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入門Azure Bicep
@description('Name for postgreSQL')
param name string
@description('resource location')
param location string = resourceGroup().location
@description('Administrator user name')
param adminUser string
@description('Administrator user password')
param adminPassword string
@description('SKU tier')
param skuTier string = 'Basic'
@description('The family of hardware')
param skuFamily string = 'Gen5'
@description('The scale up/out capacity')
param skuCapacity int = skuTier == 'Basic' ? 2 : 4
var skuNamePrefix = skuTier == 'GeneralPurpose' ? 'GP' : (skuTier == 'Basic' ? 'B' : 'OM')
var skuName = '${skuNamePrefix}_${skuFamily}_${skuCapacity}'
resource pgsql 'Microsoft.DBForPostgreSQL/servers@2017-12-01' = {
name: name
location: location
sku: {
name: skuName
tier: skuTier
family: skuFamily
capacity: skuCapacity
properties: {
createMode: 'Default'
administratorLogin: adminUser
administratorLoginPassword: adminPassword
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