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ID-Integrator Trigger
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Halo - high tech ecosystem
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 15:16:31 +0700
From: arie <>
To: hendro@xxx
CC: Steven Haryanto <steven@xxx>, steven@xxx,, hasant@xxx, GL Nugroho <gerry@xxx>, edpratomo@xxx, eddy@xxx, rizki@xxx
And this is the link
arie wrote:
> Although I concern of penetration more in each community.
> I just created ID Integrator group to accommodate once in a while
> high-tech ecosystem in Indonesia that often comes up between us, techie
> people, business people, investors, entrepreneurial people, and many
> other various people that concern of high-tech ecosystem in Indonesia.
> I do concern of any open source technologies in any countries, education
> in any dimensions, anything that can make people useful to their
> surrounding environments, and infrastructure to support goods in any
> countries.
> Let's unite and be powerful!
> hendro wijaya, Blindoptimists wrote:
>> Hello Steven,
>> Thanks for the email.
>> Well, i am not so much interested to unite at that detail level.
>> I am more interested in promoting high-tech entrepreneurship in the
>> country.
>> Someone might not know how to code, but maybe is a brilliant business
>> person or have money to invest or brilliant marketers (example: Steve
>> Jobs met Steve Wozniak).
>> I believe you guys have done an incredible jobs with such a detail
>> group (PHP, Ruby, Python or .NET groups). And, there is no point for
>> me to try re-invent the wheel.
>> I do realize though that i might not know what i am talking about when
>> it comes to the country's internal community (since i haven't visited
>> Jakarta for the past 15 years and i spent the last 6 years of my life
>> abroad).
>> That's why i approached you guys (plus Kopral's team and few ITB's
>> students) to see what we can do if we start join forces.
>> I am basically trying to answer the question, "Does Indonesia have
>> environment that support the birth of next global high-tech company?".
>> As far as i am aware, there is no global high-tech company from our
>> country yet (like China's Alibaba or India's TCS).
>> I personally believe Indonesia got a lot of smart people. We just need
>> to build an environment that support each other.
>> Correct me if i am wrong. =)
>> Hendro Wijaya
>> Co-founder of Blindoptimists
>> ph: xxx
>> Twitter, FriendFeed: hwijaya
>> Steven Haryanto wrote:
>>> hendro wijaya, Blindoptimists wrote:
>>>> Halo Mas Arie dan Mas Steven,
>>>> Apa kabar?
>>>> Pake English saja ya, soalnya, saya grow up di Medan dan bahasa
>>>> Indonesia saya rada2 terlalu formal untuk ukuran email. =)
>>>> The reason i am emailing you guys is because from what i can see,
>>>> you two are the leaders in the Indonesian community. Ruby community
>>>> at the very least.
>>>> I think you have much better understanding of the situation than me.
>>>> I am concerning about the "high-tech ecosystem" in Indonesia. Do we
>>>> have any there?
>>>> People that are either interested in building global high-tech
>>>> company or at least love to play around with high-tech (not only
>>>> specific to Ruby, PHP or .NET)
>>>> How about people from ITB, UGM and ITS? There must be a lot of smart
>>>> nerds there, isn't it? Udah ada community yang mengabungkan mereka
>>>> semua?
>>> hi hendro,
>>> thanks for the email. your topic comes up from time to time. it seems
>>> that some people always want to "unite them all", for some reason. it
>>> usually doesn't work :) i don't see the need or feel inclined too
>>> either.
>>> but you are welcome to discuss them on some of the mailing lists i
>>> moderate, like id-php, id-perl, etc.
>>> as for the ruby-related stuff, i'll leave them to arie.
>>> regards,
>>> steven
be agile XOR break;
be agile XOR break;
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