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Created September 5, 2016 19:39
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<script src=t1.js></script>
<script src=t2.js></script>
console.log("help me");
function Character(name){ = name;
// = createCharacterId();
console.log("obi-wan kenobi");
Character.prototype.printName = function(){ console.log("Hi, I'm " + }
Character.prototype.printList = function(){ console.log(this.recipeList) }
console.log("you're my");
function CookingCharacter(name, recipeList){, name);
this.recipeList = recipeList;
CookingCharacter.prototype = Object.create(Character.prototype);
console.log("only hope");
var cook = new CookingCharacter("JP", ["apples"]);
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