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"fab fa-buromobelexperte": " B\u00fcrom\u00f6bel-Experte GmbH & Co. KG. brands",
"fas fa-burn": " Burn solid",
"far fa-burn": " Burn regular",
"fal fa-burn": " Burn light",
"fas fa-bullseye": " Bullseye solid",
"far fa-bullseye": " Bullseye regular",
"fal fa-bullseye": " Bullseye light",
"fas fa-bullhorn": " bullhorn solid",
"far fa-bullhorn": " bullhorn regular",
"fal fa-bullhorn": " bullhorn light",
"fas fa-building": " Building solid",
"far fa-building": " Building regular",
"fal fa-building": " Building light",
"fas fa-bug": " Bug solid",
"far fa-bug": " Bug regular",
"fal fa-bug": " Bug light",
"fab fa-btc": " BTC brands",
"fas fa-browser": " Browser solid",
"far fa-browser": " Browser regular",
"fal fa-browser": " Browser light",
"fas fa-briefcase-medical": " Medical Briefcase solid",
"far fa-briefcase-medical": " Medical Briefcase regular",
"fal fa-briefcase-medical": " Medical Briefcase light",
"fas fa-briefcase": " Briefcase solid",
"far fa-briefcase": " Briefcase regular",
"fal fa-briefcase": " Briefcase light",
"fas fa-braille": " Braille solid",
"far fa-braille": " Braille regular",
"fal fa-braille": " Braille light",
"fas fa-boxing-glove": " Boxing Glove solid",
"far fa-boxing-glove": " Boxing Glove regular",
"fal fa-boxing-glove": " Boxing Glove light",
"fas fa-boxes-alt": " Alternate Boxes solid",
"far fa-boxes-alt": " Alternate Boxes regular",
"fal fa-boxes-alt": " Alternate Boxes light",
"fas fa-boxes": " Boxes solid",
"far fa-boxes": " Boxes regular",
"fal fa-boxes": " Boxes light",
"fas fa-box-usd": " Box with US Dollar solid",
"far fa-box-usd": " Box with US Dollar regular",
"fal fa-box-usd": " Box with US Dollar light",
"fas fa-box-up": " Box Up solid",
"far fa-box-up": " Box Up regular",
"fal fa-box-up": " Box Up light",
"fas fa-box-open": " Box Open solid",
"far fa-box-open": " Box Open regular",
"fal fa-box-open": " Box Open light",
"fas fa-box-heart": " Box with Heart solid",
"far fa-box-heart": " Box with Heart regular",
"fal fa-box-heart": " Box with Heart light",
"fas fa-box-full": " Box Full solid",
"far fa-box-full": " Box Full regular",
"fal fa-box-full": " Box Full light",
"fas fa-box-fragile": " Box Fragile solid",
"far fa-box-fragile": " Box Fragile regular",
"fal fa-box-fragile": " Box Fragile light",
"fas fa-box-check": " Box Check solid",
"far fa-box-check": " Box Check regular",
"fal fa-box-check": " Box Check light",
"fas fa-box-alt": " Alternate Box solid",
"far fa-box-alt": " Alternate Box regular",
"fal fa-box-alt": " Alternate Box light",
"fas fa-box": " Box solid",
"far fa-box": " Box regular",
"fal fa-box": " Box light",
"fas fa-bowling-pins": " Bowling Pins solid",
"far fa-bowling-pins": " Bowling Pins regular",
"fal fa-bowling-pins": " Bowling Pins light",
"fas fa-bowling-ball": " Bowling Ball solid",
"far fa-bowling-ball": " Bowling Ball regular",
"fal fa-bowling-ball": " Bowling Ball light",
"fas fa-bookmark": " bookmark solid",
"far fa-bookmark": " bookmark regular",
"fal fa-bookmark": " bookmark light",
"fas fa-book-heart": " Book with Heart solid",
"far fa-book-heart": " Book with Heart regular",
"fal fa-book-heart": " Book with Heart light",
"fas fa-book": " book solid",
"far fa-book": " book regular",
"fal fa-book": " book light",
"fas fa-bomb": " Bomb solid",
"far fa-bomb": " Bomb regular",
"fal fa-bomb": " Bomb light",
"fas fa-bolt": " Lightning Bolt solid",
"far fa-bolt": " Lightning Bolt regular",
"fal fa-bolt": " Lightning Bolt light",
"fas fa-bold": " bold solid",
"far fa-bold": " bold regular",
"fal fa-bold": " bold light",
"fab fa-bluetooth-b": " Bluetooth brands",
"fab fa-bluetooth": " Bluetooth brands",
"fab fa-blogger-b": " Blogger B brands",
"fab fa-blogger": " Blogger brands",
"fas fa-blind": " Blind solid",
"far fa-blind": " Blind regular",
"fal fa-blind": " Blind light",
"fas fa-blanket": " Blanket solid",
"far fa-blanket": " Blanket regular",
"fal fa-blanket": " Blanket light",
"fab fa-blackberry": " BlackBerry brands",
"fab fa-black-tie": " Font Awesome Black Tie brands",
"fab fa-bity": " Bity brands",
"fab fa-bitcoin": " Bitcoin brands",
"fab fa-bitbucket": " Bitbucket brands",
"fas fa-birthday-cake": " Birthday Cake solid",
"far fa-birthday-cake": " Birthday Cake regular",
"fal fa-birthday-cake": " Birthday Cake light",
"fas fa-binoculars": " Binoculars solid",
"far fa-binoculars": " Binoculars regular",
"fal fa-binoculars": " Binoculars light",
"fab fa-bimobject": " BIMobject brands",
"fas fa-bicycle": " Bicycle solid",
"far fa-bicycle": " Bicycle regular",
"fal fa-bicycle": " Bicycle light",
"fas fa-bell-slash": " Bell Slash solid",
"far fa-bell-slash": " Bell Slash regular",
"fal fa-bell-slash": " Bell Slash light",
"fas fa-bell": " bell solid",
"far fa-bell": " bell regular",
"fal fa-bell": " bell light",
"fab fa-behance-square": " Behance Square brands",
"fab fa-behance": " Behance brands",
"fas fa-beer": " beer solid",
"far fa-beer": " beer regular",
"fal fa-beer": " beer light",
"fas fa-bed": " Bed solid",
"far fa-bed": " Bed regular",
"fal fa-bed": " Bed light",
"fas fa-battery-three-quarters": " Battery 3\/4 Full solid",
"far fa-battery-three-quarters": " Battery 3\/4 Full regular",
"fal fa-battery-three-quarters": " Battery 3\/4 Full light",
"fas fa-battery-slash": " Battery Slash solid",
"far fa-battery-slash": " Battery Slash regular",
"fal fa-battery-slash": " Battery Slash light",
"fas fa-battery-quarter": " Battery 1\/4 Full solid",
"far fa-battery-quarter": " Battery 1\/4 Full regular",
"fal fa-battery-quarter": " Battery 1\/4 Full light",
"fas fa-battery-half": " Battery 1\/2 Full solid",
"far fa-battery-half": " Battery 1\/2 Full regular",
"fal fa-battery-half": " Battery 1\/2 Full light",
"fas fa-battery-full": " Battery Full solid",
"far fa-battery-full": " Battery Full regular",
"fal fa-battery-full": " Battery Full light",
"fas fa-battery-empty": " Battery Empty solid",
"far fa-battery-empty": " Battery Empty regular",
"fal fa-battery-empty": " Battery Empty light",
"fas fa-battery-bolt": " Battery Bolt solid",
"far fa-battery-bolt": " Battery Bolt regular",
"fal fa-battery-bolt": " Battery Bolt light",
"fas fa-bath": " Bath solid",
"far fa-bath": " Bath regular",
"fal fa-bath": " Bath light",
"fas fa-basketball-hoop": " Basketball Hoop solid",
"far fa-basketball-hoop": " Basketball Hoop regular",
"fal fa-basketball-hoop": " Basketball Hoop light",
"fas fa-basketball-ball": " Basketball Ball solid",
"far fa-basketball-ball": " Basketball Ball regular",
"fal fa-basketball-ball": " Basketball Ball light",
"fas fa-baseball-ball": " Baseball Ball solid",
"far fa-baseball-ball": " Baseball Ball regular",
"fal fa-baseball-ball": " Baseball Ball light",
"fas fa-baseball": " Baseball solid",
"far fa-baseball": " Baseball regular",
"fal fa-baseball": " Baseball light",
"fas fa-bars": " Bars solid",
"far fa-bars": " Bars regular",
"fal fa-bars": " Bars light",
"fas fa-barcode-scan": " Barcode Scan solid",
"far fa-barcode-scan": " Barcode Scan regular",
"fal fa-barcode-scan": " Barcode Scan light",
"fas fa-barcode-read": " Barcode Read solid",
"far fa-barcode-read": " Barcode Read regular",
"fal fa-barcode-read": " Barcode Read light",
"fas fa-barcode-alt": " Barcode Alternate solid",
"far fa-barcode-alt": " Barcode Alternate regular",
"fal fa-barcode-alt": " Barcode Alternate light",
"fas fa-barcode": " barcode solid",
"far fa-barcode": " barcode regular",
"fal fa-barcode": " barcode light",
"fab fa-bandcamp": " Bandcamp brands",
"fas fa-band-aid": " Band-Aid solid",
"far fa-band-aid": " Band-Aid regular",
"fal fa-band-aid": " Band-Aid light",
"fas fa-ban": " ban solid",
"far fa-ban": " ban regular",
"fal fa-ban": " ban light",
"fas fa-balance-scale": " Balance Scale solid",
"far fa-balance-scale": " Balance Scale regular",
"fal fa-balance-scale": " Balance Scale light",
"fas fa-badge-check": " Check Badge solid",
"far fa-badge-check": " Check Badge regular",
"fal fa-badge-check": " Check Badge light",
"fas fa-badge": " Badge solid",
"far fa-badge": " Badge regular",
"fal fa-badge": " Badge light",
"fas fa-backward": " backward solid",
"far fa-backward": " backward regular",
"fal fa-backward": " backward light",
"fab fa-aws": " Amazon Web Services (AWS) brands",
"fab fa-aviato": " Aviato brands",
"fab fa-avianex": " avianex brands",
"fab fa-autoprefixer": " Autoprefixer brands",
"fas fa-audio-description": " Audio Description solid",
"far fa-audio-description": " Audio Description regular",
"fal fa-audio-description": " Audio Description light",
"fab fa-audible": " Audible brands",
"fas fa-at": " At solid",
"far fa-at": " At regular",
"fal fa-at": " At light",
"fab fa-asymmetrik": " Asymmetrik, Ltd. brands",
"fas fa-asterisk": " asterisk solid",
"far fa-asterisk": " asterisk regular",
"fal fa-asterisk": " asterisk light",
"fas fa-assistive-listening-systems": " Assistive Listening Systems solid",
"far fa-assistive-listening-systems": " Assistive Listening Systems regular",
"fal fa-assistive-listening-systems": " Assistive Listening Systems light",
"fas fa-arrows-v": " Arrows Vertical solid",
"far fa-arrows-v": " Arrows Vertical regular",
"fal fa-arrows-v": " Arrows Vertical light",
"fas fa-arrows-h": " Arrows Horizontal solid",
"far fa-arrows-h": " Arrows Horizontal regular",
"fal fa-arrows-h": " Arrows Horizontal light",
"fas fa-arrows-alt-v": " Alternate Arrows Vertical solid",
"far fa-arrows-alt-v": " Alternate Arrows Vertical regular",
"fal fa-arrows-alt-v": " Alternate Arrows Vertical light",
"fas fa-arrows-alt-h": " Alternate Arrows Horizontal solid",
"far fa-arrows-alt-h": " Alternate Arrows Horizontal regular",
"fal fa-arrows-alt-h": " Alternate Arrows Horizontal light",
"fas fa-arrows-alt": " Alternate Arrows solid",
"far fa-arrows-alt": " Alternate Arrows regular",
"fal fa-arrows-alt": " Alternate Arrows light",
"fas fa-arrows": " Arrows solid",
"far fa-arrows": " Arrows regular",
"fal fa-arrows": " Arrows light",
"fas fa-arrow-up": " arrow-up solid",
"far fa-arrow-up": " arrow-up regular",
"fal fa-arrow-up": " arrow-up light",
"fas fa-arrow-to-top": " Arrow to Top solid",
"far fa-arrow-to-top": " Arrow to Top regular",
"fal fa-arrow-to-top": " Arrow to Top light",
"fas fa-arrow-to-right": " Arrow to Right solid",
"far fa-arrow-to-right": " Arrow to Right regular",
"fal fa-arrow-to-right": " Arrow to Right light",
"fas fa-arrow-to-left": " Arrow to Left solid",
"far fa-arrow-to-left": " Arrow to Left regular",
"fal fa-arrow-to-left": " Arrow to Left light",
"fas fa-arrow-to-bottom": " Arrow to Bottom solid",
"far fa-arrow-to-bottom": " Arrow to Bottom regular",
"fal fa-arrow-to-bottom": " Arrow to Bottom light",
"fas fa-arrow-square-up": " Arrow Square Up solid",
"far fa-arrow-square-up": " Arrow Square Up regular",
"fal fa-arrow-square-up": " Arrow Square Up light",
"fas fa-arrow-square-right": " Arrow Square Right solid",
"far fa-arrow-square-right": " Arrow Square Right regular",
"fal fa-arrow-square-right": " Arrow Square Right light",
"fas fa-arrow-square-left": " Arrow Square Left solid",
"far fa-arrow-square-left": " Arrow Square Left regular",
"fal fa-arrow-square-left": " Arrow Square Left light",
"fas fa-arrow-square-down": " Arrow Square Down solid",
"far fa-arrow-square-down": " Arrow Square Down regular",
"fal fa-arrow-square-down": " Arrow Square Down light",
"fas fa-arrow-right": " arrow-right solid",
"far fa-arrow-right": " arrow-right regular",
"fal fa-arrow-right": " arrow-right light",
"fas fa-arrow-left": " arrow-left solid",
"far fa-arrow-left": " arrow-left regular",
"fal fa-arrow-left": " arrow-left light",
"fas fa-arrow-from-top": " Arrow from Top solid",
"far fa-arrow-from-top": " Arrow from Top regular",
"fal fa-arrow-from-top": " Arrow from Top light",
"fas fa-arrow-from-right": " Arrow from Right solid",
"far fa-arrow-from-right": " Arrow from Right regular",
"fal fa-arrow-from-right": " Arrow from Right light",
"fas fa-arrow-from-left": " Arrow from Left solid",
"far fa-arrow-from-left": " Arrow from Left regular",
"fal fa-arrow-from-left": " Arrow from Left light",
"fas fa-arrow-from-bottom": " Arrow from Bottom solid",
"far fa-arrow-from-bottom": " Arrow from Bottom regular",
"fal fa-arrow-from-bottom": " Arrow from Bottom light",
"fas fa-arrow-down": " arrow-down solid",
"far fa-arrow-down": " arrow-down regular",
"fal fa-arrow-down": " arrow-down light",
"fas fa-arrow-circle-up": " Arrow Circle Up solid",
"far fa-arrow-circle-up": " Arrow Circle Up regular",
"fal fa-arrow-circle-up": " Arrow Circle Up light",
"fas fa-arrow-circle-right": " Arrow Circle Right solid",
"far fa-arrow-circle-right": " Arrow Circle Right regular",
"fal fa-arrow-circle-right": " Arrow Circle Right light",
"fas fa-arrow-circle-left": " Arrow Circle Left solid",
"far fa-arrow-circle-left": " Arrow Circle Left regular",
"fal fa-arrow-circle-left": " Arrow Circle Left light",
"fas fa-arrow-circle-down": " Arrow Circle Down solid",
"far fa-arrow-circle-down": " Arrow Circle Down regular",
"fal fa-arrow-circle-down": " Arrow Circle Down light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-up": " Alternate Arrow Up solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-up": " Alternate Arrow Up regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-up": " Alternate Arrow Up light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-to-top": " Alternate Arrow to Top solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-to-top": " Alternate Arrow to Top regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-to-top": " Alternate Arrow to Top light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-to-right": " Alternate Arrow to Right solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-to-right": " Alternate Arrow to Right regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-to-right": " Alternate Arrow to Right light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-to-left": " Alternate Arrow to Left solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-to-left": " Alternate Arrow to Left regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-to-left": " Alternate Arrow to Left light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-to-bottom": " Alternate Arrow to Bottom solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-to-bottom": " Alternate Arrow to Bottom regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-to-bottom": " Alternate Arrow to Bottom light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-square-up": " Alternate Arrow Square Up solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-square-up": " Alternate Arrow Square Up regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-square-up": " Alternate Arrow Square Up light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-square-right": " Alternate Arrow Square Right solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-square-right": " Alternate Arrow Square Right regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-square-right": " Alternate Arrow Square Right light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-square-left": " Alternate Arrow Square Left solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-square-left": " Alternate Arrow Square Left regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-square-left": " Alternate Arrow Square Left light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-square-down": " Alternate Arrow Square Down solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-square-down": " Alternate Arrow Square Down regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-square-down": " Alternate Arrow Square Down light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-right": " Alternate Arrow Right solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-right": " Alternate