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Raspberry Pi Deep Dive
Diving in to RP
transparent case - lights on the board
SD card - 2GB min
berryboot - software onto sd card
boot RP and run OS
Connect everything, boot it up
OS list that can run on the RP
* debian wheezy is recommended to start with - RP foundation - easier to find support
* LightTPD - lightweight webserver
Config menu
*every RP has a user pi with pass raspberry - change
*ssh - RP will reboot - write down the ip address(important)
Program on laptop, programming on small device sucks
putty and connect to the RP using usr and pass and IP add
putty gen
save public(device) and private(you) key
create .ssh directory, file called authorized_keys and chmod to 600
paste in public key, set putty to use the secure key
and reconnect - it should use the public key instead of requiring a pass
File transfer - use ssh (it's built in)
WinSCP - like Putty
apt-get install mplayer
mplayer -playlist "link"
apt-get install mono-runtime
(if you have the space on your card do mono-complete, mono-gmcs)
create a db of streams (vista db)
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