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@aodin aodin/gist:9493340
Created Mar 11, 2014

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Insert to PostGres
package main
import (
_ ""
func connect(driver string, credentials string) *sql.DB {
db, connectErr := sql.Open(driver, credentials)
if connectErr != nil {
panic("Could not connect to database")
return db
func insert(conn *sql.DB) {
insertSQL := `INSERT INTO users (name, password) VALUES ($1, $2)`
result, execErr := conn.Exec(insertSQL, "admin", "secret")
if execErr != nil {
log.Println("Exec err:", execErr)
log.Printf("Result: %+v\n", result)
func main() {
db := connect("postgres", "host=localhost port=5432 dbname=aspect user=postgres password=gotest")
defer db.Close()
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