Arrow Right regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-right": " Alternate Arrow Right light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-left": " Alternate Arrow Left solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-left": " Alternate Arrow Left regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-left": " Alternate Arrow Left light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-from-top": " Alternate Arrow from Top solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-from-top": " Alternate Arrow from Top regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-from-top": " Alternate Arrow from Top light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-from-right": " Alternate Arrow from Right solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-from-right": " Alternate Arrow from Right regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-from-right": " Alternate Arrow from Right light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-from-left": " Alternate Arrow from Left solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-from-left": " Alternate Arrow from Left regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-from-left": " Alternate Arrow from Left light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-from-bottom": " Alternate Arrow from Bottom solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-from-bottom": " Alternate Arrow from Bottom regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-from-bottom": " Alternate Arrow from Bottom light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-down": " Alternate Arrow Down solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-down": " Alternate Arrow Down regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-down": " Alternate Arrow Down light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-up": " Alternate Arrow Circle Up solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-circle-up": " Alternate Arrow Circle Up regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-circle-up": " Alternate Arrow Circle Up light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-right": " Alternate Arrow Circle Right solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-circle-right": " Alternate Arrow Circle Right regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-circle-right": " Alternate Arrow Circle Right light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-left": " Alternate Arrow Circle Left solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-circle-left": " Alternate Arrow Circle Left regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-circle-left": " Alternate Arrow Circle Left light",
"fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-down": " Alternate Arrow Circle Down solid",
"far fa-arrow-alt-circle-down": " Alternate Arrow Circle Down regular",
"fal fa-arrow-alt-circle-down": " Alternate Arrow Circle Down light",
"fas fa-archive": " Archive solid",
"far fa-archive": " Archive regular",
"fal fa-archive": " Archive light",
"fab fa-apple-pay": " Apple Pay brands",
"fab fa-apple": " Apple brands",
"fab fa-apper": " Apper Systems AB brands",
"fab fa-app-store-ios": " iOS App Store brands",
"fab fa-app-store": " App Store brands",
"fab fa-angular": " Angular brands",
"fab fa-angrycreative": " Angry Creative brands",
"fas fa-angle-up": " angle-up solid",
"far fa-angle-up": " angle-up regular",
"fal fa-angle-up": " angle-up light",
"fas fa-angle-right": " angle-right solid",
"far fa-angle-right": " angle-right regular",
"fal fa-angle-right": " angle-right light",
"fas fa-angle-left": " angle-left solid",
"far fa-angle-left": " angle-left regular",
"fal fa-angle-left": " angle-left light",
"fas fa-angle-down": " angle-down solid",
"far fa-angle-down": " angle-down regular",
"fal fa-angle-down": " angle-down light",
"fas fa-angle-double-up": " Angle Double Up solid",
"far fa-angle-double-up": " Angle Double Up regular",
"fal fa-angle-double-up": " Angle Double Up light",
"fas fa-angle-double-right": " Angle Double Right solid",
"far fa-angle-double-right": " Angle Double Right regular",
"fal fa-angle-double-right": " Angle Double Right light",
"fas fa-angle-double-left": " Angle Double Left solid",
"far fa-angle-double-left": " Angle Double Left regular",
"fal fa-angle-double-left": " Angle Double Left light",
"fas fa-angle-double-down": " Angle Double Down solid",
"far fa-angle-double-down": " Angle Double Down regular",
"fal fa-angle-double-down": " Angle Double Down light",
"fab fa-angellist": " AngelList brands",
"fab fa-android": " Android brands",
"fas fa-anchor": " Anchor solid",
"far fa-anchor": " Anchor regular",
"fal fa-anchor": " Anchor light",
"fab fa-amilia": " Amilia brands",
"fas fa-american-sign-language-interpreting": " American Sign Language Interpreting solid",
"far fa-american-sign-language-interpreting": " American Sign Language Interpreting regular",
"fal fa-american-sign-language-interpreting": " American Sign Language Interpreting light",
"fas fa-ambulance": " ambulance solid",
"far fa-ambulance": " ambulance regular",
"fal fa-ambulance": " ambulance light",
"fab fa-amazon-pay": " Amazon Pay brands",
"fab fa-amazon": " Amazon brands",
"fas fa-allergies": " Allergies solid",
"far fa-allergies": " Allergies regular",
"fal fa-allergies": " Allergies light",
"fas fa-align-right": " align-right solid",
"far fa-align-right": " align-right regular",
"fal fa-align-right": " align-right light",
"fas fa-align-left": " align-left solid",
"far fa-align-left": " align-left regular",
"fal fa-align-left": " align-left light",
"fas fa-align-justify": " align-justify solid",
"far fa-align-justify": " align-justify regular",
"fal fa-align-justify": " align-justify light",
"fas fa-align-center": " align-center solid",
"far fa-align-center": " align-center regular",
"fal fa-align-center": " align-center light",
"fab fa-algolia": " Algolia brands",
"fas fa-alarm-clock": " Alarm Clock solid",
"far fa-alarm-clock": " Alarm Clock regular",
"fal fa-alarm-clock": " Alarm Clock light",
"fab fa-affiliatetheme": " affiliatetheme brands",
"fab fa-adversal": " Adversal brands",
"fab fa-adn": " brands",
"fas fa-adjust": " adjust solid",
"far fa-adjust": " adjust regular",
"fal fa-adjust": " adjust light",
"fas fa-address-card": " Address Card solid",
"far fa-address-card": " Address Card regular",
"fal fa-address-card": " Address Card light",
"fas fa-address-book": " Address Book solid",
"far fa-address-book": " Address Book regular",
"fal fa-address-book": " Address Book light",
"fab fa-accusoft": " Accusoft brands",
"fab fa-accessible-icon": " Accessible Icon brands",
"fab fa-500px": " 500px brands",
"fab fa-youtube-square": " YouTube Square brands",
"fab fa-youtube": " YouTube brands",
"fab fa-yoast": " Yoast brands",
"fas fa-yen-sign": " Yen Sign solid",
"far fa-yen-sign": " Yen Sign regular",
"fal fa-yen-sign": " Yen Sign light",
"fab fa-yelp": " Yelp brands",
"fab fa-yandex-international": " Yandex International brands",
"fab fa-yandex": " Yandex brands",
"fab fa-yahoo": " Yahoo Logo brands",
"fab fa-y-combinator": " Y Combinator brands",
"fab fa-xing-square": " Xing Square brands",
"fab fa-xing": " Xing brands",
"fab fa-xbox": " Xbox brands",
"fas fa-x-ray": " X-Ray solid",
"far fa-x-ray": " X-Ray regular",
"fal fa-x-ray": " X-Ray light",
"fas fa-wrench": " Wrench solid",
"far fa-wrench": " Wrench regular",
"fal fa-wrench": " Wrench light",
"fab fa-wpforms": " WPForms brands",
"fab fa-wpexplorer": " WPExplorer brands",
"fab fa-wpbeginner": " WPBeginner brands",
"fab fa-wordpress-simple": " Wordpress Simple brands",
"fab fa-wordpress": " WordPress Logo brands",
"fas fa-won-sign": " Won Sign solid",
"far fa-won-sign": " Won Sign regular",
"fal fa-won-sign": " Won Sign light",
"fab fa-wolf-pack-battalion": " Wolf Pack-battalion brands",
"fas fa-wine-glass": " Wine Glass solid",
"far fa-wine-glass": " Wine Glass regular",
"fal fa-wine-glass": " Wine Glass light",
"fab fa-windows": " Windows brands",
"fas fa-window-restore": " Window Restore solid",
"far fa-window-restore": " Window Restore regular",
"fal fa-window-restore": " Window Restore light",
"fas fa-window-minimize": " Window Minimize solid",
"far fa-window-minimize": " Window Minimize regular",
"fal fa-window-minimize": " Window Minimize light",
"fas fa-window-maximize": " Window Maximize solid",
"far fa-window-maximize": " Window Maximize regular",
"fal fa-window-maximize": " Window Maximize light",
"fas fa-window-close": " Window Close solid",
"far fa-window-close": " Window Close regular",
"fal fa-window-close": " Window Close light",
"fas fa-window-alt": " Alternate Window solid",
"far fa-window-alt": " Alternate Window regular",
"fal fa-window-alt": " Alternate Window light",
"fas fa-window": " Window solid",
"far fa-window": " Window regular",
"fal fa-window": " Window light",
"fab fa-wikipedia-w": " Wikipedia W brands",
"fas fa-wifi": " WiFi solid",
"far fa-wifi": " WiFi regular",
"fal fa-wifi": " WiFi light",
"fab fa-whmcs": " WHMCS brands",
"fas fa-whistle": " Whistle solid",
"far fa-whistle": " Whistle regular",
"fal fa-whistle": " Whistle light",
"fas fa-wheelchair": " Wheelchair solid",
"far fa-wheelchair": " Wheelchair regular",
"fal fa-wheelchair": " Wheelchair light",
"fab fa-whatsapp-square": " What's App Square brands",
"fab fa-whatsapp": " What's App brands",
"fab fa-weixin": " Weixin (WeChat) brands",
"fas fa-weight": " Weight solid",
"far fa-weight": " Weight regular",
"fal fa-weight": " Weight light",
"fab fa-weibo": " Weibo brands",
"fas fa-watch": " Watch solid",
"far fa-watch": " Watch regular",
"fal fa-watch": " Watch light",
"fas fa-warehouse-alt": " Alternate Warehouse solid",
"far fa-warehouse-alt": " Alternate Warehouse regular",
"fal fa-warehouse-alt": " Alternate Warehouse light",
"fas fa-warehouse": " Warehouse solid",
"far fa-warehouse": " Warehouse regular",
"fal fa-warehouse": " Warehouse light",
"fab fa-vuejs": " Vue.js brands",
"fas fa-volume-up": " volume-up solid",
"far fa-volume-up": " volume-up regular",
"fal fa-volume-up": " volume-up light",
"fas fa-volume-off": " volume-off solid",
"far fa-volume-off": " volume-off regular",
"fal fa-volume-off": " volume-off light",
"fas fa-volume-mute": " volume-mute solid",
"far fa-volume-mute": " volume-mute regular",
"fal fa-volume-mute": " volume-mute light",
"fas fa-volume-down": " volume-down solid",
"far fa-volume-down": " volume-down regular",
"fal fa-volume-down": " volume-down light",
"fas fa-volleyball-ball": " Volleyball Ball solid",
"far fa-volleyball-ball": " Volleyball Ball regular",
"fal fa-volleyball-ball": " Volleyball Ball light",
"fab fa-vnv": " VNV brands",
"fab fa-vk": " VK brands",
"fab fa-vine": " Vine brands",
"fab fa-vimeo-v": " Vimeo brands",
"fab fa-vimeo-square": " Vimeo Square brands",
"fab fa-vimeo": " Vimeo brands",
"fas fa-video-slash": " Video Slash solid",
"far fa-video-slash": " Video Slash regular",
"fal fa-video-slash": " Video Slash light",
"fas fa-video-plus": " Video Plus solid",
"far fa-video-plus": " Video Plus regular",
"fal fa-video-plus": " Video Plus light",
"fas fa-video": " Video solid",
"far fa-video": " Video regular",
"fal fa-video": " Video light",
"fab fa-viber": " Viber brands",
"fas fa-vials": " Vials solid",
"far fa-vials": " Vials regular",
"fal fa-vials": " Vials light",
"fas fa-vial": " Vial solid",
"far fa-vial": " Vial regular",
"fal fa-vial": " Vial light",
"fab fa-viadeo-square": " Viadeo Square brands",
"fab fa-viadeo": " Viadeo brands",
"fab fa-viacoin": " Viacoin brands",
"fas fa-venus-mars": " Venus Mars solid",
"far fa-venus-mars": " Venus Mars regular",
"fal fa-venus-mars": " Venus Mars light",
"fas fa-venus-double": " Venus Double solid",
"far fa-venus-double": " Venus Double regular",
"fal fa-venus-double": " Venus Double light",
"fas fa-venus": " Venus solid",
"far fa-venus": " Venus regular",
"fal fa-venus": " Venus light",
"fab fa-vaadin": " Vaadin brands",
"fas fa-utensils-alt": " Alternate Utensils solid",
"far fa-utensils-alt": " Alternate Utensils regular",
"fal fa-utensils-alt": " Alternate Utensils light",
"fas fa-utensils": " Utensils solid",
"far fa-utensils": " Utensils regular",
"fal fa-utensils": " Utensils light",
"fas fa-utensil-spoon": " Utensil Spoon solid",
"far fa-utensil-spoon": " Utensil Spoon regular",
"fal fa-utensil-spoon": " Utensil Spoon light",
"fas fa-utensil-knife": " Utensil Knife solid",
"far fa-utensil-knife": " Utensil Knife regular",
"fal fa-utensil-knife": " Utensil Knife light",
"fas fa-utensil-fork": " Utensil Fork solid",
"far fa-utensil-fork": " Utensil Fork regular",
"fal fa-utensil-fork": " Utensil Fork light",
"fab fa-ussunnah": " us-Sunnah Foundation brands",
"fas fa-users-cog": " Users Cog solid",
"far fa-users-cog": " Users Cog regular",
"fal fa-users-cog": " Users Cog light",
"fas fa-users": " Users solid",
"far fa-users": " Users regular",
"fal fa-users": " Users light",
"fas fa-user-times": " Remove User solid",
"far fa-user-times": " Remove User regular",
"fal fa-user-times": " Remove User light",
"fas fa-user-tie": " User Tie solid",
"far fa-user-tie": " User Tie regular",
"fal fa-user-tie": " User Tie light",
"fas fa-user-tag": " User Tag solid",
"far fa-user-tag": " User Tag regular",
"fal fa-user-tag": " User Tag light",
"fas fa-user-slash": " User Slash solid",
"far fa-user-slash": " User Slash regular",
"fal fa-user-slash": " User Slash light",
"fas fa-user-shield": " User Shield solid",
"far fa-user-shield": " User Shield regular",
"fal fa-user-shield": " User Shield light",
"fas fa-user-secret": " User Secret solid",
"far fa-user-secret": " User Secret regular",
"fal fa-user-secret": " User Secret light",
"fas fa-user-plus": " Add User solid",
"far fa-user-plus": " Add User regular",
"fal fa-user-plus": " Add User light",
"fas fa-user-ninja": " User Ninja solid",
"far fa-user-ninja": " User Ninja regular",
"fal fa-user-ninja": " User Ninja light",
"fas fa-user-minus": " User Minus solid",
"far fa-user-minus": " User Minus regular",
"fal fa-user-minus": " User Minus light",
"fas fa-user-md": " user-md solid",
"far fa-user-md": " user-md regular",
"fal fa-user-md": " user-md light",
"fas fa-user-lock": " User Lock solid",
"far fa-user-lock": " User Lock regular",
"fal fa-user-lock": " User Lock light",
"fas fa-user-graduate": " User Graduate solid",
"far fa-user-graduate": " User Graduate regular",
"fal fa-user-graduate": " User Graduate light",
"fas fa-user-friends": " User Friends solid",
"far fa-user-friends": " User Friends regular",
"fal fa-user-friends": " User Friends light",
"fas fa-user-edit": " User Edit solid",
"far fa-user-edit": " User Edit regular",
"fal fa-user-edit": " User Edit light",
"fas fa-user-cog": " User Cog solid",
"far fa-user-cog": " User Cog regular",
"fal fa-user-cog": " User Cog light",
"fas fa-user-clock": " User Clock solid",
"far fa-user-clock": " User Clock regular",
"fal fa-user-clock": " User Clock light",
"fas fa-user-circle": " User Circle solid",
"far fa-user-circle": " User Circle regular",
"fal fa-user-circle": " User Circle light",
"fas fa-user-check": " User Check solid",
"far fa-user-check": " User Check regular",
"fal fa-user-check": " User Check light",
"fas fa-user-astronaut": " User Astronaut solid",
"far fa-user-astronaut": " User Astronaut regular",
"fal fa-user-astronaut": " User Astronaut light",
"fas fa-user-alt-slash": " User Alt-slash solid",
"far fa-user-alt-slash": " User Alt-slash regular",
"fal fa-user-alt-slash": " User Alt-slash light",
"fas fa-user-alt": " Alternate User solid",
"far fa-user-alt": " Alternate User regular",
"fal fa-user-alt": " Alternate User light",
"fas fa-user": " User solid",
"far fa-user": " User regular",
"fal fa-user": " User light",
"fas fa-usd-square": " US Dollar Square solid",
