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@aquatix aquatix/kontent.yml
Created Jan 7, 2015

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# ~/.tmuxinator/kontent.yml
name: kontent
root: ~/workspace/projects/github/kontent/kontent
# Optional tmux socket
# socket_name: foo
# Runs before everything. Use it to start daemons etc.
# pre: sudo /etc/rc.d/mysqld start
pre: git pull; ctags -R
# Runs in each window and pane before window/pane specific commands. Useful for setting up interpreter versions.
# pre_window: rbenv shell 2.0.0-p247
# Pass command line options to tmux. Useful for specifying a different tmux.conf.
# tmux_options: -f ~/.tmux.mac.conf
tmux_options: -2
# Change the command to call tmux. This can be used by derivatives/wrappers like byobu.
# tmux_command: byobu
- server:
layout: main-vertical
- cd . ; workon kontent; echo 1
- cd . ; workon kontent; echo 2
- cd . ; workon kontent; ./ runserver
- editor: cd ./kontent ; workon kontent; vim ../kontent/
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