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Samuel Teixeira Santos arcanosam

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arcanosam / gist:1342a2c9c18de379ca4e
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Particle Panda - Help Tab Error - TabbedPanelHeader panel attribute no longer exist
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[INFO ] [Logger ] Record log in C:\Users\arcan_000\.kivy\logs\kivy_14-05-22_10.txt
[INFO ] Kivy v1.8.1-dev
[INFO ] [Python ] v3.3.3 (v3.3.3:c3896275c0f6, Nov 18 2013, 21:18:40) [MSC v.1600 32 bit (Intel)]
[INFO ] [Factory ] 168 symbols loaded
[DEBUG ] [Cache ] register <kv.lang> with limit=None, timeout=Nones
[DEBUG ] [Cache ] register <kv.image> with limit=None, timeout=60s
[DEBUG ] [Cache ] register <kv.atlas> with limit=None, timeout=Nones
[INFO ] [Image ] Providers: img_tex, img_dds, img_pygame, img_gif (img_pil ignored)
[DEBUG ] [Cache ] register <kv.texture> with limit=1000, timeout=60s
[DEBUG ] [Cache ] register <kv.shader> with limit=1000, timeout=3600s
arcanosam /
Last active Jun 29, 2017
Reading chunks of a json file and identifying each json structures as they chunks are read
"""reading from a json file in chunks and added each json structure on a list
import re
import json
# path to a json file
json_file = '<<fill with a complete path to a json file>>'
# this variable hold text read from file until found a json structure
text_read = ''
arcanosam / csv-to-json.js
Last active Mar 11, 2018
Microsoft: DEV283x Introduction to Node.js - Module 1 Assignment Lab: CSV to JSON Converter
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# Sorry.In the end, I follow the instructions and make a repository to assignments
# check here
arcanosam /
Last active Oct 29, 2020
my Python 3.8.1 build script on CentOS 7
# original source/tip:
wget -P /tmp/
tar xzfv /tmp/Python-3.8.1.tgz -C /tmp
cd /tmp/Python-3.8.1