"far fa-usd-square": " US Dollar Square regular",
"fal fa-usd-square": " US Dollar Square light",
"fas fa-usd-circle": " US Dollar Circle solid",
"far fa-usd-circle": " US Dollar Circle regular",
"fal fa-usd-circle": " US Dollar Circle light",
"fab fa-usb": " USB brands",
"fas fa-upload": " Upload solid",
"far fa-upload": " Upload regular",
"fal fa-upload": " Upload light",
"fab fa-untappd": " Untappd brands",
"fas fa-unlock-alt": " Alternate Unlock solid",
"far fa-unlock-alt": " Alternate Unlock regular",
"fal fa-unlock-alt": " Alternate Unlock light",
"fas fa-unlock": " unlock solid",
"far fa-unlock": " unlock regular",
"fal fa-unlock": " unlock light",
"fas fa-unlink": " unlink solid",
"far fa-unlink": " unlink regular",
"fal fa-unlink": " unlink light",
"fas fa-university": " University solid",
"far fa-university": " University regular",
"fal fa-university": " University light",
"fas fa-universal-access": " Universal Access solid",
"far fa-universal-access": " Universal Access regular",
"fal fa-universal-access": " Universal Access light",
"fab fa-uniregistry": " Uniregistry brands",
"fas fa-undo-alt": " Alternate Undo solid",
"far fa-undo-alt": " Alternate Undo regular",
"fal fa-undo-alt": " Alternate Undo light",
"fas fa-undo": " Undo solid",
"far fa-undo": " Undo regular",
"fal fa-undo": " Undo light",
"fas fa-underline": " Underline solid",
"far fa-underline": " Underline regular",
"fal fa-underline": " Underline light",
"fas fa-umbrella": " Umbrella solid",
"far fa-umbrella": " Umbrella regular",
"fal fa-umbrella": " Umbrella light",
"fab fa-uikit": " UIkit brands",
"fab fa-uber": " Uber brands",
"fab fa-typo3": " Typo3 brands",
"fab fa-twitter-square": " Twitter Square brands",
"fab fa-twitter": " Twitter brands",
"fab fa-twitch": " Twitch brands",
"fas fa-tv-retro": " Retro Televison solid",
"far fa-tv-retro": " Retro Televison regular",
"fal fa-tv-retro": " Retro Televison light",
"fas fa-tv": " Television solid",
"far fa-tv": " Television regular",
"fal fa-tv": " Television light",
"fab fa-tumblr-square": " Tumblr Square brands",
"fab fa-tumblr": " Tumblr brands",
"fas fa-tty": " TTY solid",
"far fa-tty": " TTY regular",
"fal fa-tty": " TTY light",
"fas fa-truck-ramp": " Truck Ramp solid",
"far fa-truck-ramp": " Truck Ramp regular",
"fal fa-truck-ramp": " Truck Ramp light",
"fas fa-truck-moving": " Truck Moving solid",
"far fa-truck-moving": " Truck Moving regular",
"fal fa-truck-moving": " Truck Moving light",
"fas fa-truck-loading": " Truck Loading solid",
"far fa-truck-loading": " Truck Loading regular",
"fal fa-truck-loading": " Truck Loading light",
"fas fa-truck-couch": " Truck Couch solid",
"far fa-truck-couch": " Truck Couch regular",
"fal fa-truck-couch": " Truck Couch light",
"fas fa-truck-container": " Truck Container solid",
"far fa-truck-container": " Truck Container regular",
"fal fa-truck-container": " Truck Container light",
"fas fa-truck": " truck solid",
"far fa-truck": " truck regular",
"fal fa-truck": " truck light",
"fas fa-trophy-alt": " Alternate Trophy solid",
"far fa-trophy-alt": " Alternate Trophy regular",
"fal fa-trophy-alt": " Alternate Trophy light",
"fas fa-trophy": " trophy solid",
"far fa-trophy": " trophy regular",
"fal fa-trophy": " trophy light",
"fab fa-tripadvisor": " TripAdvisor brands",
"fas fa-triangle": " Triangle solid",
"far fa-triangle": " Triangle regular",
"fal fa-triangle": " Triangle light",
"fab fa-trello": " Trello brands",
"fas fa-tree-alt": " Alternate Tree solid",
"far fa-tree-alt": " Alternate Tree regular",
"fal fa-tree-alt": " Alternate Tree light",
"fas fa-tree": " Tree solid",
"far fa-tree": " Tree regular",
"fal fa-tree": " Tree light",
"fas fa-trash-alt": " Alternate Trash solid",
"far fa-trash-alt": " Alternate Trash regular",
"fal fa-trash-alt": " Alternate Trash light",
"fas fa-trash": " Trash solid",
"far fa-trash": " Trash regular",
"fal fa-trash": " Trash light",
"fas fa-transgender-alt": " Alternate Transgender solid",
"far fa-transgender-alt": " Alternate Transgender regular",
"fal fa-transgender-alt": " Alternate Transgender light",
"fas fa-transgender": " Transgender solid",
"far fa-transgender": " Transgender regular",
"fal fa-transgender": " Transgender light",
"fas fa-train": " Train solid",
"far fa-train": " Train regular",
"fal fa-train": " Train light",
"fas fa-trademark": " Trademark solid",
"far fa-trademark": " Trademark regular",
"fal fa-trademark": " Trademark light",
"fab fa-trade-federation": " Trade Federation brands",
"fas fa-toggle-on": " Toggle On solid",
"far fa-toggle-on": " Toggle On regular",
"fal fa-toggle-on": " Toggle On light",
"fas fa-toggle-off": " Toggle Off solid",
"far fa-toggle-off": " Toggle Off regular",
"fal fa-toggle-off": " Toggle Off light",
"fas fa-tint": " tint solid",
"far fa-tint": " tint regular",
"fal fa-tint": " tint light",
"fas fa-times-square": " Times Square solid",
"far fa-times-square": " Times Square regular",
"fal fa-times-square": " Times Square light",
"fas fa-times-octagon": " Times Octagon solid",
"far fa-times-octagon": " Times Octagon regular",
"fal fa-times-octagon": " Times Octagon light",
"fas fa-times-hexagon": " Times Hexagon solid",
"far fa-times-hexagon": " Times Hexagon regular",
"fal fa-times-hexagon": " Times Hexagon light",
"fas fa-times-circle": " Times Circle solid",
"far fa-times-circle": " Times Circle regular",
"fal fa-times-circle": " Times Circle light",
"fas fa-times": " Times solid",
"far fa-times": " Times regular",
"fal fa-times": " Times light",
"fas fa-ticket-alt": " Alternate Ticket solid",
"far fa-ticket-alt": " Alternate Ticket regular",
"fal fa-ticket-alt": " Alternate Ticket light",
"fas fa-ticket": " Ticket solid",
"far fa-ticket": " Ticket regular",
"fal fa-ticket": " Ticket light",
"fas fa-thumbtack": " Thumbtack solid",
"far fa-thumbtack": " Thumbtack regular",
"fal fa-thumbtack": " Thumbtack light",
"fas fa-thumbs-up": " thumbs-up solid",
"far fa-thumbs-up": " thumbs-up regular",
"fal fa-thumbs-up": " thumbs-up light",
"fas fa-thumbs-down": " thumbs-down solid",
"far fa-thumbs-down": " thumbs-down regular",
"fal fa-thumbs-down": " thumbs-down light",
"fas fa-thermometer-three-quarters": " Thermometer 3\/4 Full solid",
"far fa-thermometer-three-quarters": " Thermometer 3\/4 Full regular",
"fal fa-thermometer-three-quarters": " Thermometer 3\/4 Full light",
"fas fa-thermometer-quarter": " Thermometer 1\/4 Full solid",
"far fa-thermometer-quarter": " Thermometer 1\/4 Full regular",
"fal fa-thermometer-quarter": " Thermometer 1\/4 Full light",
"fas fa-thermometer-half": " Thermometer 1\/2 Full solid",
"far fa-thermometer-half": " Thermometer 1\/2 Full regular",
"fal fa-thermometer-half": " Thermometer 1\/2 Full light",
"fas fa-thermometer-full": " Thermometer Full solid",
"far fa-thermometer-full": " Thermometer Full regular",
"fal fa-thermometer-full": " Thermometer Full light",
"fas fa-thermometer-empty": " Thermometer Empty solid",
"far fa-thermometer-empty": " Thermometer Empty regular",
"fal fa-thermometer-empty": " Thermometer Empty light",
"fas fa-thermometer": " Thermometer solid",
"far fa-thermometer": " Thermometer regular",
"fal fa-thermometer": " Thermometer light",
"fab fa-themeisle": " ThemeIsle brands",
"fas fa-th-list": " th-list solid",
"far fa-th-list": " th-list regular",
"fal fa-th-list": " th-list light",
"fas fa-th-large": " th-large solid",
"far fa-th-large": " th-large regular",
"fal fa-th-large": " th-large light",
"fas fa-th": " th solid",
"far fa-th": " th regular",
"fal fa-th": " th light",
"fas fa-text-width": " text-width solid",
"far fa-text-width": " text-width regular",
"fal fa-text-width": " text-width light",
"fas fa-text-height": " text-height solid",
"far fa-text-height": " text-height regular",
"fal fa-text-height": " text-height light",
"fas fa-terminal": " Terminal solid",
"far fa-terminal": " Terminal regular",
"fal fa-terminal": " Terminal light",
"fas fa-tennis-ball": " Tennis Ball solid",
"far fa-tennis-ball": " Tennis Ball regular",
"fal fa-tennis-ball": " Tennis Ball light",
"fab fa-tencent-weibo": " Tencent Weibo brands",
"fab fa-telegram-plane": " Telegram Plane brands",
"fab fa-telegram": " Telegram brands",
"fab fa-teamspeak": " TeamSpeak brands",
"fas fa-taxi": " Taxi solid",
"far fa-taxi": " Taxi regular",
"fal fa-taxi": " Taxi light",
"fas fa-tasks": " Tasks solid",
"far fa-tasks": " Tasks regular",
"fal fa-tasks": " Tasks light",
"fas fa-tape": " Tape solid",
"far fa-tape": " Tape regular",
"fal fa-tape": " Tape light",
"fas fa-tags": " tags solid",
"far fa-tags": " tags regular",
"fal fa-tags": " tags light",
"fas fa-tag": " tag solid",
"far fa-tag": " tag regular",
"fal fa-tag": " tag light",
"fas fa-tachometer-alt": " Alternate Tachometer solid",
"far fa-tachometer-alt": " Alternate Tachometer regular",
"fal fa-tachometer-alt": " Alternate Tachometer light",
"fas fa-tachometer": " Tachometer solid",
"far fa-tachometer": " Tachometer regular",
"fal fa-tachometer": " Tachometer light",
"fas fa-tablets": " Tablets solid",
"far fa-tablets": " Tablets regular",
"fal fa-tablets": " Tablets light",
"fas fa-tablet-rugged": " Rugged Tablet solid",
"far fa-tablet-rugged": " Rugged Tablet regular",
"fal fa-tablet-rugged": " Rugged Tablet light",
"fas fa-tablet-android-alt": " Alternate Tablet Android solid",
"far fa-tablet-android-alt": " Alternate Tablet Android regular",
"fal fa-tablet-android-alt": " Alternate Tablet Android light",
"fas fa-tablet-android": " Tablet Android solid",
"far fa-tablet-android": " Tablet Android regular",
"fal fa-tablet-android": " Tablet Android light",
"fas fa-tablet-alt": " Alternate Tablet solid",
"far fa-tablet-alt": " Alternate Tablet regular",
"fal fa-tablet-alt": " Alternate Tablet light",
"fas fa-tablet": " tablet solid",
"far fa-tablet": " tablet regular",
"fal fa-tablet": " tablet light",
"fas fa-table-tennis": " Table Tennis solid",
"far fa-table-tennis": " Table Tennis regular",
"fal fa-table-tennis": " Table Tennis light",
"fas fa-table": " table solid",
"far fa-table": " table regular",
"fal fa-table": " table light",
"fas fa-syringe": " Syringe solid",
"far fa-syringe": " Syringe regular",
"fal fa-syringe": " Syringe light",
"fas fa-sync-alt": " Alternate Sync solid",
"far fa-sync-alt": " Alternate Sync regular",
"fal fa-sync-alt": " Alternate Sync light",
"fas fa-sync": " Sync solid",
"far fa-sync": " Sync regular",
"fal fa-sync": " Sync light",
"fab fa-supple": " Supple brands",
"fas fa-superscript": " superscript solid",
"far fa-superscript": " superscript regular",
"fal fa-superscript": " superscript light",
"fab fa-superpowers": " Superpowers brands",
"fas fa-sun": " Sun solid",
"far fa-sun": " Sun regular",
"fal fa-sun": " Sun light",
"fas fa-suitcase": " Suitcase solid",
"far fa-suitcase": " Suitcase regular",
"fal fa-suitcase": " Suitcase light",
"fas fa-subway": " Subway solid",
"far fa-subway": " Subway regular",
"fal fa-subway": " Subway light",
"fas fa-subscript": " subscript solid",
"far fa-subscript": " subscript regular",
"fal fa-subscript": " subscript light",
"fab fa-stumbleupon-circle": " StumbleUpon Circle brands",
"fab fa-stumbleupon": " StumbleUpon Logo brands",
"fab fa-studiovinari": " Studio Vinari brands",
"fab fa-stripe-s": " Stripe S brands",
"fab fa-stripe": " Stripe brands",
"fas fa-strikethrough": " Strikethrough solid",
"far fa-strikethrough": " Strikethrough regular",
"fal fa-strikethrough": " Strikethrough light",
"fas fa-street-view": " Street View solid",
"far fa-street-view": " Street View regular",
"fal fa-street-view": " Street View light",
"fab fa-strava": " Strava brands",
"fas fa-stopwatch": " Stopwatch solid",
"far fa-stopwatch": " Stopwatch regular",
"fal fa-stopwatch": " Stopwatch light",
"fas fa-stop-circle": " Stop Circle solid",
"far fa-stop-circle": " Stop Circle regular",
"fal fa-stop-circle": " Stop Circle light",
"fas fa-stop": " stop solid",
"far fa-stop": " stop regular",
"fal fa-stop": " stop light",
"fas fa-sticky-note": " Sticky Note solid",
"far fa-sticky-note": " Sticky Note regular",
"fal fa-sticky-note": " Sticky Note light",
"fab fa-sticker-mule": " Sticker Mule brands",
"fas fa-stethoscope": " Stethoscope solid",
"far fa-stethoscope": " Stethoscope regular",
"fal fa-stethoscope": " Stethoscope light",
"fas fa-step-forward": " step-forward solid",
"far fa-step-forward": " step-forward regular",
"fal fa-step-forward": " step-forward light",
"fas fa-step-backward": " step-backward solid",
"far fa-step-backward": " step-backward regular",
"fal fa-step-backward": " step-backward light",
"fab fa-steam-symbol": " Steam Symbol brands",
"fab fa-steam-square": " Steam Square brands",
"fab fa-steam": " Steam brands",
"fab fa-staylinked": " StayLinked brands",
"fas fa-star-half": " star-half solid",
"far fa-star-half": " star-half regular",
"fal fa-star-half": " star-half light",
"fas fa-star-exclamation": " Exclamation Star solid",
"far fa-star-exclamation": " Exclamation Star regular",
"fal fa-star-exclamation": " Exclamation Star light",
"fas fa-star": " Star solid",
"far fa-star": " Star regular",
"fal fa-star": " Star light",
"fab fa-stack-overflow": " Stack Overflow brands",
"fab fa-stack-exchange": " Stack Exchange brands",
"fas fa-square-full": " Square Full solid",
"far fa-square-full": " Square Full regular",
"fal fa-square-full": " Square Full light",
"fas fa-square": " Square solid",
"far fa-square": " Square regular",
"fal fa-square": " Square light",
"fab fa-spotify": " Spotify brands",
"fas fa-spinner-third": " Spinner Third solid",
"far fa-spinner-third": " Spinner Third regular",
"fal fa-spinner-third": " Spinner Third light",
"fas fa-spinner": " Spinner solid",
"far fa-spinner": " Spinner regular",
"fal fa-spinner": " Spinner light",
"fab fa-speakap": " Speakap brands",
"fas fa-spade": " Spade solid",
"far fa-spade": " Spade regular",
"fal fa-spade": " Spade light",
"fas fa-space-shuttle": " Space Shuttle solid",
"far fa-space-shuttle": " Space Shuttle regular",
"fal fa-space-shuttle": " Space Shuttle light",
"fab fa-soundcloud": " SoundCloud brands",
"fas fa-sort-up": " Sort Up (Ascending) solid",
"far fa-sort-up": " Sort Up (Ascending) regular",
"fal fa-sort-up": " Sort Up (Ascending) light",
"fas fa-sort-numeric-up": " Sort Numeric Up solid",
"far fa-sort-numeric-up": " Sort Numeric Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-numeric-up": " Sort Numeric Up light",
"fas fa-sort-numeric-down": " Sort Numeric Down solid",
"far fa-sort-numeric-down": " Sort Numeric Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-numeric-down": " Sort Numeric Down light",
"fas fa-sort-down": " Sort Down (Descending) solid",
"far fa-sort-down": " Sort Down (Descending) regular",
"fal fa-sort-down": " Sort Down (Descending) light",
"fas fa-sort-amount-up": " Sort Amount Up solid",
"far fa-sort-amount-up": " Sort Amount Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-amount-up": " Sort Amount Up light",
"fas fa-sort-amount-down": " Sort Amount Down solid",
"far fa-sort-amount-down": " Sort Amount Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-amount-down": " Sort Amount Down light",
"fas fa-sort-alpha-up": " Sort Alpha Up solid",
"far fa-sort-alpha-up": " Sort Alpha Up regular",
"fal fa-sort-alpha-up": " Sort Alpha Up light",
"fas fa-sort-alpha-down": " Sort Alpha Down solid",
"far fa-sort-alpha-down": " Sort Alpha Down regular",
"fal fa-sort-alpha-down": " Sort Alpha Down light",
"fas fa-sort": " Sort solid",
"far fa-sort": " Sort regular",
"fal fa-sort": " Sort light",
"fas fa-snowflake": " Snowflake solid",
"far fa-snowflake": " Snowflake regular",
"fal fa-snowflake": " Snowflake light",
"fab fa-snapchat-square": " Snapchat Square brands",
"fab fa-snapchat-ghost": " Snapchat Ghost brands",
"fab fa-snapchat": " Snapchat brands",
"fas fa-smoking": " Smoking solid",
