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import re, itertools
from PIL import Image
def str2pt(s):
L = len(s) - 1
x, y = 1, 1
for n in s:
y += 2**L if n in '34' else 0
x += 2**L if n in '14' else 0
L -= 1
return x-1, y-1
def generate(n):
return map(lambda x: ''.join(x), itertools.product('1234', repeat=n))
def fractal(r, n):
return map(str2pt, (c for c in generate(n) if re.match(r, c)))
def draw(r, n=10, filename='/tmp/fractal.png'):
im ='RGB', (2**n, 2**n), "black")
for x, y in fractal(r, n):
im.putpixel((x, y), (255, 255, 255,)), 'PNG')



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