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Teams are afraid of deploying code
You provide value
Shipping code needs to be easy and enjoyable
Capistrano- runs over ssh to automate deployment and other server tasks
2 assumptions
*ssh access to remote servers
*all target machines either need to have the same password or have keys set up
Source control!
github helps deploying with capistrano documentation
created to work with rails (it's written in ruby)
custom tasks can be written to work with anything
How it works:
* Clone from GHub
* Push changes to GHub
* (Continuous Integration: Travis,, etc)
* cap deploy
* pulls from GHub
Cap works if you have multiple servers
gem install capistrano
capify . - for brand new projects - creates deployment.rb file
set :deploy_to insert_dir
set :repository insert_repo_info
role :app
Capistrano Tasks
group :task_name
cap deploy:check - checks for dependencies - where the problems are before you even try anything
cap deploy:setup - sets up the deployment - shared dir(things you want to persist: log files, user content) and releases dir()
cap deploy - puts a new release in the releases dir and makes current dir (make sure you point to current dir)
cap depoly:rollback - old release is saved on the servers, rollback reverts to the last release (it will rollback migrations for rails)
Rails Deployment Tasks
New tasks are simple to add with a bit of rubies
Deploying Rails PragProg Book
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