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"Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability." Edsger W. Dijkstra

Anton Ivanov antivanov

"Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability." Edsger W. Dijkstra
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antivanov /
Last active Feb 5, 2020
Useful commands to free Docker space
# Stop and remove all containers
docker rm -f $(docker ps -a -q)
# Remove all images
docker rmi $(docker images -a -q)
# Remove other unused docker data, i.e. networks
docker system prune
# Remove all the unused docker volumes (frees lots of space!)
antivanov / launch.json
Created Aug 22, 2019 — forked from constantm/launch.json
Get VSCode debug and breakpoints to work with Vue Cli and Jest
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"version": "0.2.0",
"configurations": [
"type": "node",
"name": "vue-cli-service-tests",
"request": "launch",
"env": {
"NODE_ENV": "test"
antivanov /
Last active Aug 13, 2019
Bash function to kill the processes using a particular port
# Add the function below to ~/.bashrc to make it available from command line
# Usage:
# $ free_port 8080
free_port() {
kill -9 $(lsof -t -i:$1)
antivanov / list_map_fold.scm
Created Oct 8, 2018
map and fold implementation for lists in Scheme
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; Maps function over list
; f - function of one argument, returns transformed argument
; l - list
(define (map f l)
(if (> (length l) 0)
(f (car l))
(map f (cdr l))
antivanov /
Created Sep 24, 2018
Command to create bootable USB with progress displayed using dd, pv
sudo dd if=./some.linux.iso | pv -s 2G | sudo dd of=/dev/sdb bs=8192
antivanov / akka_stream_example.scala
Created Mar 11, 2018
Simple example of a stream in Akka: source -> flow -> sink
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object AkkaStreamExample extends App {
implicit val system = ActorSystem("MyActorSystem")
implicit val materializer = ActorMaterializer()
val source = Source(1 to 5)
val square = Flow[Int].map(x => x * x)
antivanov /
Last active Aug 20, 2020
Installing Python 3.6 on OpenSUSE Leap 42.3
# !/bin/bash
# Step 1. Install pyenv
git clone ~/.pyenv
echo 'export PYENV_ROOT="$HOME/.pyenv"' >> ~/.bashrc
echo 'export PATH="$PYENV_ROOT/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc
echo -e 'if command -v pyenv 1>/dev/null 2>&1; then\n eval "$(pyenv init -)"\nfi' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc
antivanov /
Last active Aug 19, 2018
Better 'killall' command in Bash, analogous to 'kill -9' usage: ' java'
pids_to_kill=$(ps aux|grep $1|grep -v grep|grep -v |awk '{print $2}')
[[ ! -z $pids_to_kill ]] && kill -9 $pids_to_kill
antivanov /
Last active Aug 15, 2018
Bash command that finds subdirectories of the current directory that are larger than 1Gb
du -h | grep '^[0-9]\.*[0-9]*G'
antivanov / browser_text_mode.js
Created May 17, 2017
Remove images, videos and backgrounds from the web page to leave only the text content
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(function() {
function toArray(arrayLike) {
return [];
function $(cssSelector) {
return toArray(document.querySelectorAll(cssSelector));
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