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CoffeeScript to JSON script for OS X
coffee --print --compile $ | sed '1s/^.//' | sed 's/ });/}/' | sed "s/\([^ '\"].*[^ '\"]\):/\"\1\":/" > $1.json

aral commented Nov 13, 2011

Converts a CoffeeScript data structure into valid JSON (simply removes the additional parentheses that the compiler adds to the start and end of the data structure.)

jbilcke commented Nov 21, 2011

hmm it seems to have changed a little bit, when I run it on my node:

$ cat
foo: "bar"

$ ./coffee2js foo

$ cat foo.json
function() {
"foo": "bar"

coffee --print --bare $ | sed '1s/&.//' | sed 's/});/}/' | sed 's/({/{/' | sed "s/\([^ '\"].*[^ '\"]\): /\"\1\": /1" > $1.json

Try this. Note the spaces after :
I have URLS as values and this was causing it to put quotes around part of it. The space after : fixed this.

onetom commented Nov 28, 2013

With a bit more simplification and handling the input both from stdin and from a file name parameter:

echo \{
    cat $1 | \
    coffee --print --bare --compile --stdio | \
    sed -e '1,2d; $d' | \
    sed "s/\([^ '\"].*[^ '\"]\): /\"\1\": /"
echo \}
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