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Creating Pull Requests
  1. Fork the repo that you're working on into your own account.
  2. Clone down the fork
  3. Create a new branch in the fork using git branch [branch_name] replacing [branch_name] with a short phrase describing the feature your'e working on
  4. Check the current status of your branches by using git branch. You should see all the branches you have access to. Your current branch will have an * next to it
  5. Check out the new branch using git checkout [branch_name]
  6. Make your changes in the code
  7. Add and commit your changes
  8. Pull down any changes from the original repo:
  9. Add the original repo as an upstream remote with git remote add upstream Make sure to use the actual owner and repository names.
  10. Pull changes into your branch from the upstream remote with git pull upstream master
  11. Fix any conflicts and commit your changes
  12. Push your branch's changes up to Github with git push origin [branch_name]
  13. Create a pull request by clicking the green pull request button
  14. Add notes then submit the pull request by clicking the green button
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