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delete_word command for Sublime Text 2
import sublime, sublime_plugin
def clamp(xmin, x, xmax):
if x < xmin:
return xmin
if x > xmax:
return xmax
return x;
def classify(char, charsets):
if len(char) == 0:
return -2
for i in xrange(0, len(charsets)):
if char in charsets[i]:
return i
return -1
class DeleteWordCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
def expand_word(self, view, pos, forward):
if forward:
delta = 1
end_position = view.line(pos).b
delta = -1
end_position = view.line(pos).a
txt = view.substr(sublime.Region(pos, end_position))
if not forward:
txt = txt[::-1]
if len(txt) == 0:
return sublime.Region(pos, pos + delta)
classes = [" \t", view.settings().get("word_separators"), "\n"]
prev_cls = classify(view.substr(sublime.Region(pos, pos - delta)), classes)
count = 1
cls = classify(txt[0], classes)
at_boundary = (prev_cls != cls)
did_eat_extra_space = False
if cls == 0 and len(txt) > 1 and at_boundary:
next_cls = classify(txt[1], classes)
if next_cls != 0:
# First character is a space, and the following character is not.
# Eat the space and the following word, not just the space
cls = next_cls
count += 1
did_eat_extra_space = True
for i in xrange(count, len(txt)):
if classify(txt[i], classes) == cls:
count += 1
# If there's a single space after the word, eat that too if setting says to
if view.settings().get("delete_space_with_word", True) and not did_eat_extra_space and len(txt) > count and at_boundary:
is_single_trailing_space = ((classify(txt[count], classes) == 0)
and (count + 1 == len(txt) or classify(txt[count + 1], classes) != 0))
if is_single_trailing_space:
count += 1
return sublime.Region(pos, pos + delta * count)
def run(self, edit, forward = True):
new_sels = []
for s in reversed(self.view.sel()):
if s.empty():
new_sels.append(self.expand_word(self.view, s.b, forward))
sz = self.view.size()
for s in new_sels:
self.view.sel().add(sublime.Region(clamp(0, s.a, sz),
clamp(0, s.b, sz)))
self.view.run_command("add_to_kill_ring", {"forward": forward})
if forward:
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