"far fa-smoking": " Smoking regular",
"fal fa-smoking": " Smoking light",
"fas fa-smile-plus": " Smile Plus solid",
"far fa-smile-plus": " Smile Plus regular",
"fal fa-smile-plus": " Smile Plus light",
"fas fa-smile": " Smile solid",
"far fa-smile": " Smile regular",
"fal fa-smile": " Smile light",
"fab fa-slideshare": " Slideshare brands",
"fas fa-sliders-v-square": " Square Vertical Sliders solid",
"far fa-sliders-v-square": " Square Vertical Sliders regular",
"fal fa-sliders-v-square": " Square Vertical Sliders light",
"fas fa-sliders-v": " Vertical Sliders solid",
"far fa-sliders-v": " Vertical Sliders regular",
"fal fa-sliders-v": " Vertical Sliders light",
"fas fa-sliders-h-square": " Square Horizontal Sliders solid",
"far fa-sliders-h-square": " Square Horizontal Sliders regular",
"fal fa-sliders-h-square": " Square Horizontal Sliders light",
"fas fa-sliders-h": " Horizontal Sliders solid",
"far fa-sliders-h": " Horizontal Sliders regular",
"fal fa-sliders-h": " Horizontal Sliders light",
"fab fa-slack-hash": " Slack Hashtag brands",
"fab fa-slack": " Slack Logo brands",
"fab fa-skype": " Skype brands",
"fab fa-skyatlas": " skyatlas brands",
"fab fa-sith": " Sith brands",
"fas fa-sitemap": " Sitemap solid",
"far fa-sitemap": " Sitemap regular",
"fal fa-sitemap": " Sitemap light",
"fab fa-sistrix": " SISTRIX brands",
"fab fa-simplybuilt": " SimplyBuilt brands",
"fas fa-signal": " signal solid",
"far fa-signal": " signal regular",
"fal fa-signal": " signal light",
"fas fa-sign-out-alt": " Alternate Sign Out solid",
"far fa-sign-out-alt": " Alternate Sign Out regular",
"fal fa-sign-out-alt": " Alternate Sign Out light",
"fas fa-sign-out": " Sign Out solid",
"far fa-sign-out": " Sign Out regular",
"fal fa-sign-out": " Sign Out light",
"fas fa-sign-language": " Sign Language solid",
"far fa-sign-language": " Sign Language regular",
"fal fa-sign-language": " Sign Language light",
"fas fa-sign-in-alt": " Alternate Sign In solid",
"far fa-sign-in-alt": " Alternate Sign In regular",
"fal fa-sign-in-alt": " Alternate Sign In light",
"fas fa-sign-in": " Sign In solid",
"far fa-sign-in": " Sign In regular",
"fal fa-sign-in": " Sign In light",
"fas fa-sign": " Sign solid",
"far fa-sign": " Sign regular",
"fal fa-sign": " Sign light",
"fas fa-shuttlecock": " Shuttlecock solid",
"far fa-shuttlecock": " Shuttlecock regular",
"fal fa-shuttlecock": " Shuttlecock light",
"fas fa-shower": " Shower solid",
"far fa-shower": " Shower regular",
"fal fa-shower": " Shower light",
"fas fa-shopping-cart": " shopping-cart solid",
"far fa-shopping-cart": " shopping-cart regular",
"fal fa-shopping-cart": " shopping-cart light",
"fas fa-shopping-basket": " Shopping Basket solid",
"far fa-shopping-basket": " Shopping Basket regular",
"fal fa-shopping-basket": " Shopping Basket light",
"fas fa-shopping-bag": " Shopping Bag solid",
"far fa-shopping-bag": " Shopping Bag regular",
"fal fa-shopping-bag": " Shopping Bag light",
"fab fa-shirtsinbulk": " Shirts in Bulk brands",
"fas fa-shipping-timed": " Shipping Timed solid",
"far fa-shipping-timed": " Shipping Timed regular",
"fal fa-shipping-timed": " Shipping Timed light",
"fas fa-shipping-fast": " Shipping Fast solid",
"far fa-shipping-fast": " Shipping Fast regular",
"fal fa-shipping-fast": " Shipping Fast light",
"fas fa-ship": " Ship solid",
"far fa-ship": " Ship regular",
"fal fa-ship": " Ship light",
"fas fa-shield-check": " shield solid",
"far fa-shield-check": " shield regular",
"fal fa-shield-check": " shield light",
"fas fa-shield-alt": " Alternate Shield solid",
"far fa-shield-alt": " Alternate Shield regular",
"fal fa-shield-alt": " Alternate Shield light",
"fas fa-shield": " shield solid",
"far fa-shield": " shield regular",
"fal fa-shield": " shield light",
"fas fa-shekel-sign": " Shekel Sign solid",
"far fa-shekel-sign": " Shekel Sign regular",
"fal fa-shekel-sign": " Shekel Sign light",
"fas fa-share-square": " Share Square solid",
"far fa-share-square": " Share Square regular",
"fal fa-share-square": " Share Square light",
"fas fa-share-alt-square": " Alternate Share Square solid",
"far fa-share-alt-square": " Alternate Share Square regular",
"fal fa-share-alt-square": " Alternate Share Square light",
"fas fa-share-alt": " Alternate Share solid",
"far fa-share-alt": " Alternate Share regular",
"fal fa-share-alt": " Alternate Share light",
"fas fa-share-all": " Share All solid",
"far fa-share-all": " Share All regular",
"fal fa-share-all": " Share All light",
"fas fa-share": " Share solid",
"far fa-share": " Share regular",
"fal fa-share": " Share light",
"fab fa-servicestack": " Servicestack brands",
"fas fa-server": " Server solid",
"far fa-server": " Server regular",
"fal fa-server": " Server light",
"fab fa-sellsy": " Sellsy brands",
"fab fa-sellcast": " Sellcast brands",
"fas fa-seedling": " Seedling solid",
"far fa-seedling": " Seedling regular",
"fal fa-seedling": " Seedling light",
"fab fa-searchengin": " Searchengin brands",
"fas fa-search-plus": " Search Plus solid",
"far fa-search-plus": " Search Plus regular",
"fal fa-search-plus": " Search Plus light",
"fas fa-search-minus": " Search Minus solid",
"far fa-search-minus": " Search Minus regular",
"fal fa-search-minus": " Search Minus light",
"fas fa-search": " Search solid",
"far fa-search": " Search regular",
"fal fa-search": " Search light",
"fas fa-scrubber": " Scrubber solid",
"far fa-scrubber": " Scrubber regular",
"fal fa-scrubber": " Scrubber light",
"fab fa-scribd": " Scribd brands",
"fab fa-schlix": " SCHLIX brands",
"fas fa-scanner-touchscreen": " Scanner Touchscreen solid",
"far fa-scanner-touchscreen": " Scanner Touchscreen regular",
"fal fa-scanner-touchscreen": " Scanner Touchscreen light",
"fas fa-scanner-keyboard": " Scanner Keyboard solid",
"far fa-scanner-keyboard": " Scanner Keyboard regular",
"fal fa-scanner-keyboard": " Scanner Keyboard light",
"fas fa-scanner": " Scanner solid",
"far fa-scanner": " Scanner regular",
"fal fa-scanner": " Scanner light",
"fas fa-save": " Save solid",
"far fa-save": " Save regular",
"fal fa-save": " Save light",
"fab fa-sass": " Sass brands",
"fab fa-safari": " Safari brands",
"fas fa-rupee-sign": " Indian Rupee Sign solid",
"far fa-rupee-sign": " Indian Rupee Sign regular",
"fal fa-rupee-sign": " Indian Rupee Sign light",
"fas fa-ruble-sign": " Ruble Sign solid",
"far fa-ruble-sign": " Ruble Sign regular",
"fal fa-ruble-sign": " Ruble Sign light",
"fas fa-rss-square": " RSS Square solid",
"far fa-rss-square": " RSS Square regular",
"fal fa-rss-square": " RSS Square light",
"fas fa-rss": " rss solid",
"far fa-rss": " rss regular",
"fal fa-rss": " rss light",
"fas fa-route": " Route solid",
"far fa-route": " Route regular",
"fal fa-route": " Route light",
"fab fa-rockrms": " Rockrms brands",
"fab fa-rocketchat": " Rocket.Chat brands",
"fas fa-rocket": " rocket solid",
"far fa-rocket": " rocket regular",
"fal fa-rocket": " rocket light",
"fas fa-road": " road solid",
"far fa-road": " road regular",
"fal fa-road": " road light",
"fas fa-ribbon": " Ribbon solid",
"far fa-ribbon": " Ribbon regular",
"fal fa-ribbon": " Ribbon light",
"fas fa-retweet-alt": " Alternate Retweet solid",
"far fa-retweet-alt": " Alternate Retweet regular",
"fal fa-retweet-alt": " Alternate Retweet light",
"fas fa-retweet": " Retweet solid",
"far fa-retweet": " Retweet regular",
"fal fa-retweet": " Retweet light",
"fab fa-resolving": " Resolving brands",
"fab fa-researchgate": " Researchgate brands",
"fab fa-replyd": " replyd brands",
"fas fa-reply-all": " reply-all solid",
"far fa-reply-all": " reply-all regular",
"fal fa-reply-all": " reply-all light",
"fas fa-reply": " Reply solid",
"far fa-reply": " Reply regular",
"fal fa-reply": " Reply light",
"fas fa-repeat-alt": " Alternate Repeat solid",
"far fa-repeat-alt": " Alternate Repeat regular",
"fal fa-repeat-alt": " Alternate Repeat light",
"fas fa-repeat-1-alt": " Alternate Repeat 1 solid",
"far fa-repeat-1-alt": " Alternate Repeat 1 regular",
"fal fa-repeat-1-alt": " Alternate Repeat 1 light",
"fas fa-repeat-1": " Repeat 1 solid",
"far fa-repeat-1": " Repeat 1 regular",
"fal fa-repeat-1": " Repeat 1 light",
"fas fa-repeat": " Repeat solid",
"far fa-repeat": " Repeat regular",
"fal fa-repeat": " Repeat light",
"fab fa-renren": " Renren brands",
"fab fa-rendact": " Rendact brands",
"fas fa-registered": " Registered Trademark solid",
"far fa-registered": " Registered Trademark regular",
"fal fa-registered": " Registered Trademark light",
"fas fa-redo-alt": " Alternate Redo solid",
"far fa-redo-alt": " Alternate Redo regular",
"fal fa-redo-alt": " Alternate Redo light",
"fas fa-redo": " Redo solid",
"far fa-redo": " Redo regular",
"fal fa-redo": " Redo light",
"fab fa-reddit-square": " reddit Square brands",
"fab fa-reddit-alien": " reddit Alien brands",
"fab fa-reddit": " reddit Logo brands",
"fab fa-red-river": " red river brands",
"fas fa-recycle": " Recycle solid",
"far fa-recycle": " Recycle regular",
"fal fa-recycle": " Recycle light",
"fas fa-rectangle-wide": " Wide Rectangle solid",
"far fa-rectangle-wide": " Wide Rectangle regular",
"fal fa-rectangle-wide": " Wide Rectangle light",
"fas fa-rectangle-portrait": " Portrait Rectangle solid",
"far fa-rectangle-portrait": " Portrait Rectangle regular",
"fal fa-rectangle-portrait": " Portrait Rectangle light",
"fas fa-rectangle-landscape": " Landscape Rectangle solid",
"far fa-rectangle-landscape": " Landscape Rectangle regular",
"fal fa-rectangle-landscape": " Landscape Rectangle light",
"fab fa-rebel": " Rebel Alliance brands",
"fab fa-readme": " ReadMe brands",
"fab fa-react": " React brands",
"fab fa-ravelry": " Ravelry brands",
"fas fa-random": " random solid",
"far fa-random": " random regular",
"fal fa-random": " random light",
"fas fa-ramp-loading": " Ramp Loading solid",
"far fa-ramp-loading": " Ramp Loading regular",
"fal fa-ramp-loading": " Ramp Loading light",
"fas fa-racquet": " Racquet solid",
"far fa-racquet": " Racquet regular",
"fal fa-racquet": " Racquet light",
"fab fa-r-project": " R Project brands",
"fas fa-quote-right": " quote-right solid",
"far fa-quote-right": " quote-right regular",
"fal fa-quote-right": " quote-right light",
"fas fa-quote-left": " quote-left solid",
"far fa-quote-left": " quote-left regular",
"fal fa-quote-left": " quote-left light",
"fab fa-quora": " Quora brands",
"fab fa-quinscape": " QuinScape brands",
"fas fa-quidditch": " Quidditch solid",
"far fa-quidditch": " Quidditch regular",
"fal fa-quidditch": " Quidditch light",
"fas fa-question-square": " Question Square solid",
"far fa-question-square": " Question Square regular",
"fal fa-question-square": " Question Square light",
"fas fa-question-circle": " Question Circle solid",
"far fa-question-circle": " Question Circle regular",
"fal fa-question-circle": " Question Circle light",
"fas fa-question": " Question solid",
"far fa-question": " Question regular",
"fal fa-question": " Question light",
"fas fa-qrcode": " qrcode solid",
"far fa-qrcode": " qrcode regular",
"fal fa-qrcode": " qrcode light",
"fab fa-qq": " QQ brands",
"fab fa-python": " Python brands",
"fas fa-puzzle-piece": " Puzzle Piece solid",
"far fa-puzzle-piece": " Puzzle Piece regular",
"fal fa-puzzle-piece": " Puzzle Piece light",
"fab fa-pushed": " Pushed brands",
"fab fa-product-hunt": " Product Hunt brands",
"fas fa-procedures": " Procedures solid",
"far fa-procedures": " Procedures regular",
"fal fa-procedures": " Procedures light",
"fas fa-print": " print solid",
"far fa-print": " print regular",
"fal fa-print": " print light",
"fas fa-prescription-bottle-alt": " Alternate Prescription Bottle solid",
"far fa-prescription-bottle-alt": " Alternate Prescription Bottle regular",
"fal fa-prescription-bottle-alt": " Alternate Prescription Bottle light",
"fas fa-prescription-bottle": " Prescription Bottle solid",
"far fa-prescription-bottle": " Prescription Bottle regular",
"fal fa-prescription-bottle": " Prescription Bottle light",
"fas fa-power-off": " Power Off solid",
"far fa-power-off": " Power Off regular",
"fal fa-power-off": " Power Off light",
"fas fa-pound-sign": " Pound Sign solid",
"far fa-pound-sign": " Pound Sign regular",
"fal fa-pound-sign": " Pound Sign light",
"fas fa-portrait": " Portrait solid",
"far fa-portrait": " Portrait regular",
"fal fa-portrait": " Portrait light",
"fas fa-poo": " Poo solid",
"far fa-poo": " Poo regular",
"fal fa-poo": " Poo light",
"fas fa-podcast": " Podcast solid",
"far fa-podcast": " Podcast regular",
"fal fa-podcast": " Podcast light",
"fas fa-plus-square": " Plus Square solid",
"far fa-plus-square": " Plus Square regular",
"fal fa-plus-square": " Plus Square light",
"fas fa-plus-octagon": " Plus Octagon solid",
"far fa-plus-octagon": " Plus Octagon regular",
"fal fa-plus-octagon": " Plus Octagon light",
"fas fa-plus-hexagon": " Plus Hexagon solid",
"far fa-plus-hexagon": " Plus Hexagon regular",
"fal fa-plus-hexagon": " Plus Hexagon light",
"fas fa-plus-circle": " Plus Circle solid",
"far fa-plus-circle": " Plus Circle regular",
"fal fa-plus-circle": " Plus Circle light",
"fas fa-plus": " plus solid",
"far fa-plus": " plus regular",
"fal fa-plus": " plus light",
"fas fa-plug": " Plug solid",
"far fa-plug": " Plug regular",
"fal fa-plug": " Plug light",
"fab fa-playstation": " PlayStation brands",
"fas fa-play-circle": " Play Circle solid",
"far fa-play-circle": " Play Circle regular",
"fal fa-play-circle": " Play Circle light",
"fas fa-play": " play solid",
"far fa-play": " play regular",
"fal fa-play": " play light",
"fas fa-plane-alt": " Alternate Plane solid",
"far fa-plane-alt": " Alternate Plane regular",
"fal fa-plane-alt": " Alternate Plane light",
"fas fa-plane": " plane solid",
"far fa-plane": " plane regular",
"fal fa-plane": " plane light",
"fab fa-pinterest-square": " Pinterest Square brands",
"fab fa-pinterest-p": " Pinterest P brands",
"fab fa-pinterest": " Pinterest brands",
"fas fa-pills": " Pills solid",
"far fa-pills": " Pills regular",
"fal fa-pills": " Pills light",
"fas fa-piggy-bank": " Piggy Bank solid",
"far fa-piggy-bank": " Piggy Bank regular",
"fal fa-piggy-bank": " Piggy Bank light",
"fab fa-pied-piper-pp": " Pied Piper PP Logo (Old) brands",
"fab fa-pied-piper-hat": " Pied Piper-hat brands",
"fab fa-pied-piper-alt": " Alternate Pied Piper Logo brands",
"fab fa-pied-piper": " Pied Piper Logo brands",
"fab fa-php": " PHP brands",
"fas fa-phone-volume": " Phone Volume solid",
"far fa-phone-volume": " Phone Volume regular",
"fal fa-phone-volume": " Phone Volume light",
"fas fa-phone-square": " Phone Square solid",
"far fa-phone-square": " Phone Square regular",
"fal fa-phone-square": " Phone Square light",
"fas fa-phone-slash": " Phone Slash solid",
"far fa-phone-slash": " Phone Slash regular",
"fal fa-phone-slash": " Phone Slash light",
"fas fa-phone-plus": " Phone Plus solid",
"far fa-phone-plus": " Phone Plus regular",
"fal fa-phone-plus": " Phone Plus light",
"fas fa-phone": " Phone solid",
"far fa-phone": " Phone regular",
"fal fa-phone": " Phone light",
"fab fa-phoenix-squadron": " Phoenix Squadron brands",
"fab fa-phoenix-framework": " Phoenix Framework brands",
"fab fa-phabricator": " Phabricator brands",
"fas fa-person-dolly-empty": " Person and Empty Dolly solid",
"far fa-person-dolly-empty": " Person and Empty Dolly regular",
"fal fa-person-dolly-empty": " Person and Empty Dolly light",
"fas fa-person-dolly": " Person and Dolly solid",
"far fa-person-dolly": " Person and Dolly regular",
"fal fa-person-dolly": " Person and Dolly light",
"fas fa-person-carry": " Person Carry solid",
"far fa-person-carry": " Person Carry regular",
"fal fa-person-carry": " Person Carry light",
"fab fa-periscope": " Periscope brands",
"fas fa-percent": " Percent solid",
"far fa-percent": " Percent regular",
"fal fa-percent": " Percent light",
