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Cooks - a zsh / bash config collection
alias cooks="cooks1 && cooks2 && cooks3 && cooks4 && cooks5 && cooks6 && cooks7 && cooks8 && cooks9 && cooks10 && cooks11 && cooks12 && cooks13 && cooks14 && cooks15 && cooks16 && cooks17 && cooks18 && cooks19 && cooks20 && cooks21" #
alias cooks1='say -r 180 it takes a lot to make a stew.'
alias cooks2='say -r 180 -v Karen "A pinch of salt and laughter too"'
alias cooks3='say -r 180 "A scoop of kids to add the spice"'
alias cooks4='say -r 180 -v Karen "A dash of love to make it nice. and you’ve got"'
alias cooks5='say -r 180 -v "Fred" "Too many Cooks"'
alias cooks6='say -r 180 -v Karen "Too many Cooks"'
alias cooks7='say -r 180 -v "Ralph" "Too many Cooks"'
alias cooks8='say -r 180 "Too many Cooks"'
alias cooks9='say -r 180 -v "Bruce" "Too many Cooks"'
alias cooks10='say -r 180 -v Karen "Too many Cooks"'
alias cooks11='say -r 180 -v "Albert" "Too many Cooks"'
alias cooks12='say -r 180 "Too many"'
alias cooks13='say -r 180 -v Karen "It takes a lot to make a stew"'
alias cooks14='say -r 180 "When it comes to me and you"'
alias cooks15='say -r 180 -v Karen "And him and her and the baby too"'
alias cooks16='say -r 180 -v "Bahh" "Too many Cooks it’s true"'
alias cooks17='say -r 180 "The saying goes, it’ll spoil the broth"'
alias cooks18='say -r 180 -v Karen "Honey, I think that’s not true"'
alias cooks19='say -r 180 "Well maybe too many Cooks will spoil the broth, but they’ll fill our hearts with"'
alias cooks20='say -r 180 "So much, so much luh, uh, uh, uh, uv."'
alias cooks21='say -r 180 -v Whisper "Too many Cooks!"'

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