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One Liner to get Hidden URL Parameter from Passive scan using Web Archive. Regex using DFA Engine, Support and Collecting URL with multi Parameter to Fuzzing & Removing Duplicate
curl -s "**&output=text&fl=original&collapse=urlkey" | grep -P "=" | sed "/\b\(jpg\|png\|js\|svg\|css\|gif\|jpeg\|woff\|woff2\)\b/d" > Output.txt ; for i in $(cat Output.txt);do URL="${i}"; LIST=(${URL//[=&]/=FUZZ&}); echo ${LIST} | awk -F'=' -vOFS='=' '{$NF="FUZZ"}1;' >> Passive_Collecting_URLParamter.txt ; done ; rm Output.txt ; sort -u Passive_Collecting_URLParamter.txt > Passive_Collecting_URLParamter_Uniq.txt
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