"fas fa-people-carry": " People Carry solid",
"far fa-people-carry": " People Carry regular",
"fal fa-people-carry": " People Carry light",
"fas fa-pennant": " Pennant solid",
"far fa-pennant": " Pennant regular",
"fal fa-pennant": " Pennant light",
"fas fa-pencil-alt": " Alternate Pencil solid",
"far fa-pencil-alt": " Alternate Pencil regular",
"fal fa-pencil-alt": " Alternate Pencil light",
"fas fa-pencil": " pencil solid",
"far fa-pencil": " pencil regular",
"fal fa-pencil": " pencil light",
"fas fa-pen-square": " Pen Square solid",
"far fa-pen-square": " Pen Square regular",
"fal fa-pen-square": " Pen Square light",
"fas fa-pen-alt": " Alternate Pen solid",
"far fa-pen-alt": " Alternate Pen regular",
"fal fa-pen-alt": " Alternate Pen light",
"fas fa-pen": " Pen solid",
"far fa-pen": " Pen regular",
"fal fa-pen": " Pen light",
"fab fa-paypal": " Paypal brands",
"fas fa-paw": " Paw solid",
"far fa-paw": " Paw regular",
"fal fa-paw": " Paw light",
"fas fa-pause-circle": " Pause Circle solid",
"far fa-pause-circle": " Pause Circle regular",
"fal fa-pause-circle": " Pause Circle light",
"fas fa-pause": " pause solid",
"far fa-pause": " pause regular",
"fal fa-pause": " pause light",
"fab fa-patreon": " Patreon brands",
"fas fa-paste": " Paste solid",
"far fa-paste": " Paste regular",
"fal fa-paste": " Paste light",
"fas fa-paragraph": " paragraph solid",
"far fa-paragraph": " paragraph regular",
"fal fa-paragraph": " paragraph light",
"fas fa-parachute-box": " Parachute Box solid",
"far fa-parachute-box": " Parachute Box regular",
"fal fa-parachute-box": " Parachute Box light",
"fas fa-paperclip": " Paperclip solid",
"far fa-paperclip": " Paperclip regular",
"fal fa-paperclip": " Paperclip light",
"fas fa-paper-plane": " Paper Plane solid",
"far fa-paper-plane": " Paper Plane regular",
"fal fa-paper-plane": " Paper Plane light",
"fas fa-pallet-alt": " Pallet Alternate solid",
"far fa-pallet-alt": " Pallet Alternate regular",
"fal fa-pallet-alt": " Pallet Alternate light",
"fas fa-pallet": " Pallet solid",
"far fa-pallet": " Pallet regular",
"fal fa-pallet": " Pallet light",
"fab fa-palfed": " Palfed brands",
"fas fa-paint-brush": " Paint Brush solid",
"far fa-paint-brush": " Paint Brush regular",
"fal fa-paint-brush": " Paint Brush light",
"fab fa-pagelines": " Pagelines brands",
"fab fa-page4": " page4 Corporation brands",
"fas fa-outdent": " Outdent solid",
"far fa-outdent": " Outdent regular",
"fal fa-outdent": " Outdent light",
"fab fa-osi": " Open Source Initiative brands",
"fab fa-optin-monster": " Optin Monster brands",
"fab fa-opera": " Opera brands",
"fab fa-openid": " OpenID brands",
"fab fa-opencart": " OpenCart brands",
"fab fa-old-republic": " Old Republic brands",
"fab fa-odnoklassniki-square": " Odnoklassniki Square brands",
"fab fa-odnoklassniki": " Odnoklassniki brands",
"fas fa-octagon": " Octagon solid",
"far fa-octagon": " Octagon regular",
"fal fa-octagon": " Octagon light",
"fas fa-object-ungroup": " Object Ungroup solid",
"far fa-object-ungroup": " Object Ungroup regular",
"fal fa-object-ungroup": " Object Ungroup light",
"fas fa-object-group": " Object Group solid",
"far fa-object-group": " Object Group regular",
"fal fa-object-group": " Object Group light",
"fab fa-nutritionix": " Nutritionix brands",
"fab fa-ns8": " NS8 brands",
"fab fa-npm": " npm brands",
"fas fa-notes-medical": " Medical Notes solid",
"far fa-notes-medical": " Medical Notes regular",
"fal fa-notes-medical": " Medical Notes light",
"fab fa-node-js": " Node.js JS brands",
"fab fa-node": " Node.js brands",
"fab fa-nintendo-switch": " Nintendo Switch brands",
"fas fa-newspaper": " Newspaper solid",
"far fa-newspaper": " Newspaper regular",
"fal fa-newspaper": " Newspaper light",
"fas fa-neuter": " Neuter solid",
"far fa-neuter": " Neuter regular",
"fal fa-neuter": " Neuter light",
"fab fa-napster": " Napster brands",
"fas fa-music": " Music solid",
"far fa-music": " Music regular",
"fal fa-music": " Music light",
"fas fa-mouse-pointer": " Mouse Pointer solid",
"far fa-mouse-pointer": " Mouse Pointer regular",
"fal fa-mouse-pointer": " Mouse Pointer light",
"fas fa-motorcycle": " Motorcycle solid",
"far fa-motorcycle": " Motorcycle regular",
"fal fa-motorcycle": " Motorcycle light",
"fas fa-moon": " Moon solid",
"far fa-moon": " Moon regular",
"fal fa-moon": " Moon light",
"fas fa-money-bill-alt": " Money Bill Alternate solid",
"far fa-money-bill-alt": " Money Bill Alternate regular",
"fal fa-money-bill-alt": " Money Bill Alternate light",
"fas fa-money-bill": " Money Bill solid",
"far fa-money-bill": " Money Bill regular",
"fal fa-money-bill": " Money Bill light",
"fab fa-monero": " Monero brands",
"fab fa-modx": " MODX brands",
"fas fa-mobile-android-alt": " Alternate Mobile Android solid",
"far fa-mobile-android-alt": " Alternate Mobile Android regular",
"fal fa-mobile-android-alt": " Alternate Mobile Android light",
"fas fa-mobile-android": " Mobile Android solid",
"far fa-mobile-android": " Mobile Android regular",
"fal fa-mobile-android": " Mobile Android light",
"fas fa-mobile-alt": " Alternate Mobile solid",
"far fa-mobile-alt": " Alternate Mobile regular",
"fal fa-mobile-alt": " Alternate Mobile light",
"fas fa-mobile": " Mobile Phone solid",
"far fa-mobile": " Mobile Phone regular",
"fal fa-mobile": " Mobile Phone light",
"fab fa-mizuni": " Mizuni brands",
"fab fa-mixcloud": " Mixcloud brands",
"fab fa-mix": " Mix brands",
"fas fa-minus-square": " Minus Square solid",
"far fa-minus-square": " Minus Square regular",
"fal fa-minus-square": " Minus Square light",
"fas fa-minus-octagon": " Minus Octagon solid",
"far fa-minus-octagon": " Minus Octagon regular",
"fal fa-minus-octagon": " Minus Octagon light",
"fas fa-minus-hexagon": " Minus Hexagon solid",
"far fa-minus-hexagon": " Minus Hexagon regular",
"fal fa-minus-hexagon": " Minus Hexagon light",
"fas fa-minus-circle": " Minus Circle solid",
"far fa-minus-circle": " Minus Circle regular",
"fal fa-minus-circle": " Minus Circle light",
"fas fa-minus": " minus solid",
"far fa-minus": " minus regular",
"fal fa-minus": " minus light",
"fab fa-microsoft": " Microsoft brands",
"fas fa-microphone-slash": " Microphone Slash solid",
"far fa-microphone-slash": " Microphone Slash regular",
"fal fa-microphone-slash": " Microphone Slash light",
"fas fa-microphone-alt": " Alternate Microphone solid",
"far fa-microphone-alt": " Alternate Microphone regular",
"fal fa-microphone-alt": " Alternate Microphone light",
"fas fa-microphone": " microphone solid",
"far fa-microphone": " microphone regular",
"fal fa-microphone": " microphone light",
"fas fa-microchip": " Microchip solid",
"far fa-microchip": " Microchip regular",
"fal fa-microchip": " Microchip light",
"fas fa-mercury": " Mercury solid",
"far fa-mercury": " Mercury regular",
"fal fa-mercury": " Mercury light",
"fas fa-meh": " Meh solid",
"far fa-meh": " Meh regular",
"fal fa-meh": " Meh light",
"fab fa-meetup": " Meetup brands",
"fab fa-medrt": " MRT brands",
"fas fa-medkit": " medkit solid",
"far fa-medkit": " medkit regular",
"fal fa-medkit": " medkit light",
"fab fa-medium-m": " Medium M brands",
"fab fa-medium": " Medium brands",
"fab fa-medapps": " MedApps brands",
"fab fa-maxcdn": " MaxCDN brands",
"fab fa-mastodon": " Mastodon brands",
"fas fa-mars-stroke-v": " Mars Stroke Vertical solid",
"far fa-mars-stroke-v": " Mars Stroke Vertical regular",
"fal fa-mars-stroke-v": " Mars Stroke Vertical light",
"fas fa-mars-stroke-h": " Mars Stroke Horizontal solid",
"far fa-mars-stroke-h": " Mars Stroke Horizontal regular",
"fal fa-mars-stroke-h": " Mars Stroke Horizontal light",
"fas fa-mars-stroke": " Mars Stroke solid",
"far fa-mars-stroke": " Mars Stroke regular",
"fal fa-mars-stroke": " Mars Stroke light",
"fas fa-mars-double": " Mars Double solid",
"far fa-mars-double": " Mars Double regular",
"fal fa-mars-double": " Mars Double light",
"fas fa-mars": " Mars solid",
"far fa-mars": " Mars regular",
"fal fa-mars": " Mars light",
"fas fa-map-signs": " Map Signs solid",
"far fa-map-signs": " Map Signs regular",
"fal fa-map-signs": " Map Signs light",
"fas fa-map-pin": " Map Pin solid",
"far fa-map-pin": " Map Pin regular",
"fal fa-map-pin": " Map Pin light",
"fas fa-map-marker-alt": " Map Marker Alternate solid",
"far fa-map-marker-alt": " Map Marker Alternate regular",
"fal fa-map-marker-alt": " Map Marker Alternate light",
"fas fa-map-marker": " map-marker solid",
"far fa-map-marker": " map-marker regular",
"fal fa-map-marker": " map-marker light",
"fas fa-map": " Map solid",
"far fa-map": " Map regular",
"fal fa-map": " Map light",
"fab fa-mandalorian": " Mandalorian brands",
"fas fa-male": " Male solid",
"far fa-male": " Male regular",
"fal fa-male": " Male light",
"fas fa-magnet": " magnet solid",
"far fa-magnet": " magnet regular",
"fal fa-magnet": " magnet light",
"fas fa-magic": " magic solid",
"far fa-magic": " magic regular",
"fal fa-magic": " magic light",
"fab fa-magento": " Magento brands",
"fab fa-lyft": " lyft brands",
"fas fa-luchador": " Luchador solid",
"far fa-luchador": " Luchador regular",
"fal fa-luchador": " Luchador light",
"fas fa-low-vision": " Low Vision solid",
"far fa-low-vision": " Low Vision regular",
"fal fa-low-vision": " Low Vision light",
"fas fa-loveseat": " Loveseat solid",
"far fa-loveseat": " Loveseat regular",
"fal fa-loveseat": " Loveseat light",
"fas fa-long-arrow-up": " Long Arrow Up solid",
"far fa-long-arrow-up": " Long Arrow Up regular",
"fal fa-long-arrow-up": " Long Arrow Up light",
"fas fa-long-arrow-right": " Long Arrow Right solid",
"far fa-long-arrow-right": " Long Arrow Right regular",
"fal fa-long-arrow-right": " Long Arrow Right light",
"fas fa-long-arrow-left": " Long Arrow Left solid",
"far fa-long-arrow-left": " Long Arrow Left regular",
"fal fa-long-arrow-left": " Long Arrow Left light",
"fas fa-long-arrow-down": " Long Arrow Down solid",
"far fa-long-arrow-down": " Long Arrow Down regular",
"fal fa-long-arrow-down": " Long Arrow Down light",
"fas fa-long-arrow-alt-up": " Alternate Long Arrow Up solid",
"far fa-long-arrow-alt-up": " Alternate Long Arrow Up regular",
"fal fa-long-arrow-alt-up": " Alternate Long Arrow Up light",
"fas fa-long-arrow-alt-right": " Alternate Long Arrow Right solid",
"far fa-long-arrow-alt-right": " Alternate Long Arrow Right regular",
"fal fa-long-arrow-alt-right": " Alternate Long Arrow Right light",
"fas fa-long-arrow-alt-left": " Alternate Long Arrow Left solid",
"far fa-long-arrow-alt-left": " Alternate Long Arrow Left regular",
"fal fa-long-arrow-alt-left": " Alternate Long Arrow Left light",
"fas fa-long-arrow-alt-down": " Alternate Long Arrow Down solid",
"far fa-long-arrow-alt-down": " Alternate Long Arrow Down regular",
"fal fa-long-arrow-alt-down": " Alternate Long Arrow Down light",
"fas fa-lock-open-alt": " Alternate Lock Open solid",
"far fa-lock-open-alt": " Alternate Lock Open regular",
"fal fa-lock-open-alt": " Alternate Lock Open light",
"fas fa-lock-open": " Lock Open solid",
"far fa-lock-open": " Lock Open regular",
"fal fa-lock-open": " Lock Open light",
"fas fa-lock-alt": " Alternate Lock solid",
"far fa-lock-alt": " Alternate Lock regular",
"fal fa-lock-alt": " Alternate Lock light",
"fas fa-lock": " lock solid",
"far fa-lock": " lock regular",
"fal fa-lock": " lock light",
"fas fa-location-arrow": " location-arrow solid",
"far fa-location-arrow": " location-arrow regular",
"fal fa-location-arrow": " location-arrow light",
"fas fa-list-ul": " list-ul solid",
"far fa-list-ul": " list-ul regular",
"fal fa-list-ul": " list-ul light",
"fas fa-list-ol": " list-ol solid",
"far fa-list-ol": " list-ol regular",
"fal fa-list-ol": " list-ol light",
"fas fa-list-alt": " List Alternate solid",
"far fa-list-alt": " List Alternate regular",
"fal fa-list-alt": " List Alternate light",
"fas fa-list": " List solid",
"far fa-list": " List regular",
"fal fa-list": " List light",
"fas fa-lira-sign": " Turkish Lira Sign solid",
"far fa-lira-sign": " Turkish Lira Sign regular",
"fal fa-lira-sign": " Turkish Lira Sign light",
"fab fa-linux": " Linux brands",
"fab fa-linode": " Linode brands",
"fab fa-linkedin-in": " LinkedIn In brands",
"fab fa-linkedin": " LinkedIn brands",
"fas fa-link": " Link solid",
"far fa-link": " Link regular",
"fal fa-link": " Link light",
"fab fa-line": " Line brands",
"fas fa-lightbulb": " Lightbulb solid",
"far fa-lightbulb": " Lightbulb regular",
"fal fa-lightbulb": " Lightbulb light",
"fas fa-life-ring": " Life Ring solid",
"far fa-life-ring": " Life Ring regular",
"fal fa-life-ring": " Life Ring light",
"fas fa-level-up-alt": " Level Up Alternate solid",
"far fa-level-up-alt": " Level Up Alternate regular",
"fal fa-level-up-alt": " Level Up Alternate light",
"fas fa-level-up": " Level Up solid",
"far fa-level-up": " Level Up regular",
"fal fa-level-up": " Level Up light",
"fas fa-level-down-alt": " Level Down Alternate solid",
"far fa-level-down-alt": " Level Down Alternate regular",
"fal fa-level-down-alt": " Level Down Alternate light",
"fas fa-level-down": " Level Down solid",
"far fa-level-down": " Level Down regular",
"fal fa-level-down": " Level Down light",
"fab fa-less": " Less brands",
"fas fa-lemon": " Lemon solid",
"far fa-lemon": " Lemon regular",
"fal fa-lemon": " Lemon light",
"fab fa-leanpub": " Leanpub brands",
"fas fa-leaf-heart": " Leaf Heart solid",
"far fa-leaf-heart": " Leaf Heart regular",
"fal fa-leaf-heart": " Leaf Heart light",
"fas fa-leaf": " leaf solid",
"far fa-leaf": " leaf regular",
"fal fa-leaf": " leaf light",
"fab fa-lastfm-square": " Square brands",
"fab fa-lastfm": " brands",
"fab fa-laravel": " Laravel brands",
"fas fa-laptop": " Laptop solid",
"far fa-laptop": " Laptop regular",
"fal fa-laptop": " Laptop light",
"fas fa-language": " Language solid",
"far fa-language": " Language regular",
"fal fa-language": " Language light",
"fas fa-lamp": " Lamp solid",
"far fa-lamp": " Lamp regular",
"fal fa-lamp": " Lamp light",
"fab fa-korvue": " KORVUE brands",
"fab fa-kickstarter-k": " Kickstarter K brands",
"fab fa-kickstarter": " Kickstarter brands",
"fab fa-keycdn": " KeyCDN brands",
"fas fa-keyboard": " Keyboard solid",
"far fa-keyboard": " Keyboard regular",
"fal fa-keyboard": " Keyboard light",
"fab fa-keybase": " Keybase brands",
"fas fa-key": " key solid",
"far fa-key": " key regular",
"fal fa-key": " key light",
"fab fa-jsfiddle": " jsFiddle brands",
"fab fa-js-square": " JavaScript (JS) Square brands",
"fab fa-js": " JavaScript (JS) brands",
"fab fa-joomla": " Joomla Logo brands",
"fab fa-joget": " Joget brands",
"fab fa-jenkins": " Jenkis brands",
"fab fa-jedi-order": " Jedi Order brands",
"fab fa-java": " Java brands",
"fas fa-jack-o-lantern": " Jack-o'-lantern solid",
"far fa-jack-o-lantern": " Jack-o'-lantern regular",
"fal fa-jack-o-lantern": " Jack-o'-lantern light",
"fab fa-itunes-note": " Itunes Note brands",
"fab fa-itunes": " iTunes brands",
"fas fa-italic": " italic solid",
"far fa-italic": " italic regular",
"fal fa-italic": " italic light",
"fab fa-ioxhost": " ioxhost brands",
"fas fa-inventory": " Inventory solid",
"far fa-inventory": " Inventory regular",
"fal fa-inventory": " Inventory light",
"fab fa-internet-explorer": " Internet-explorer brands",
"fab fa-instagram": " Instagram brands",
"fas fa-info-square": " Info Square solid",
"far fa-info-square": " Info Square regular",
"fal fa-info-square": " Info Square light",
"fas fa-info-circle": " Info Circle solid",
"far fa-info-circle": " Info Circle regular",
"fal fa-info-circle": " Info Circle light",
"fas fa-info": " Info solid",
"far fa-info": " Info regular",
"fal fa-info": " Info light",
"fas fa-industry-alt": " Alternate Industry solid",
"far fa-industry-alt": " Alternate Industry regular",
"fal fa-industry-alt": " Alternate Industry light",
"fas fa-industry": " Industry solid",
