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Created Nov 20, 2016 — forked from twobitfool/
Create a SmartOS VM in VirtualBox
# Creates a SmartOS VM in VirtualBox (assuming you alread have VirtualBox installed)
# This script will:
# * Download the latest live ISO image of SmartOS
# * Create a VirtualBox VM, or update an existing VM with the latest ISO
# * Configure the VM with a zones disk, and boot it!
View active_record_to_mongo_mapper_migration.rb
# The basic idea is that we take the existing data via ActiveRecord
# and create new documents in MongoDB using MongoMapper.
# This method is necessary as we want to keep all the associations of existing dataset
# and by the way, clean up empty columns
# We rely on models still being ActiveRecord::Base, I bet you can figure out how the look like.
# And have the newer MongoDB ones here in a module, painful as we have to set the collection_name
# Don't put a +timestamps!+ into your MongoMapper models yet because this would change the updated_at if existing
# As you see in the MongoDB models, a few loose their indepence, e.g. Source as I
# plan to add other sources besides flickr, or Page and Album which only make sense in
# their parent Website