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variable aws_region {
default = "us-east-1"
variable bucket_name {
description = "name of the bucket that will use as origin for CDN"
default = "tendo-cdn-bucket"
variable retain_on_delete {
description = "Instruct CloudFront to simply disable the distribution instead of delete"
default = false
variable price_class {
description = "Price classes provide you an option to lower the prices you pay to deliver content out of Amazon CloudFront"
default = "PriceClass_All"
variable hosted_zone_id {
description = "ID for the domain hosted zone"
variable domain_name {
description = "Name of the domain where record(s) need to create"
default = ""
variable route53_record_name {
description = "Name of the record that you want to create for CDN"
default = "tend-cdn"
variable alias_zone_id {
description = "Fixed hardcoded constant zone_id that is used for all CloudFront distributions"
default = "Z2FDTNDATAQYW2"
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