"far fa-industry": " Industry regular",
"fal fa-industry": " Industry light",
"fas fa-indent": " Indent solid",
"far fa-indent": " Indent regular",
"fal fa-indent": " Indent light",
"fas fa-inbox-out": " Inbox Out solid",
"far fa-inbox-out": " Inbox Out regular",
"fal fa-inbox-out": " Inbox Out light",
"fas fa-inbox-in": " Inbox In solid",
"far fa-inbox-in": " Inbox In regular",
"fal fa-inbox-in": " Inbox In light",
"fas fa-inbox": " inbox solid",
"far fa-inbox": " inbox regular",
"fal fa-inbox": " inbox light",
"fab fa-imdb": " IMDB brands",
"fas fa-images": " Images solid",
"far fa-images": " Images regular",
"fal fa-images": " Images light",
"fas fa-image": " Image solid",
"far fa-image": " Image regular",
"fal fa-image": " Image light",
"fas fa-id-card-alt": " Identification Card Alternate solid",
"far fa-id-card-alt": " Identification Card Alternate regular",
"fal fa-id-card-alt": " Identification Card Alternate light",
"fas fa-id-card": " Identification Card solid",
"far fa-id-card": " Identification Card regular",
"fal fa-id-card": " Identification Card light",
"fas fa-id-badge": " Identification Badge solid",
"far fa-id-badge": " Identification Badge regular",
"fal fa-id-badge": " Identification Badge light",
"fas fa-i-cursor": " I Beam Cursor solid",
"far fa-i-cursor": " I Beam Cursor regular",
"fal fa-i-cursor": " I Beam Cursor light",
"fab fa-hubspot": " HubSpot brands",
"fab fa-html5": " HTML 5 Logo brands",
"fab fa-houzz": " Houzz brands",
"fas fa-hourglass-start": " Hourglass Start solid",
"far fa-hourglass-start": " Hourglass Start regular",
"fal fa-hourglass-start": " Hourglass Start light",
"fas fa-hourglass-half": " Hourglass Half solid",
"far fa-hourglass-half": " Hourglass Half regular",
"fal fa-hourglass-half": " Hourglass Half light",
"fas fa-hourglass-end": " Hourglass End solid",
"far fa-hourglass-end": " Hourglass End regular",
"fal fa-hourglass-end": " Hourglass End light",
"fas fa-hourglass": " Hourglass solid",
"far fa-hourglass": " Hourglass regular",
"fal fa-hourglass": " Hourglass light",
"fab fa-hotjar": " Hotjar brands",
"fas fa-hospital-symbol": " Hospital Symbol solid",
"far fa-hospital-symbol": " Hospital Symbol regular",
"fal fa-hospital-symbol": " Hospital Symbol light",
"fas fa-hospital-alt": " Hospital Alternate solid",
"far fa-hospital-alt": " Hospital Alternate regular",
"fal fa-hospital-alt": " Hospital Alternate light",
"fas fa-hospital": " hospital solid",
"far fa-hospital": " hospital regular",
"fal fa-hospital": " hospital light",
"fab fa-hooli": " Hooli brands",
"fas fa-home-heart": " Home Heart solid",
"far fa-home-heart": " Home Heart regular",
"fal fa-home-heart": " Home Heart light",
"fas fa-home": " home solid",
"far fa-home": " home regular",
"fal fa-home": " home light",
"fas fa-hockey-sticks": " Hockey Sticks solid",
"far fa-hockey-sticks": " Hockey Sticks regular",
"fal fa-hockey-sticks": " Hockey Sticks light",
"fas fa-hockey-puck": " Hockey Puck solid",
"far fa-hockey-puck": " Hockey Puck regular",
"fal fa-hockey-puck": " Hockey Puck light",
"fas fa-history": " History solid",
"far fa-history": " History regular",
"fal fa-history": " History light",
"fab fa-hire-a-helper": " HireAHelper brands",
"fab fa-hips": " Hips brands",
"fas fa-hexagon": " Hexagon solid",
"far fa-hexagon": " Hexagon regular",
"fal fa-hexagon": " Hexagon light",
"fas fa-heartbeat": " Heartbeat solid",
"far fa-heartbeat": " Heartbeat regular",
"fal fa-heartbeat": " Heartbeat light",
"fas fa-heart-square": " Heart Square solid",
"far fa-heart-square": " Heart Square regular",
"fal fa-heart-square": " Heart Square light",
"fas fa-heart-circle": " Heart Circle solid",
"far fa-heart-circle": " Heart Circle regular",
"fal fa-heart-circle": " Heart Circle light",
"fas fa-heart": " Heart solid",
"far fa-heart": " Heart regular",
"fal fa-heart": " Heart light",
"fas fa-headphones": " headphones solid",
"far fa-headphones": " headphones regular",
"fal fa-headphones": " headphones light",
"fas fa-heading": " heading solid",
"far fa-heading": " heading regular",
"fal fa-heading": " heading light",
"fas fa-hdd": " HDD solid",
"far fa-hdd": " HDD regular",
"fal fa-hdd": " HDD light",
"fas fa-hashtag": " Hashtag solid",
"far fa-hashtag": " Hashtag regular",
"fal fa-hashtag": " Hashtag light",
"fas fa-handshake-alt": " Alternate Handshake solid",
"far fa-handshake-alt": " Alternate Handshake regular",
"fal fa-handshake-alt": " Alternate Handshake light",
"fas fa-handshake": " Handshake solid",
"far fa-handshake": " Handshake regular",
"fal fa-handshake": " Handshake light",
"fas fa-hands-usd": " Hands with US Dollar solid",
"far fa-hands-usd": " Hands with US Dollar regular",
"fal fa-hands-usd": " Hands with US Dollar light",
"fas fa-hands-helping": " Helping Hands solid",
"far fa-hands-helping": " Helping Hands regular",
"fal fa-hands-helping": " Helping Hands light",
"fas fa-hands-heart": " Hands Heart solid",
"far fa-hands-heart": " Hands Heart regular",
"fal fa-hands-heart": " Hands Heart light",
"fas fa-hands": " Hands solid",
"far fa-hands": " Hands regular",
"fal fa-hands": " Hands light",
"fas fa-hand-spock": " Spock (Hand) solid",
"far fa-hand-spock": " Spock (Hand) regular",
"fal fa-hand-spock": " Spock (Hand) light",
"fas fa-hand-scissors": " Scissors (Hand) solid",
"far fa-hand-scissors": " Scissors (Hand) regular",
"fal fa-hand-scissors": " Scissors (Hand) light",
"fas fa-hand-rock": " Rock (Hand) solid",
"far fa-hand-rock": " Rock (Hand) regular",
"fal fa-hand-rock": " Rock (Hand) light",
"fas fa-hand-receiving": " Hand Receiving solid",
"far fa-hand-receiving": " Hand Receiving regular",
"fal fa-hand-receiving": " Hand Receiving light",
"fas fa-hand-pointer": " Pointer (Hand) solid",
"far fa-hand-pointer": " Pointer (Hand) regular",
"fal fa-hand-pointer": " Pointer (Hand) light",
"fas fa-hand-point-up": " Hand Pointing Up solid",
"far fa-hand-point-up": " Hand Pointing Up regular",
"fal fa-hand-point-up": " Hand Pointing Up light",
"fas fa-hand-point-right": " Hand Pointing Right solid",
"far fa-hand-point-right": " Hand Pointing Right regular",
"fal fa-hand-point-right": " Hand Pointing Right light",
"fas fa-hand-point-left": " Hand Pointing Left solid",
"far fa-hand-point-left": " Hand Pointing Left regular",
"fal fa-hand-point-left": " Hand Pointing Left light",
"fas fa-hand-point-down": " Hand Pointing Down solid",
"far fa-hand-point-down": " Hand Pointing Down regular",
"fal fa-hand-point-down": " Hand Pointing Down light",
"fas fa-hand-peace": " Peace (Hand) solid",
"far fa-hand-peace": " Peace (Hand) regular",
"fal fa-hand-peace": " Peace (Hand) light",
"fas fa-hand-paper": " Paper (Hand) solid",
"far fa-hand-paper": " Paper (Hand) regular",
"fal fa-hand-paper": " Paper (Hand) light",
"fas fa-hand-lizard": " Lizard (Hand) solid",
"far fa-hand-lizard": " Lizard (Hand) regular",
"fal fa-hand-lizard": " Lizard (Hand) light",
"fas fa-hand-holding-water": " Hand Holding Water solid",
"far fa-hand-holding-water": " Hand Holding Water regular",
"fal fa-hand-holding-water": " Hand Holding Water light",
"fas fa-hand-holding-usd": " Hand Holding US Dollar solid",
"far fa-hand-holding-usd": " Hand Holding US Dollar regular",
"fal fa-hand-holding-usd": " Hand Holding US Dollar light",
"fas fa-hand-holding-seedling": " Hand Holding Seedling solid",
"far fa-hand-holding-seedling": " Hand Holding Seedling regular",
"fal fa-hand-holding-seedling": " Hand Holding Seedling light",
"fas fa-hand-holding-heart": " Hand Holding Heart solid",
"far fa-hand-holding-heart": " Hand Holding Heart regular",
"fal fa-hand-holding-heart": " Hand Holding Heart light",
"fas fa-hand-holding-box": " Hand Holding Box solid",
"far fa-hand-holding-box": " Hand Holding Box regular",
"fal fa-hand-holding-box": " Hand Holding Box light",
"fas fa-hand-holding": " Hand Holding solid",
"far fa-hand-holding": " Hand Holding regular",
"fal fa-hand-holding": " Hand Holding light",
"fas fa-hand-heart": " Hand with Heart solid",
"far fa-hand-heart": " Hand with Heart regular",
"fal fa-hand-heart": " Hand with Heart light",
"fab fa-hacker-news-square": " Hacker News Square brands",
"fab fa-hacker-news": " Hacker News brands",
"fas fa-h3": " H3 Heading solid",
"far fa-h3": " H3 Heading regular",
"fal fa-h3": " H3 Heading light",
"fas fa-h2": " H2 Heading solid",
"far fa-h2": " H2 Heading regular",
"fal fa-h2": " H2 Heading light",
"fas fa-h1": " H1 Heading solid",
"far fa-h1": " H1 Heading regular",
"fal fa-h1": " H1 Heading light",
"fas fa-h-square": " H Square solid",
"far fa-h-square": " H Square regular",
"fal fa-h-square": " H Square light",
"fab fa-gulp": " Gulp brands",
"fab fa-grunt": " Grunt brands",
"fab fa-gripfire": " Gripfire, Inc. brands",
"fab fa-grav": " Grav brands",
"fab fa-gratipay": " Gratipay (Gittip) brands",
"fas fa-graduation-cap": " Graduation Cap solid",
"far fa-graduation-cap": " Graduation Cap regular",
"fal fa-graduation-cap": " Graduation Cap light",
"fab fa-google-wallet": " Google Wallet brands",
"fab fa-google-plus-square": " Google Plus Square brands",
"fab fa-google-plus-g": " Google Plus G brands",
"fab fa-google-plus": " Google Plus brands",
"fab fa-google-play": " Google Play brands",
"fab fa-google-drive": " Google Drive brands",
"fab fa-google": " Google Logo brands",
"fab fa-goodreads-g": " Goodreads G brands",
"fab fa-goodreads": " Goodreads brands",
"fas fa-golf-club": " Golf Club solid",
"far fa-golf-club": " Golf Club regular",
"fal fa-golf-club": " Golf Club light",
"fas fa-golf-ball": " Golf Ball solid",
"far fa-golf-ball": " Golf Ball regular",
"fal fa-golf-ball": " Golf Ball light",
"fab fa-gofore": " Gofore brands",
"fas fa-globe": " Globe solid",
"far fa-globe": " Globe regular",
"fal fa-globe": " Globe light",
"fab fa-glide-g": " Glide G brands",
"fab fa-glide": " Glide brands",
"fas fa-glass-martini": " Martini Glass solid",
"far fa-glass-martini": " Martini Glass regular",
"fal fa-glass-martini": " Martini Glass light",
"fab fa-gitter": " Gitter brands",
"fab fa-gitlab": " GitLab brands",
"fab fa-gitkraken": " GitKraken brands",
"fab fa-github-square": " GitHub Square brands",
"fab fa-github-alt": " Alternate GitHub brands",
"fab fa-github": " GitHub brands",
"fab fa-git-square": " Git Square brands",
"fab fa-git": " Git brands",
"fas fa-gift": " gift solid",
"far fa-gift": " gift regular",
"fal fa-gift": " gift light",
"fab fa-gg-circle": " GG Currency Circle brands",
"fab fa-gg": " GG Currency brands",
"fab fa-get-pocket": " Get Pocket brands",
"fas fa-genderless": " Genderless solid",
"far fa-genderless": " Genderless regular",
"fal fa-genderless": " Genderless light",
"fas fa-gem": " Gem solid",
"far fa-gem": " Gem regular",
"fal fa-gem": " Gem light",
"fas fa-gavel": " Gavel solid",
"far fa-gavel": " Gavel regular",
"fal fa-gavel": " Gavel light",
"fas fa-gamepad": " Gamepad solid",
"far fa-gamepad": " Gamepad regular",
"fal fa-gamepad": " Gamepad light",
"fab fa-galactic-senate": " Galactic Senate brands",
"fab fa-galactic-republic": " Galactic Republic brands",
"fas fa-futbol": " Futbol solid",
"far fa-futbol": " Futbol regular",
"fal fa-futbol": " Futbol light",
"fab fa-fulcrum": " Fulcrum brands",
"fas fa-frown": " Frown solid",
"far fa-frown": " Frown regular",
"fal fa-frown": " Frown light",
"fab fa-freebsd": " FreeBSD brands",
"fab fa-free-code-camp": " Free Code Camp brands",
"fas fa-fragile": " Fragile solid",
"far fa-fragile": " Fragile regular",
"fal fa-fragile": " Fragile light",
"fab fa-foursquare": " Foursquare brands",
"fas fa-forward": " forward solid",
"far fa-forward": " forward regular",
"fal fa-forward": " forward light",
"fab fa-forumbee": " Forumbee brands",
"fab fa-fort-awesome-alt": " Alternate Fort Awesome brands",
"fab fa-fort-awesome": " Fort Awesome brands",
"fas fa-forklift": " Forklift solid",
"far fa-forklift": " Forklift regular",
"fal fa-forklift": " Forklift light",
"fas fa-football-helmet": " Football Helmet solid",
"far fa-football-helmet": " Football Helmet regular",
"fal fa-football-helmet": " Football Helmet light",
"fas fa-football-ball": " Football Ball solid",
"far fa-football-ball": " Football Ball regular",
"fal fa-football-ball": " Football Ball light",
"fab fa-fonticons-fi": " Fonticons Fi brands",
"fab fa-fonticons": " Fonticons brands",
"fas fa-font-awesome-logo-full": " Font Awesome Full Logo solid",
"far fa-font-awesome-logo-full": " Font Awesome Full Logo regular",
"fal fa-font-awesome-logo-full": " Font Awesome Full Logo light",
"fab fa-font-awesome-logo-full": " Font Awesome Full Logo brands",
"fab fa-font-awesome-flag": " Font Awesome Flag brands",
"fab fa-font-awesome-alt": " Alternate Font Awesome brands",
"fab fa-font-awesome": " Font Awesome brands",
"fas fa-font": " font solid",
"far fa-font": " font regular",
"fal fa-font": " font light",
"fas fa-folder-open": " Folder Open solid",
"far fa-folder-open": " Folder Open regular",
"fal fa-folder-open": " Folder Open light",
"fas fa-folder": " Folder solid",
"far fa-folder": " Folder regular",
"fal fa-folder": " Folder light",
"fab fa-fly": " Fly brands",
"fab fa-flipboard": " Flipboard brands",
"fab fa-flickr": " Flickr brands",
"fas fa-flask": " Flask solid",
"far fa-flask": " Flask regular",
"fal fa-flask": " Flask light",
"fas fa-flag-checkered": " flag-checkered solid",
"far fa-flag-checkered": " flag-checkered regular",
"fal fa-flag-checkered": " flag-checkered light",
"fas fa-flag": " flag solid",
"far fa-flag": " flag regular",
"fal fa-flag": " flag light",
"fab fa-firstdraft": " firstdraft brands",
"fab fa-first-order-alt": " Alternate First Order brands",
"fab fa-first-order": " First Order brands",
"fas fa-first-aid": " First Aid solid",
"far fa-first-aid": " First Aid regular",
"fal fa-first-aid": " First Aid light",
"fab fa-firefox": " Firefox brands",
"fas fa-fire-extinguisher": " fire-extinguisher solid",
"far fa-fire-extinguisher": " fire-extinguisher regular",
"fal fa-fire-extinguisher": " fire-extinguisher light",
"fas fa-fire": " fire solid",
"far fa-fire": " fire regular",
"fal fa-fire": " fire light",
"fas fa-filter": " Filter solid",
"far fa-filter": " Filter regular",
"fal fa-filter": " Filter light",
"fas fa-film-alt": " Alternate Film solid",
"far fa-film-alt": " Alternate Film regular",
"fal fa-film-alt": " Alternate Film light",
"fas fa-film": " Film solid",
"far fa-film": " Film regular",
"fal fa-film": " Film light",
"fas fa-file-word": " Word File solid",
"far fa-file-word": " Word File regular",
"fal fa-file-word": " Word File light",
"fas fa-file-video": " Video File solid",
"far fa-file-video": " Video File regular",
"fal fa-file-video": " Video File light",
"fas fa-file-times": " Times File solid",
"far fa-file-times": " Times File regular",
"fal fa-file-times": " Times File light",
"fas fa-file-powerpoint": " Powerpoint File solid",
"far fa-file-powerpoint": " Powerpoint File regular",
"fal fa-file-powerpoint": " Powerpoint File light",
"fas fa-file-plus": " Plus File solid",
"far fa-file-plus": " Plus File regular",
"fal fa-file-plus": " Plus File light",
"fas fa-file-pdf": " PDF File solid",
"far fa-file-pdf": " PDF File regular",
"fal fa-file-pdf": " PDF File light",
"fas fa-file-minus": " Minus File solid",
"far fa-file-minus": " Minus File regular",
"fal fa-file-minus": " Minus File light",
"fas fa-file-medical-alt": " Medical File Alternate solid",
"far fa-file-medical-alt": " Medical File Alternate regular",
"fal fa-file-medical-alt": " Medical File Alternate light",
"fas fa-file-medical": " Medical File solid",
"far fa-file-medical": " Medical File regular",
"fal fa-file-medical": " Medical File light",
"fas fa-file-image": " Image File solid",
"far fa-file-image": " Image File regular",
"fal fa-file-image": " Image File light",
"fas fa-file-exclamation": " Exclamation File solid",
"far fa-file-exclamation": " Exclamation File regular",
