCID brands",
"fab fa-optin-monster": " Optin Monster brands",
"fab fa-opera": " Opera brands",
"fab fa-openid": " OpenID brands",
"fab fa-opencart": " OpenCart brands",
"fas fa-omega": " Omega solid",
"far fa-omega": " Omega regular",
"fal fa-omega": " Omega light",
"fab fa-omega": " Omega duotone",
"fas fa-om": " Om solid",
"far fa-om": " Om regular",
"fal fa-om": " Om light",
"fab fa-om": " Om duotone",
"fab fa-old-republic": " Old Republic brands",
"fas fa-oil-temp": " Oil Temp solid",
"far fa-oil-temp": " Oil Temp regular",
"fal fa-oil-temp": " Oil Temp light",
"fab fa-oil-temp": " Oil Temp duotone",
"fas fa-oil-can": " Oil Can solid",
"far fa-oil-can": " Oil Can regular",
"fal fa-oil-can": " Oil Can light",
"fab fa-oil-can": " Oil Can duotone",
"fab fa-odnoklassniki-square": " Odnoklassniki Square brands",
"fab fa-odnoklassniki": " Odnoklassniki brands",
"fas fa-octagon": " Octagon solid",
"far fa-octagon": " Octagon regular",
"fal fa-octagon": " Octagon light",
"fab fa-octagon": " Octagon duotone",
"fas fa-object-ungroup": " Object Ungroup solid",
"far fa-object-ungroup": " Object Ungroup regular",
"fal fa-object-ungroup": " Object Ungroup light",
"fab fa-object-ungroup": " Object Ungroup duotone",
"fas fa-object-group": " Object Group solid",
"far fa-object-group": " Object Group regular",
"fal fa-object-group": " Object Group light",
"fab fa-object-group": " Object Group duotone",
"fab fa-nutritionix": " Nutritionix brands",
"fab fa-ns8": " NS8 brands",
"fab fa-npm": " npm brands",
"fas fa-notes-medical": " Medical Notes solid",
"far fa-notes-medical": " Medical Notes regular",
"fal fa-notes-medical": " Medical Notes light",
"fab fa-notes-medical": " Medical Notes duotone",
"fas fa-not-equal": " Not Equal solid",
"far fa-not-equal": " Not Equal regular",
"fal fa-not-equal": " Not Equal light",
"fab fa-not-equal": " Not Equal duotone",
"fab fa-node-js": " Node.js JS brands",
"fab fa-node": " Node.js brands",
"fab fa-nimblr": " Nimblr brands",
"fas fa-newspaper": " Newspaper solid",
"far fa-newspaper": " Newspaper regular",
"fal fa-newspaper": " Newspaper light",
"fab fa-newspaper": " Newspaper duotone",
"fas fa-neuter": " Neuter solid",
"far fa-neuter": " Neuter regular",
"fal fa-neuter": " Neuter light",
"fab fa-neuter": " Neuter duotone",
"fas fa-network-wired": " Wired Network solid",
"far fa-network-wired": " Wired Network regular",
"fal fa-network-wired": " Wired Network light",
"fab fa-network-wired": " Wired Network duotone",
"fab fa-neos": " Neos brands",
"fas fa-narwhal": " Narwhal solid",
"far fa-narwhal": " Narwhal regular",
"fal fa-narwhal": " Narwhal light",
"fab fa-narwhal": " Narwhal duotone",
"fab fa-napster": " Napster brands",
"fas fa-music-slash": " Music Slash solid",
"far fa-music-slash": " Music Slash regular",
"fal fa-music-slash": " Music Slash light",
"fab fa-music-slash": " Music Slash duotone",
"fas fa-music-alt-slash": " Alternate Music Slash solid",
"far fa-music-alt-slash": " Alternate Music Slash regular",
"fal fa-music-alt-slash": " Alternate Music Slash light",
"fab fa-music-alt-slash": " Alternate Music Slash duotone",
"fas fa-music-alt": " Alternate Music solid",
"far fa-music-alt": " Alternate Music regular",
"fal fa-music-alt": " Alternate Music light",
"fab fa-music-alt": " Alternate Music duotone",
"fas fa-music": " Music solid",
"far fa-music": " Music regular",
"fal fa-music": " Music light",
"fab fa-music": " Music duotone",
"fas fa-mug-tea": " Mug Tea solid",
"far fa-mug-tea": " Mug Tea regular",
"fal fa-mug-tea": " Mug Tea light",
"fab fa-mug-tea": " Mug Tea duotone",
"fas fa-mug-marshmallows": " Mug with Marshmallows solid",
"far fa-mug-marshmallows": " Mug with Marshmallows regular",
"fal fa-mug-marshmallows": " Mug with Marshmallows light",
"fab fa-mug-marshmallows": " Mug with Marshmallows duotone",
"fas fa-mug-hot": " Mug Hot solid",
"far fa-mug-hot": " Mug Hot regular",
"fal fa-mug-hot": " Mug Hot light",
"fab fa-mug-hot": " Mug Hot duotone",
"fas fa-mug": " Mug solid",
"far fa-mug": " Mug regular",
"fal fa-mug": " Mug light",
"fab fa-mug": " Mug duotone",
"fas fa-mp3-player": " MP3 Player solid",
"far fa-mp3-player": " MP3 Player regular",
"fal fa-mp3-player": " MP3 Player light",
"fab fa-mp3-player": " MP3 Player duotone",
"fas fa-mouse-pointer": " Mouse Pointer solid",
"far fa-mouse-pointer": " Mouse Pointer regular",
"fal fa-mouse-pointer": " Mouse Pointer light",
"fab fa-mouse-pointer": " Mouse Pointer duotone",
"fas fa-mouse-alt": " Alternate Mouse solid",
"far fa-mouse-alt": " Alternate Mouse regular",
"fal fa-mouse-alt": " Alternate Mouse light",
"fab fa-mouse-alt": " Alternate Mouse duotone",
"fas fa-mouse": " Mouse solid",
"far fa-mouse": " Mouse regular",
"fal fa-mouse": " Mouse light",
"fab fa-mouse": " Mouse duotone",
"fas fa-mountains": " Mountains solid",
"far fa-mountains": " Mountains regular",
"fal fa-mountains": " Mountains light",
"fab fa-mountains": " Mountains duotone",
"fas fa-mountain": " Moun