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paulirish / thing.js
Created May 7, 2018 17:18
log the clipboard contents
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document.body.innerHTML = 'Paste or drop items onto this page. View results in console.';
function getPayload(item) {
const kind = item.kind;
switch (kind) {
case 'string': return new Promise(res => item.getAsString(res));
case 'file': return Promise.resolve(item.getAsFile());
default: throw new Error('unknown item kind! ' + kind);
dhh / test_induced_design_damage.rb
Last active June 22, 2023 06:18
This is an extraction from Jim Weirich's "Decoupling from Rails" talk, which explained how to apply the hexagonal design pattern to make every layer of your application easily unit testable (without touching the database etc). It only seeks to extract a single method, the EmployeesController#create method, to illustrate the design damage that's …
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# Original Rails controller and action
class EmployeesController < ApplicationController
def create
@employee =
redirect_to @employee, notice: "Employee #{} created"
render :new
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* jQuery JavaScript Library v2.1.1pre
* Includes Sizzle.js
* Copyright 2005, 2014 jQuery Foundation, Inc. and other contributors
* Released under the MIT license
aseemk /
Last active December 2, 2017 20:22
CoffeeScript upcoming changes.

CoffeeScript 1.7 is shaping up to be a pretty kick-ass release with significant improvements. Here are the ones I'm most excited about, in order of my own excitement.

Parentheses-free chaining


Years of being wished for, finally granted!


Zero downtime deploys with unicorn + nginx + runit + rvm + chef

Below are the actual files we use in one of our latest production applications at Agora Games to achieve zero downtime deploys with unicorn. You've probably already read the GitHub blog post on Unicorn and would like to try zero downtime deploys for your application. I hope these files and notes help. I am happy to update these files or these notes if there are comments/questions. YMMV (of course).

Other application notes:

  • Our application uses MongoDB, so we don't have database migrations to worry about as with MySQL or postgresql. That does not mean that we won't have to worry about issues with the database with indexes being built in MongoDB or what have you.
  • We use capistrano for deployment.

Salient points for each file:

karmi / movie-titles.rb
Created January 13, 2013 20:42
Multiple analyzers and query fields in Elasticsearch for auto-completion
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require 'tire'
# Tire.configure { logger STDERR, level: 'debug' }
Tire.index('movie-titles') do
create \
settings: {
index: {
analysis: {
AvnerCohen /
Last active July 9, 2023 09:14
Node.js - npm Cheat Sheet

Node.js - npm Cheat Sheet

(Full description and list of commands at -

List of less common (however useful) NPM commands

Prepand ./bin to your $PATH

Make sure to export your local $PATH and prepand relative ./node_modules/.bin/:

piscisaureus /
Created August 13, 2012 16:12
Checkout github pull requests locally

Locate the section for your github remote in the .git/config file. It looks like this:

[remote "origin"]
	fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
	url =

Now add the line fetch = +refs/pull/*/head:refs/remotes/origin/pr/* to this section. Obviously, change the github url to match your project's URL. It ends up looking like this:

jlong / uri.js
Created April 20, 2012 13:29
URI Parsing with Javascript
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var parser = document.createElement('a');
parser.href = "";
parser.protocol; // => "http:"
parser.hostname; // => ""
parser.port; // => "3000"
parser.pathname; // => "/pathname/"; // => "?search=test"
parser.hash; // => "#hash"; // => ""