"fal fa-file-exclamation": " Exclamation File light",
"fas fa-file-excel": " Excel File solid",
"far fa-file-excel": " Excel File regular",
"fal fa-file-excel": " Excel File light",
"fas fa-file-edit": " Edit File solid",
"far fa-file-edit": " Edit File regular",
"fal fa-file-edit": " Edit File light",
"fas fa-file-code": " Code File solid",
"far fa-file-code": " Code File regular",
"fal fa-file-code": " Code File light",
"fas fa-file-check": " Check File solid",
"far fa-file-check": " Check File regular",
"fal fa-file-check": " Check File light",
"fas fa-file-audio": " Audio File solid",
"far fa-file-audio": " Audio File regular",
"fal fa-file-audio": " Audio File light",
"fas fa-file-archive": " Archive File solid",
"far fa-file-archive": " Archive File regular",
"fal fa-file-archive": " Archive File light",
"fas fa-file-alt": " Alternate File solid",
"far fa-file-alt": " Alternate File regular",
"fal fa-file-alt": " Alternate File light",
"fas fa-file": " File solid",
"far fa-file": " File regular",
"fal fa-file": " File light",
"fas fa-fighter-jet": " fighter-jet solid",
"far fa-fighter-jet": " fighter-jet regular",
"fal fa-fighter-jet": " fighter-jet light",
"fas fa-field-hockey": " Field Hockey solid",
"far fa-field-hockey": " Field Hockey regular",
"fal fa-field-hockey": " Field Hockey light",
"fas fa-female": " Female solid",
"far fa-female": " Female regular",
"fal fa-female": " Female light",
"fas fa-fax": " Fax solid",
"far fa-fax": " Fax regular",
"fal fa-fax": " Fax light",
"fas fa-fast-forward": " fast-forward solid",
"far fa-fast-forward": " fast-forward regular",
"fal fa-fast-forward": " fast-forward light",
"fas fa-fast-backward": " fast-backward solid",
"far fa-fast-backward": " fast-backward regular",
"fal fa-fast-backward": " fast-backward light",
"fab fa-facebook-square": " Facebook Square brands",
"fab fa-facebook-messenger": " Facebook Messenger brands",
"fab fa-facebook-f": " Facebook F brands",
"fab fa-facebook": " Facebook brands",
"fas fa-eye-slash": " Eye Slash solid",
"far fa-eye-slash": " Eye Slash regular",
"fal fa-eye-slash": " Eye Slash light",
"fas fa-eye-dropper": " Eye Dropper solid",
"far fa-eye-dropper": " Eye Dropper regular",
"fal fa-eye-dropper": " Eye Dropper light",
"fas fa-eye": " Eye solid",
"far fa-eye": " Eye regular",
"fal fa-eye": " Eye light",
"fas fa-external-link-square-alt": " Alternate External Link Square solid",
"far fa-external-link-square-alt": " Alternate External Link Square regular",
"fal fa-external-link-square-alt": " Alternate External Link Square light",
"fas fa-external-link-square": " External Link Square solid",
"far fa-external-link-square": " External Link Square regular",
"fal fa-external-link-square": " External Link Square light",
"fas fa-external-link-alt": " Alternate External Link solid",
"far fa-external-link-alt": " Alternate External Link regular",
"fal fa-external-link-alt": " Alternate External Link light",
"fas fa-external-link": " External Link solid",
"far fa-external-link": " External Link regular",
"fal fa-external-link": " External Link light",
"fab fa-expeditedssl": " ExpeditedSSL brands",
"fas fa-expand-wide": " Expand Wide solid",
"far fa-expand-wide": " Expand Wide regular",
"fal fa-expand-wide": " Expand Wide light",
"fas fa-expand-arrows-alt": " Alternate Expand Arrows solid",
"far fa-expand-arrows-alt": " Alternate Expand Arrows regular",
"fal fa-expand-arrows-alt": " Alternate Expand Arrows light",
"fas fa-expand-arrows": " Expand Arrows solid",
"far fa-expand-arrows": " Expand Arrows regular",
"fal fa-expand-arrows": " Expand Arrows light",
"fas fa-expand-alt": " Alternate Expand solid",
"far fa-expand-alt": " Alternate Expand regular",
"fal fa-expand-alt": " Alternate Expand light",
"fas fa-expand": " Expand solid",
"far fa-expand": " Expand regular",
"fal fa-expand": " Expand light",
"fas fa-exclamation-triangle": " Exclamation Triangle solid",
"far fa-exclamation-triangle": " Exclamation Triangle regular",
"fal fa-exclamation-triangle": " Exclamation Triangle light",
"fas fa-exclamation-square": " Exclamation Square solid",
"far fa-exclamation-square": " Exclamation Square regular",
"fal fa-exclamation-square": " Exclamation Square light",
"fas fa-exclamation-circle": " Exclamation Circle solid",
"far fa-exclamation-circle": " Exclamation Circle regular",
"fal fa-exclamation-circle": " Exclamation Circle light",
"fas fa-exclamation": " exclamation solid",
"far fa-exclamation": " exclamation regular",
"fal fa-exclamation": " exclamation light",
"fas fa-exchange-alt": " Alternate Exchange solid",
"far fa-exchange-alt": " Alternate Exchange regular",
"fal fa-exchange-alt": " Alternate Exchange light",
"fas fa-exchange": " Exchange solid",
"far fa-exchange": " Exchange regular",
"fal fa-exchange": " Exchange light",
"fas fa-euro-sign": " Euro Sign solid",
"far fa-euro-sign": " Euro Sign regular",
"fal fa-euro-sign": " Euro Sign light",
"fab fa-etsy": " Etsy brands",
"fab fa-ethereum": " Ethereum brands",
"fab fa-erlang": " Erlang brands",
"fas fa-eraser": " eraser solid",
"far fa-eraser": " eraser regular",
"fal fa-eraser": " eraser light",
"fab fa-envira": " Envira Gallery brands",
"fas fa-envelope-square": " Envelope Square solid",
"far fa-envelope-square": " Envelope Square regular",
"fal fa-envelope-square": " Envelope Square light",
"fas fa-envelope-open": " Envelope Open solid",
"far fa-envelope-open": " Envelope Open regular",
"fal fa-envelope-open": " Envelope Open light",
"fas fa-envelope": " Envelope solid",
"far fa-envelope": " Envelope regular",
"fal fa-envelope": " Envelope light",
"fab fa-empire": " Galactic Empire brands",
"fab fa-ember": " Ember brands",
"fas fa-ellipsis-v-alt": " Alternate Vertical Ellipsis solid",
"far fa-ellipsis-v-alt": " Alternate Vertical Ellipsis regular",
"fal fa-ellipsis-v-alt": " Alternate Vertical Ellipsis light",
"fas fa-ellipsis-v": " Vertical Ellipsis solid",
"far fa-ellipsis-v": " Vertical Ellipsis regular",
"fal fa-ellipsis-v": " Vertical Ellipsis light",
"fas fa-ellipsis-h-alt": " Alternate Horizontal Ellipsis solid",
"far fa-ellipsis-h-alt": " Alternate Horizontal Ellipsis regular",
"fal fa-ellipsis-h-alt": " Alternate Horizontal Ellipsis light",
"fas fa-ellipsis-h": " Horizontal Ellipsis solid",
"far fa-ellipsis-h": " Horizontal Ellipsis regular",
"fal fa-ellipsis-h": " Horizontal Ellipsis light",
"fab fa-elementor": " Elementor brands",
"fas fa-eject": " eject solid",
"far fa-eject": " eject regular",
"fal fa-eject": " eject light",
"fas fa-edit": " Edit solid",
"far fa-edit": " Edit regular",
"fal fa-edit": " Edit light",
"fab fa-edge": " Edge Browser brands",
"fab fa-ebay": " eBay brands",
"fab fa-earlybirds": " Earlybirds brands",
"fab fa-dyalog": " Dyalog brands",
"fas fa-dumbbell": " Dumbbell solid",
"far fa-dumbbell": " Dumbbell regular",
"fal fa-dumbbell": " Dumbbell light",
"fab fa-drupal": " Drupal Logo brands",
"fab fa-dropbox": " Dropbox brands",
"fab fa-dribbble-square": " Dribbble Square brands",
"fab fa-dribbble": " Dribbble brands",
"fab fa-draft2digital": " Draft2digital brands",
"fas fa-download": " Download solid",
"far fa-download": " Download regular",
"fal fa-download": " Download light",
"fas fa-dove": " Dove solid",
"far fa-dove": " Dove regular",
"fal fa-dove": " Dove light",
"fas fa-dot-circle": " Dot Circle solid",
"far fa-dot-circle": " Dot Circle regular",
"fal fa-dot-circle": " Dot Circle light",
"fas fa-donate": " Donate solid",
"far fa-donate": " Donate regular",
"fal fa-donate": " Donate light",
"fas fa-dolly-flatbed-empty": " Dolly Flatbed-empty solid",
"far fa-dolly-flatbed-empty": " Dolly Flatbed-empty regular",
"fal fa-dolly-flatbed-empty": " Dolly Flatbed-empty light",
"fas fa-dolly-flatbed-alt": " Dolly Flatbed Alternate solid",
"far fa-dolly-flatbed-alt": " Dolly Flatbed Alternate regular",
"fal fa-dolly-flatbed-alt": " Dolly Flatbed Alternate light",
"fas fa-dolly-flatbed": " Dolly Flatbed solid",
"far fa-dolly-flatbed": " Dolly Flatbed regular",
"fal fa-dolly-flatbed": " Dolly Flatbed light",
"fas fa-dolly-empty": " Dolly Empty solid",
"far fa-dolly-empty": " Dolly Empty regular",
"fal fa-dolly-empty": " Dolly Empty light",
"fas fa-dolly": " Dolly solid",
"far fa-dolly": " Dolly regular",
"fal fa-dolly": " Dolly light",
"fas fa-dollar-sign": " Dollar Sign solid",
"far fa-dollar-sign": " Dollar Sign regular",
"fal fa-dollar-sign": " Dollar Sign light",
"fab fa-docker": " Docker brands",
"fab fa-dochub": " DocHub brands",
"fas fa-dna": " DNA solid",
"far fa-dna": " DNA regular",
"fal fa-dna": " DNA light",
"fab fa-discourse": " Discourse brands",
"fab fa-discord": " Discord brands",
"fab fa-digital-ocean": " Digital Ocean brands",
"fab fa-digg": " Digg Logo brands",
"fas fa-diamond": " Diamond solid",
"far fa-diamond": " Diamond regular",
"fal fa-diamond": " Diamond light",
"fas fa-diagnoses": " Diagnoses solid",
"far fa-diagnoses": " Diagnoses regular",
"fal fa-diagnoses": " Diagnoses light",
"fab fa-deviantart": " deviantART brands",
"fas fa-desktop-alt": " Alternate Desktop solid",
"far fa-desktop-alt": " Alternate Desktop regular",
"fal fa-desktop-alt": " Alternate Desktop light",
"fas fa-desktop": " Desktop solid",
"far fa-desktop": " Desktop regular",
"fal fa-desktop": " Desktop light",
"fab fa-deskpro": " Deskpro brands",
"fab fa-deploydog": " brands",
"fab fa-delicious": " Delicious Logo brands",
"fas fa-deaf": " Deaf solid",
"far fa-deaf": " Deaf regular",
"fal fa-deaf": " Deaf light",
"fas fa-database": " Database solid",
"far fa-database": " Database regular",
"fal fa-database": " Database light",
"fab fa-dashcube": " DashCube brands",
"fab fa-d-and-d": " Dungeons & Dragons brands",
"fab fa-cuttlefish": " Cuttlefish brands",
"fas fa-cut": " Cut solid",
"far fa-cut": " Cut regular",
"fal fa-cut": " Cut light",
"fas fa-curling": " Curling solid",
"far fa-curling": " Curling regular",
"fal fa-curling": " Curling light",
"fas fa-cubes": " Cubes solid",
"far fa-cubes": " Cubes regular",
"fal fa-cubes": " Cubes light",
"fas fa-cube": " Cube solid",
"far fa-cube": " Cube regular",
"fal fa-cube": " Cube light",
"fab fa-css3-alt": " Alternate CSS3 Logo brands",
"fab fa-css3": " CSS 3 Logo brands",
"fas fa-crosshairs": " Crosshairs solid",
"far fa-crosshairs": " Crosshairs regular",
"fal fa-crosshairs": " Crosshairs light",
"fas fa-crop": " crop solid",
"far fa-crop": " crop regular",
"fal fa-crop": " crop light",
"fas fa-cricket": " Cricket solid",
"far fa-cricket": " Cricket regular",
"fal fa-cricket": " Cricket light",
"fas fa-credit-card-front": " Credit Card Front solid",
"far fa-credit-card-front": " Credit Card Front regular",
"fal fa-credit-card-front": " Credit Card Front light",
"fas fa-credit-card-blank": " Credit Card Blank solid",
"far fa-credit-card-blank": " Credit Card Blank regular",
"fal fa-credit-card-blank": " Credit Card Blank light",
"fas fa-credit-card": " Credit Card solid",
"far fa-credit-card": " Credit Card regular",
"fal fa-credit-card": " Credit Card light",
"fab fa-creative-commons-zero": " Creative Commons CC0 brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-share": " Creative Commons Share brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-sampling-plus": " Creative Commons Sampling + brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-sampling": " Creative Commons Sampling brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-sa": " Creative Commons Share Alike brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-remix": " Creative Commons Remix brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-pd-alt": " Creative Commons Public Domain Alternate brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-pd": " Creative Commons Public Domain brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-nd": " Creative Commons No Derivative Works brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-nc-jp": " Creative Commons Noncommercial (Yen Sign) brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-nc-eu": " Creative Commons Noncommercial (Euro Sign) brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-nc": " Creative Commons Noncommercial brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons-by": " Creative Commons Attribution brands",
"fab fa-creative-commons": " Creative Commons brands",
"fab fa-cpanel": " cPanel brands",
"fas fa-couch": " Couch solid",
"far fa-couch": " Couch regular",
"fal fa-couch": " Couch light",
"fas fa-copyright": " Copyright solid",
"far fa-copyright": " Copyright regular",
"fal fa-copyright": " Copyright light",
"fas fa-copy": " Copy solid",
"far fa-copy": " Copy regular",
"fal fa-copy": " Copy light",
"fas fa-conveyor-belt-alt": " Conveyor Belt Alternate solid",
"far fa-conveyor-belt-alt": " Conveyor Belt Alternate regular",
"fal fa-conveyor-belt-alt": " Conveyor Belt Alternate light",
"fas fa-conveyor-belt": " Conveyor Belt solid",
"far fa-conveyor-belt": " Conveyor Belt regular",
"fal fa-conveyor-belt": " Conveyor Belt light",
"fab fa-contao": " Contao brands",
"fas fa-container-storage": " Container Storage solid",
"far fa-container-storage": " Container Storage regular",
"fal fa-container-storage": " Container Storage light",
"fab fa-connectdevelop": " Connect Develop brands",
"fas fa-compress-wide": " Compress Wide solid",
"far fa-compress-wide": " Compress Wide regular",
"fal fa-compress-wide": " Compress Wide light",
"fas fa-compress-alt": " Alternate Compress solid",
"far fa-compress-alt": " Alternate Compress regular",
"fal fa-compress-alt": " Alternate Compress light",
"fas fa-compress": " Compress solid",
"far fa-compress": " Compress regular",
"fal fa-compress": " Compress light",
"fas fa-compass": " Compass solid",
"far fa-compass": " Compass regular",
"fal fa-compass": " Compass light",
"fas fa-comments-alt": " Comments Alt solid",
"far fa-comments-alt": " Comments Alt regular",
"fal fa-comments-alt": " Comments Alt light",
"fas fa-comments": " comments solid",
"far fa-comments": " comments regular",
"fal fa-comments": " comments light",
"fas fa-comment-times": " Comment Times solid",
"far fa-comment-times": " Comment Times regular",
"fal fa-comment-times": " Comment Times light",
"fas fa-comment-smile": " Comment Smile solid",
"far fa-comment-smile": " Comment Smile regular",
"fal fa-comment-smile": " Comment Smile light",
"fas fa-comment-slash": " Comment Slash solid",
"far fa-comment-slash": " Comment Slash regular",
"fal fa-comment-slash": " Comment Slash light",
"fas fa-comment-plus": " Comment Plus solid",
"far fa-comment-plus": " Comment Plus regular",
"fal fa-comment-plus": " Comment Plus light",
"fas fa-comment-minus": " Comment Minus solid",
"far fa-comment-minus": " Comment Minus regular",
"fal fa-comment-minus": " Comment Minus light",
"fas fa-comment-lines": " Comment Lines solid",
"far fa-comment-lines": " Comment Lines regular",
"fal fa-comment-lines": " Comment Lines light",
"fas fa-comment-exclamation": " Comment Exclamation solid",
"far fa-comment-exclamation": " Comment Exclamation regular",
"fal fa-comment-exclamation": " Comment Exclamation light",
"fas fa-comment-edit": " Comment Edit solid",
"far fa-comment-edit": " Comment Edit regular",
"fal fa-comment-edit": " Comment Edit light",
"fas fa-comment-dots": " Comment Dots solid",
"far fa-comment-dots": " Comment Dots regular",
"fal fa-comment-dots": " Comment Dots light",
"fas fa-comment-check": " Comment Check solid",
"far fa-comment-check": " Comment Check regular",
"fal fa-comment-check": " Comment Check light",
"fas fa-comment-alt-times": " Comment Alt-times solid",
"far fa-comment-alt-times": " Comment Alt-times regular",
"fal fa-comment-alt-times": " Comment Alt-times light",
"fas fa-comment-alt-smile": " Comment Alt-smile solid",
"far fa-comment-alt-smile": " Comment Alt-smile regular",
"fal fa-comment-alt-smile": " Comment Alt-smile light",
"fas fa-comment-alt-slash": " Comment Alt-slash solid",
"far fa-comment-alt-slash": " Comment Alt-slash regular",
"fal fa-comment-alt-slash": " Comment Alt-slash light",
"fas fa-comment-alt-plus": " Comment Alt-plus solid",
"far fa-comment-alt-plus": " Comment Alt-plus regular",
"fal fa-comment-alt-plus": " Comment Alt-plus light",
"fas fa-comment-alt-minus": " Comment Alt-minus solid",
"far fa-comment-alt-minus": " Comment Alt-minus regular",
"fal fa-comment-alt-minus": " Comment Alt-minus light",
"fas fa-comment-alt-lines": " Comment Alt-lines solid",
"far fa-comment-alt-lines": " Comment Alt-lines regular",
"fal fa-comment-alt-lines": " Comment Alt-lines light",
"fas fa-comment-alt-exclamation": " Comment Alt-exclamation solid",
"far fa-comment-alt-exclamation": " Comment Alt-exclamation regular",
"fal fa-comment-alt-exclamation": " Comment Alt-exclamation light",
"fas fa-comment-alt-edit": " Comment Alt-edit solid",
"far fa-comment-alt-edit": " Comment Alt-edit regular",
"fal fa-comment-alt-edit": " Comment Alt-edit light",
"fas fa-comment-alt-dots": " Comment Alt-dots solid",
"far fa-comment-alt-dots": " Comment Alt-dots regular",
"fal fa-comment-alt-dots": " Comment Alt-dots light",
"fas fa-comment-alt-check": " Comment Alt-check solid",
"far fa-comment-alt-check": " Comment Alt-check regular",
"fal fa-comment-alt-check": " Comment Alt-check light",
"fas fa-comment-alt": " Alternate Comment solid",
"far fa-comment-alt": " Alternate Comment regular",
"fal fa-comment-alt": " Alternate Comment light",
"fas fa-comment": " comment solid",
"far fa-comment": " comment regular",
"fal fa-comment": " comment light",
"fas fa-columns": " Columns solid",
"far fa-columns": " Columns regular",
"fal fa-columns": " Columns light",
"fas fa-cogs": " cogs solid",
"far fa-cogs": " cogs regular",
"fal fa-cogs": " cogs light",
"fas fa-cog": " cog solid",
"far fa-cog": " cog regular",
"fal fa-cog": " cog light",
"fas fa-coffee": " Coffee solid",
"far fa-coffee": " Coffee regular",
"fal fa-coffee": " Coffee light",
"fab fa-codiepie": " Codie Pie brands",
"fab fa-codepen": " Codepen brands",
"fas fa-code-merge": " Code Merge solid",
"far fa-code-merge": " Code Merge regular",
"fal fa-code-merge": " Code Merge light",
"fas fa-code-commit": " Code Commit solid",
"far fa-code-commit": " Code Commit regular",
"fal fa-code-commit": " Code Commit light",
"fas fa-code-branch": " Code Branch solid",
"far fa-code-branch": " Code Branch regular",
"fal fa-code-branch": " Code Branch light",
"fas fa-code": " Code solid",
"far fa-code": " Code regular",
"fal fa-code": " Code light",
"fas fa-club": " Club solid",
"far fa-club": " Club regular",
"fal fa-club": " Club light",
"fab fa-cloudversify": " cloudversify brands",
"fab fa-cloudsmith": " Cloudsmith brands",
"fab fa-cloudscale": " brands",
"fas fa-cloud-upload-alt": " Cloud Upload Alternate solid",
"far fa-cloud-upload-alt": " Cloud Upload Alternate regular",
"fal fa-cloud-upload-alt": " Cloud Upload Alternate light",
"fas fa-cloud-upload": " Cloud Upload solid",
"far fa-cloud-upload": " Cloud Upload regular",
"fal fa-cloud-upload": " Cloud Upload light",
"fas fa-cloud-download-alt": " Cloud Download Alternate solid",
"far fa-cloud-download-alt": " Cloud Download Alternate regular",
"fal fa-cloud-download-alt": " Cloud Download Alternate light",
"fas fa-cloud-download": " Cloud Download solid",
"far fa-cloud-download": " Cloud Download regular",
"fal fa-cloud-download": " Cloud Download light",
"fas fa-cloud": " Cloud solid",
"far fa-cloud": " Cloud regular",
"fal fa-cloud": " Cloud light",
"fas fa-closed-captioning": " Closed Captioning solid",
"far fa-closed-captioning": " Closed Captioning regular",
"fal fa-closed-captioning": " Closed Captioning light",
"fas fa-clone": " Clone solid",
"far fa-clone": " Clone regular",
"fal fa-clone": " Clone light",
"fas fa-clock": " Clock solid",
"far fa-clock": " Clock regular",
"fal fa-clock": " Clock light",
"fas fa-clipboard-list": " Clipboard List solid",
"far fa-clipboard-list": " Clipboard List regular",
"fal fa-clipboard-list": " Clipboard List light",
"fas fa-clipboard-check": " Clipboard Check solid",
"far fa-clipboard-check": " Clipboard Check regular",
"fal fa-clipboard-check": " Clipboard Check light",
"fas fa-clipboard": " Clipboard solid",
"far fa-clipboard": " Clipboard regular",
"fal fa-clipboard": " Clipboard light",
"fas fa-circle-notch": " Circle Notched solid",
"far fa-circle-notch": " Circle Notched regular",
"fal fa-circle-notch": " Circle Notched light",
"fas fa-circle": " Circle solid",
"far fa-circle": " Circle regular",
"fal fa-circle": " Circle light",
"fab fa-chrome": " Chrome brands",
"fas fa-child": " Child solid",
"far fa-child": " Child regular",
"fal fa-child": " Child light",
"fas fa-chevron-up": " chevron-up solid",
"far fa-chevron-up": " chevron-up regular",
"fal fa-chevron-up": " chevron-up light",
"fas fa-chevron-square-up": " Chevron Square Up solid",
"far fa-chevron-square-up": " Chevron Square Up regular",
"fal fa-chevron-square-up": " Chevron Square Up light",
"fas fa-chevron-square-right": " Chevron Square Right solid",
"far fa-chevron-square-right": " Chevron Square Right regular",
"fal fa-chevron-square-right": " Chevron Square Right light",
"fas fa-chevron-square-left": " Chevron Square Left solid",
"far fa-chevron-square-left": " Chevron Square Left regular",
"fal fa-chevron-square-left": " Chevron Square Left light",
"fas fa-chevron-square-down": " Chevron Square Down solid",
"far fa-chevron-square-down": " Chevron Square Down regular",
"fal fa-chevron-square-down": " Chevron Square Down light",
"fas fa-chevron-right": " chevron-right solid",
"far fa-chevron-right": " chevron-right regular",
"fal fa-chevron-right": " chevron-right light",
"fas fa-chevron-left": " chevron-left solid",
"far fa-chevron-left": " chevron-left regular",
"fal fa-chevron-left": " chevron-left light",
"fas fa-chevron-down": " chevron-down solid",
"far fa-chevron-down": " chevron-down regular",
"fal fa-chevron-down": " chevron-down light",
"fas fa-chevron-double-up": " Chevron Double Up solid",
"far fa-chevron-double-up": " Chevron Double Up regular",
"fal fa-chevron-double-up": " Chevron Double Up light",
"fas fa-chevron-double-right": " Chevron Double Right solid",
"far fa-chevron-double-right": " Chevron Double Right regular",
"fal fa-chevron-double-right": " Chevron Double Right light",
"fas fa-chevron-double-left": " Chevron Double Left solid",
"far fa-chevron-double-left": " Chevron Double Left regular",
"fal fa-chevron-double-left": " Chevron Double Left light",
"fas fa-chevron-double-down": " Chevron Double Down solid",
"far fa-chevron-double-down": " Chevron Double Down regular",
"fal fa-chevron-double-down": " Chevron Double Down light",
"fas fa-chevron-circle-up": " Chevron Circle Up solid",
"far fa-chevron-circle-up": " Chevron Circle Up regular",
"fal fa-chevron-circle-up": " Chevron Circle Up light",
"fas fa-chevron-circle-right": " Chevron Circle Right solid",
"far fa-chevron-circle-right": " Chevron Circle Right regular",
"fal fa-chevron-circle-right": " Chevron Circle Right light",
"fas fa-chevron-circle-left": " Chevron Circle Left solid",
"far fa-chevron-circle-left": " Chevron Circle Left regular",
"fal fa-chevron-circle-left": " Chevron Circle Left light",
"fas fa-chevron-circle-down": " Chevron Circle Down solid",
"far fa-chevron-circle-down": " Chevron Circle Down regular",
"fal fa-chevron-circle-down": " Chevron Circle Down light",
"fas fa-chess-rook-alt": " Alternate Chess Rook solid",
"far fa-chess-rook-alt": " Alternate Chess Rook regular",
"fal fa-chess-rook-alt": " Alternate Chess Rook light",
"fas fa-chess-rook": " Chess Rook solid",
"far fa-chess-rook": " Chess Rook regular",
"fal fa-chess-rook": " Chess Rook light",
"fas fa-chess-queen-alt": " Alternate Chess Queen solid",
"far fa-chess-queen-alt": " Alternate Chess Queen regular",
"fal fa-chess-queen-alt": " Alternate Chess Queen light",
"fas fa-chess-queen": " Chess Queen solid",
"far fa-chess-queen": " Chess Queen regular",
"fal fa-chess-queen": " Chess Queen light",
"fas fa-chess-pawn-alt": " Alternate Chess Pawn solid",
"far fa-chess-pawn-alt": " Alternate Chess Pawn regular",
"fal fa-chess-pawn-alt": " Alternate Chess Pawn light",
"fas fa-chess-pawn": " Chess Pawn solid",
"far fa-chess-pawn": " Chess Pawn regular",
"fal fa-chess-pawn": " Chess Pawn light",
"fas fa-chess-knight-alt": " Alternate Chess Knight solid",
"far fa-chess-knight-alt": " Alternate Chess Knight regular",
"fal fa-chess-knight-alt": " Alternate Chess Knight light",
"fas fa-chess-knight": " Chess Knight solid",
"far fa-chess-knight": " Chess Knight regular",
"fal fa-chess-knight": " Chess Knight light",
"fas fa-chess-king-alt": " Alternate Chess King solid",
"far fa-chess-king-alt": " Alternate Chess King regular",
"fal fa-chess-king-alt": " Alternate Chess King light",
"fas fa-chess-king": " Chess King solid",
"far fa-chess-king": " Chess King regular",
"fal fa-chess-king": " Chess King light",
"fas fa-chess-clock-alt": " Alternate Chess Clock solid",
"far fa-chess-clock-alt": " Alternate Chess Clock regular",
"fal fa-chess-clock-alt": " Alternate Chess Clock light",
"fas fa-chess-clock": " Chess Clock solid",
"far fa-chess-clock": " Chess Clock regular",
"fal fa-chess-clock": " Chess Clock light",
"fas fa-chess-board": " Chess Board solid",
"far fa-chess-board": " Chess Board regular",
"fal fa-chess-board": " Chess Board light",
"fas fa-chess-bishop-alt": " Alternate Chess Bishop solid",
"far fa-chess-bishop-alt": " Alternate Chess Bishop regular",
"fal fa-chess-bishop-alt": " Alternate Chess Bishop light",
"fas fa-chess-bishop": " Chess Bishop solid",
"far fa-chess-bishop": " Chess Bishop regular",
"fal fa-chess-bishop": " Chess Bishop light",
"fas fa-chess": " Chess solid",
"far fa-chess": " Chess regular",
"fal fa-chess": " Chess light",
"fas fa-check-square": " Check Square solid",
"far fa-check-square": " Check Square regular",
"fal fa-check-square": " Check Square light",
"fas fa-check-circle": " Check Circle solid",
"far fa-check-circle": " Check Circle regular",
"fal fa-check-circle": " Check Circle light",
"fas fa-check": " Check solid",
"far fa-check": " Check regular",
"fal fa-check": " Check light",
"fas fa-chart-pie": " Pie Chart solid",
"far fa-chart-pie": " Pie Chart regular",
"fal fa-chart-pie": " Pie Chart light",
"fas fa-chart-line": " Line Chart solid",
"far fa-chart-line": " Line Chart regular",
"fal fa-chart-line": " Line Chart light",
"fas fa-chart-bar": " Bar Chart solid",
"far fa-chart-bar": " Bar Chart regular",
"fal fa-chart-bar": " Bar Chart light",
"fas fa-chart-area": " Area Chart solid",
"far fa-chart-area": " Area Chart regular",
"fal fa-chart-area": " Area Chart light",
"fas fa-certificate": " certificate solid",
"far fa-certificate": " certificate regular",
"fal fa-certificate": " certificate light",
"fab fa-centercode": " Centercode brands",
"fab fa-cc-visa": " Visa Credit Card brands",
"fab fa-cc-stripe": " Stripe Credit Card brands",
"fab fa-cc-paypal": " Paypal Credit Card brands",
"fab fa-cc-mastercard": " MasterCard Credit Card brands",
"fab fa-cc-jcb": " JCB Credit Card brands",
"fab fa-cc-discover": " Discover Credit Card brands",
"fab fa-cc-diners-club": " Diner's Club Credit Card brands",
"fab fa-cc-apple-pay": " Apple Pay Credit Card brands",
"fab fa-cc-amex": " American Express Credit Card brands",
"fab fa-cc-amazon-pay": " Amazon Pay Credit Card brands",
"fas fa-cart-plus": " Add to Shopping Cart solid",
"far fa-cart-plus": " Add to Shopping Cart regular",
"fal fa-cart-plus": " Add to Shopping Cart light",
"fas fa-cart-arrow-down": " Shopping Cart Arrow Down solid",
"far fa-cart-arrow-down": " Shopping Cart Arrow Down regular",
"fal fa-cart-arrow-down": " Shopping Cart Arrow Down light",
"fas fa-caret-up": " Caret Up solid",
"far fa-caret-up": " Caret Up regular",
"fal fa-caret-up": " Caret Up light",
"fas fa-caret-square-up": " Caret Square Up solid",
"far fa-caret-square-up": " Caret Square Up regular",
"fal fa-caret-square-up": " Caret Square Up light",
"fas fa-caret-square-right": " Caret Square Right solid",
"far fa-caret-square-right": " Caret Square Right regular",
"fal fa-caret-square-right": " Caret Square Right light",
"fas fa-caret-square-left": " Caret Square Left solid",
"far fa-caret-square-left": " Caret Square Left regular",
"fal fa-caret-square-left": " Caret Square Left light",
"fas fa-caret-square-down": " Caret Square Down solid",
"far fa-caret-square-down": " Caret Square Down regular",
"fal fa-caret-square-down": " Caret Square Down light",
"fas fa-caret-right": " Caret Right solid",
"far fa-caret-right": " Caret Right regular",
"fal fa-caret-right": " Caret Right light",
"fas fa-caret-left": " Caret Left solid",
"far fa-caret-left": " Caret Left regular",
"fal fa-caret-left": " Caret Left light",
"fas fa-caret-down": " Caret Down solid",
"far fa-caret-down": " Caret Down regular",
"fal fa-caret-down": " Caret Down light",
"fas fa-caret-circle-up": " Caret Circle Up solid",
"far fa-caret-circle-up": " Caret Circle Up regular",
"fal fa-caret-circle-up": " Caret Circle Up light",
"fas fa-caret-circle-right": " Caret Circle Right solid",
"far fa-caret-circle-right": " Caret Circle Right regular",
"fal fa-caret-circle-right": " Caret Circle Right light",
"fas fa-caret-circle-left": " Caret Circle Left solid",
"far fa-caret-circle-left": " Caret Circle Left regular",
"fal fa-caret-circle-left": " Caret Circle Left light",
"fas fa-caret-circle-down": " Caret Circle Down solid",
"far fa-caret-circle-down": " Caret Circle Down regular",
"fal fa-caret-circle-down": " Caret Circle Down light",
"fas fa-car": " Car solid",
"far fa-car": " Car regular",
"fal fa-car": " Car light",
"fas fa-capsules": " Capsules solid",
"far fa-capsules": " Capsules regular",
"fal fa-capsules": " Capsules light",
"fas fa-camera-retro": " Retro Camera solid",
"far fa-camera-retro": " Retro Camera regular",
"fal fa-camera-retro": " Retro Camera light",
"fas fa-camera-alt": " Alternate Camera solid",
"far fa-camera-alt": " Alternate Camera regular",
"fal fa-camera-alt": " Alternate Camera light",
"fas fa-camera": " camera solid",
"far fa-camera": " camera regular",
"fal fa-camera": " camera light",
"fas fa-calendar-times": " Calendar Times solid",
"far fa-calendar-times": " Calendar Times regular",
"fal fa-calendar-times": " Calendar Times light",
"fas fa-calendar-plus": " Calendar Plus solid",
"far fa-calendar-plus": " Calendar Plus regular",
"fal fa-calendar-plus": " Calendar Plus light",
"fas fa-calendar-minus": " Calendar Minus solid",
"far fa-calendar-minus": " Calendar Minus regular",
"fal fa-calendar-minus": " Calendar Minus light",
"fas fa-calendar-exclamation": " Calendar Exclamation solid",
"far fa-calendar-exclamation": " Calendar Exclamation regular",
"fal fa-calendar-exclamation": " Calendar Exclamation light",
"fas fa-calendar-edit": " Calendar Edit solid",
"far fa-calendar-edit": " Calendar Edit regular",
"fal fa-calendar-edit": " Calendar Edit light",
"fas fa-calendar-check": " Calendar Check solid",
"far fa-calendar-check": " Calendar Check regular",
"fal fa-calendar-check": " Calendar Check light",
"fas fa-calendar-alt": " Alternate Calendar solid",
"far fa-calendar-alt": " Alternate Calendar regular",
"fal fa-calendar-alt": " Alternate Calendar light",
"fas fa-calendar": " Calendar solid",
"far fa-calendar": " Calendar regular",
"fal fa-calendar": " Calendar light",
"fas fa-calculator": " Calculator solid",
"far fa-calculator": " Calculator regular",
"fal fa-calculator": " Calculator light",
"fab fa-buysellads": " BuySellAds brands",
"fas fa-bus": " Bus solid",
"far fa-bus": " Bus regular",
"fal fa-bus": " Bus light"
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